Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds Recap + My Conversation With The Team


Just left the Disney Infinity NYCC Panel and had a blast! Here is what was said at the panel, plus some extra information from my conversation with some of the team afterwards.


First off, the panel was exactly what it promised to be, a panel to detail more information regarding the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set. And we got a lot of information! There is more than just ‘figure unveils’. Plus remember, not everyone who attends these panels are Disney Infinity fans, so they have to do some recapping as well.

They did show off some edited gameplay of the playset, plus had an invigorating live demo as a special treat to the fans. The play set is currently in ‘pre-alpha’ as they told me, but still was able to have some parts ready to go to show to the fans.

Marvel Battlegrounds is a story based play set like the ones we’ve had before, but with some added twists as well. For more information on the single play element, be sure to see my quick write-up from the announcement earlier this week.

You will be able to play up to four-players at once in this play set, a first for Disney Infinity, which is accomplished by ‘scanning in’ each of the figures you want to use (you will not be able to plug in a second base). Any Marvel figure from Disney Infinity 2.0 or 3.0 will be playable, giving this play set the biggest cast of characters yet.

United Front Games showed off three of the levels that will be featured in the play set: Brooklyn Train Yard, Wakanda, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Lunar Base. Each of these levels will have their own unique personality with destructible environments.

From the gameplay shown, we got to see a first look at some of the character ‘intro’ videos that will play before each fight as well (just like you’d expect in other fighter games) as well as some ‘finishing’ moves you can unleash when you power up.

The levels feature a lot of interactivity to give you different ways to strategize your attack.

The crowd was really getting into the battle, and I think that’s just a sign of things to come. Everything I saw today makes it look like a blast to play.

As a thank you gift to everyone who attended, everyone got to take home a Hulkbuster figure, which I’ll post some previews of at a later date.


Dan Sochan, Ryan Rotthenberger, Myself, Dan from DisneyInfinityCodes, and John Vignocchi post panel
Dan Sochan, Ryan Rotthenberger, Myself, Dan from DisneyInfinityCodes, and John Vignocchi post panel

After the panel was over, myself and Dan from Disney Infinity Codes got to head backstage to talk to John Vignocchi, Ryan Rothenberger of Disney, and Dan Sochan from United Front Games a little bit more about the Play Set and some other information regarding the game.

  • All Marvel Round discs are compatible with the play set. I won’t spoil exactly what some of them do, but think how Smash Brothers handles some of the items that are brought into the game. Like Pokemon who help you in the fight.
  • The team at United Front Games did take some moves from the character upgrades that Ninja Theory brought, but they also made their own as well. So some figures may not feel or act the same way as they do in other play sets.
  • Emphasis again that there is a single player campaign with collectibles to be found
  • No word yet on how exactly it will be packaged. There is a crystal play set piece, but they still weren’t ready to talk about what will be included alongside Captain America
  • In addition, no word yet on Marvel Power Discs. Those are still in discussion as well.
  • There are some other things, but I’ll have to remember what else was said!
  • I ended the conversation by asking JV a point blank question: “The community will get mad  at me if I don’t ask this question, and I’ll be careful how I word it. But… Is something ‘big’ still coming to Disney Infinity?” — He laughed and reassured me that “big” figure is still coming. There is a reason why they can’t reveal it yet, but it will all make sense when they do.


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