JV & John Blackburn Met With Christy Carlson Romano, The Voice Of Kim Possible


“We met up with @officialchristycarlsonromano last night to discuss the POSSIBILities! You guys made this happen”.

If that doesn’t sound like a hardsell for Kim Possible, I don’t know what does.

Christy Carlson Romano is the voice actress behind Kim Possible, and after a lot of Disney Infinity fans pushing… looks like we may get her into the roster of Disney Infinity soon enough.

We know Peter Pan is coming next year, 99.9% sure figure(s) from Finding Dory are coming (the big hints back at Toy Box Summit 2014), Darkwing Duck has to be making an appearance, and now Kim Possible?

The ‘next iteration’ of Disney Infinity is shaping up to be incredible, and we’re still not even all sure who is coming in 3.0!