Disney Infinity 3.0 Launch / Buying Guide — How To Save The Most Money


Disney Infinity 3.0 launches officially here in United States on Sunday, and there is a lot of content for you to get your hands on. But I’m here to help you save as much money as possible!

First up, let’s cover everything that’s available…


Starter Packs

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack ($64.99) — Includes Disney Infinity 3.0 software, Twilight of the Republic Play Set, and a base.
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Saga Bundle ($114.99) — Includes everything in the standard starter pack, plus two timed exclusives. You will get the Rise Against the Empire playset a month early, and the Boba Fett figure four months early. This bundle is available only for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Rise Against The Empire will release on September 29, Boba Fett will release something in January.
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Digital Edition ($19.99-$29.99) — You can also purchase Disney Infinity 3.0 digitally, and essentially build your own bundle. It will be available on the Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on August 30th. Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 players have to wait until Monday, August 31st. Sony and Nintendo are also marking the price down to $19.99 for a limited time. Xbox users will pay regular price of $29.99.

Play Sets

  • Inside Out ($34.99) — Includes Joy and Anger figures. This play set is compatible with Sadness, Fear, and Disgust. The five emotions “must use each of their unique skills to defeat Subconscious swamp monsters, outwit mind workers, collect memories, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of Imagination Land”
  • Twilight of the Republic ($34.99) — Includes Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka. This play set is included in both starter packs, but is available for purchase for those who get the digital edition. All Star Wars figures are unlockable for play inside this play set. In this play set you will “uncover secret plots, defeat villains and bring peace back to the galaxy. Featuring an original story set in the Episodes I-III timeline, players will travel through four iconic locations, use the Force and Lightsabers in epic battles, and master their combat skills.

Figures (All $13.99)

  • Star Wars
    • Ezra
    • Kanan
    • Obi Wan
    • Sabine
    • Yoda
    • Zeb
  • Disney Originals
    • Disgust
    • Fear
    • Mickey Mouse
    • Minnie Mouse
    • Mulan
    • Olaf
    • Quorra
    • Sadness
    • Sam Flynn

Power Disc Packs (All $9.99)

  • Tomorrowland — Includes Retro Ray Gun, Tomorrowland Stratosphere, Tomorrowland Time Bomb, and Tomorrowland Futurescape
  • Twilight of the Republic — Includes General Grievous’ Wheel Bike, Galactic Team-Up: Mace Windu, Skies Over Felucia, and Forests of Felucia.


  • Toy Box Takeover ($19.99) — This Toy Box Expansion Disc is available for free if you pre-order Disney Infinity 3.0. But some retailers will have extras and may choose to sell / offer it alongside everything else.
Here is your look at everything* available on launch day!


Obviously the biggest thing to note about the launch line up for Disney Infinity 3.0 are store and timed exclusives.

There are six total figures that are exclusive to stores until September 20th. Starting that day, you will be available to purchase the following six figures anywhere, but until then they are locked to the specific retailers.



What makes Disney Infinity a great game for enthusiasts is that there is always stock and there are typically sales every week.

Thankfully, we have some sales for launch week at most retailers. Here is what we know so far.

Best Buy

Best Buy only has this single deal, but still is a pretty good deal. You can mix and match any Disney Infinity 3.0 items (Starter Packs, Play sets, or figures, power disc packs). It is important to note that you can only get one starter pack and one play set.

Don’t forget, that the Best Buy Gamers Club program ($30 for a 2 year membership) gives you a 20% on ALL Disney Infinity Items, and it stacks with the sale prices!

FIGURE PRICES: So if you were going to buy 4 figures, they’d be $10.49 a piece, or $8.39 for GCU members.

NOTE: Don’t forget to sign up for the free My Best Buy rewards program as well!


If you are just looking at getting figures, and don’t have a Gamer’s Club membership at Best Buy, Target is the place to go.

FIGURE PRICES: So buy two figures would bring down the cost to $10 a piece.

NOTE: If you have a Target Red Card you can save an additional 5% as well.

Toys ‘R’ Us

  • $9 Each Any 3 Disney Infinity Figures with purchase of Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack
  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% off ALL Disney Infinity Single Figures

Important to note that that the first deal does require you to purchase three figures, you can’t just buy one or two figures for $9 each. You must buy 3.

Secondly, remember Toys ‘R’ Us (like GameStop) increases their prices of the figures and other content up $1. So the figures are really $14.99 a piece, compared to $13.99

FIGURE PRICES: So if you were to buy two figures, the sale would bring the price down to $11.24 a peace

NOTE: Don’t forget to sign up for the free Toys ‘R’ Us Rewards program 



Alright so this is for all of you out there who are trying to get everything day 1. No waiting.

If you’re like me, there is no such thing as waiting for Disney Infinity. I’ll always be a day 1 buyer.

If you are looking to get everything, at it’s core should always be the ‘all figures’ deal I’ve posted below. As far as I can tell, it is nearly always cheaper to buy a mixture of a starter pack, play set, and power disc packs seperately from the deal listed below. If you try to work them into any kind of deal at Best Buy or Toys ‘R’ us, you end up spending more money.

If you don’t have anything pre-ordered and looking to get everything day one. Buy the figures in the scenario below, and then buy the Starter pack, Inside Out Play set, and both power disc packs at Best Buy. You will then get one of the power disc packs for free. Just make sure it is in a separate transaction then your figure purchases!

I broke down the plan into two scenarios, if you have the Gamer’s Club Unlocked subscription, and if you don’t.


Cheapest Route To Get All The Figures Day 1

So you have your Starter Pack, you may or may not be getting the Inside Out Play Set… but you’re getting all the figures now

You Have Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked

Here is the break down then for your scenario…

So the math breaks down like this $67.12 + $20 + $22.48 + $42.97 = $152.57

That’s a day 1 savings of $57.28 (27% off!)

Price per figure: $10.17

You Do Not Have Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked

Here is the breakdown for your scenario…

You actually save money by not taking advantage of the other retailers deals and just buying every other exclusive seperately.

Math break downs like this.. $100 + $71.95 = $175.95

That’s a day 1 savings of $33.90 (17%+ off!)

Price per figure: $11.73



Obviously there can be a lot of variables and other situations that could cause you not to be able to do the deals above. If that’s the case, let me know and I’ll do my best to get the optimal situation for you.

Let’s talk about price matching. Price matching is a huge deal when it comes to Disney Infinity. Nearly every retailer will price match (Looking at you GameStop!). Show them a lower price at another major store, and they’ll match it down. You should do this every time you are at Toys ‘R’ Us if it’s not an exclusive, as they always charge $1 more.

Some stores will price match deals like Target’s 2 for $20 deal, but not many will price match Best Buy’s Buy 3 Get 1 free deal (or deals like Buy 1 Get 1 X% off). It never hurts to ask. If Toys ‘R’ Us matches the 2 for $20 deal, then great! But it’s hard to guarantee it.

What if I pre-ordered it already? All retailers will be happy to do a price adjustment for you. No problem! The one thing to be weary about, if you are shopping at Best Buy and did a pre-order for the Starter Pack to take advantage of the $10 Rewards Certificate deal… DO NOT LET THEM ‘RETURN’ THE STARTER PACK DURING PRICE MATCHING. Doing so will negate the $10 Rewards Certificate offer and you’ll never see it. So ask them to ‘manually adjust’ the price, they should be able to do that.


Thanks for checking out the guide.. best of luck, and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

But again, please read the guide completely before asking a question! Helps save me time 🙂

And as always, like me on facebook and follow me on twitter to stay up to date with everything Disney Infinity!

— Jason