Disney Infinity Star Wars ‘Light FX’ Figures Only To Cost $1 More + Other Tidbits


Well, this is a pleasant surprise! Looks like the Disney Infinity ‘Light FX’ Star Wars line of figures will only cost $1 more than their ‘standard’ figures, so $14.99 each.

So I would guess if the figures only cost $1 more, we may not get a higher quality packaging (eg: they won’t be coming in a plastic display case).

I’ve been in the $17.99-$19.99 camp, but hey I’m not complaining they will only be $1 cheaper.

Again, I know a lot of you wonder: ‘Why weren’t the figures this way to start?’ I don’t think Disney would have had them ready at time, there was some difficulties getting them to work this way from the get go. In addition, not every figure has this light up saber option. Then people would be upset that only some of them light up.

So it makes much more sense for Disney to just release them in their own special line.

But are there more figures coming? JV said he ‘can’t comment’ on whether there will be Star Wars Episode 7 Light FX figures, but come on… we all know there will be.

As far as some other possibilities, Darth Maul will not be coming in this year’s Light FX series as they couldn’t get the double saber to light up properly. That, I presume, would eliminate Ahsoka as well.

How do you feel about these now that they are only $1 more?  I’m happy for the lower than expected price point, but again I was really hoping for some nice collectors packaging. So we’ll see!

All I know is, when they come out this ‘Holiday’. I’ll be there day 1.


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