WIN: ‘King Mickey’ Power Disc For Disney Infinity 3.0


As promised, I will always have your back Disney Infinity fans!

Now, it’s not a secret that some of you were upset of the way the King Mickey power disc was given away, this isn’t the place to debate the pros or cons for that.

But that being said, I know some of you want this D23 Expo exclusive power disc… so I want to give you a chance to get one!

My personal friend Eric attended the show, but had no need for the disc (though obviously he wanted to keep the cool Mickey figure!). He gave it to me to giveaway, rather than selling it on ebay, as he knows how much I care about you all.

How do I enter? — 3 Entry Methods!

Twitter Entry:

Simply follow @InfinityInq on twitter, and retweet the original giveaway tweet.

NOTE: I appreciate those of you who ‘quote’ the tweet to add your own text, but unfortunately the system doesn’t recognize it as a RT, so it won’t show up in the randomizer.

Facebook Entry:

Simply ‘like’ Infinity Inquirer on facebook, leave a comment on the giveaway post saying what your favorite Kingdom Hearts game is & share the original giveaway post on your timeline!

NOTE: All 3 steps are required Entry:

I know not all of you are on social media, so I will allow you to enter here as well. Simply just leave a comment below saying which Kingdom Hearts game is your favorite!

Who can enter?

Anyone! Doesn’t matter if you live here in the states or overseas. I’ll open it up to anyone.

How will the winner be notified?

Typically I use Rafflecopter which allows me to e-mail you directly, but obviously can’t do that with this method.

So instead, I’ll contact you depending on the method of entry. Either mention you on twitter, reply to your comment here on the page, or reply to your comment on facebook.

When does the contest end?

It will end one week from today… August 26th at 2:00 ET.


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