First Look: Clear Shots Of Spot, Nick, and Judy Figures For Disney Infinity 3.0


Finally we have some clear shots at the three new Disney Infinity figures announced at the D23 Expo presentation on Sunday.

From left to right we have…

  • Judy Hopps from Disney’s Zootopia
  • Nick Wild from Disney’s Zootopia
  • Spot from Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

Spot is set for release on November 6th in the UK, which is the same date as ‘wave 3’ in that region. So in the U.S., I would expect November 11 to match the US release of wave 3, but JV said around the 15th, which I think he is just mistaken, but who knows.

In addition we also have our first look at the UK box art for Spot.

Unfortunately no dates or box pictures for Judy or Nick.

Don’t forget I got a hands on look at the ‘Spot’ figure as well!

EDITORIAL NOTE: I just made the images all have the same ‘height’ so actual size ratio is a bit off.

Thanks to Elmo STM for the heads up that Game UK had the listings live!




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