JV: “All fans please look at this [picture] carefully.” 116 Total Disney Infinity Figures At The End of 3.0?



Alright, everyone take a deep breath and stay with me.

Disney has this new Disney Infinity logo filled with figures in it with various platforms on it. This is similar to the arch way they showed off at E3, leading to speculation that each pedestal represented an unannounced figure. But there were WAY too many spaces.

At E3, they debuted a new display with shorter amounts of spaces. So could this still be a hint? Or just perfectly angled display case?.


Well then JV tweeted this…

And if that didn’t cover it, he did an interview with friend of the site CoinOpTV and said the following (at the 5:00 mark):

“In fact that figure wall has a whole bunch of open slots for characters we haven’t announced yet. So it’s funny because everyone kept saying ‘Are there any more Disney characters? Are there more Star Wars characters? Are there more Marvel characters?’ And if you’re here, you can actually see, yeah there are a ton of open slots for a ton of new characters. And we’re excited to reveal those overtime.”

So could there really be that many Disney Infinity figures to announce?! Well let’s break it down…

There are 116 pedestals on that display including…

  • 29 Figures from Disney Infinity 1.0
  • 30 Figures from Disney Infinity 2.0
  • 28 Figures announced so far for Disney Infinity 3.0

Notably missing are: 8 crystal figures, and the black suit spider-man.

Now there has been this quote that has been floating from JV in regards to the ‘deep bench’ of Disney Infinity 3.0 that there will be more than 100 figures in the Disney Infinity lineup by the end of 3.0’s life cycle. There has been some confusion on whether that includes the ‘variants’ or not. Well I had someone who works for Disney Infinity count for me and they responded with this:

Just did the counting myself and with all of the 1.0 and 2.0 figures (excluding crystals) and 3.0 figures we’ll have more than 100 playable characters.  Though if you included crystal figures we’d have even more if that makes sense.

So crystals or not. There will be over 100 unique figures for Disney Infinity 3.0.

So what’s left on the display? If we are fully reading into it… we should still get…

  • 9 Star Wars

  • 4 Marvel

  • 16 Disney figures

The Star Wars and Marvel numbers sound accurate, we haven’t even see any Star Wars Episode 7 figures yet. But 16 Disney figures?! That’s a lot. Could that include the crystal figures? Perhaps, that’d bring the count down to 8 new ones. But why not include them in the display then?

I’m still in the camp that believes we will get a second Disney based play set. So that should be another 5+ disney characters and leave some room for some roster filler as well.

What are your thoughts? This is a lot to take in. And we know how Disney is with their words, especially JV. So let’s chalk it up to the speculation train for now!

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