New Disney Infinity 3.0 Mode: Farming — First Details

DisneyInfinityFarmingAs you may or may not have caught in the press release this afternoon for Disney Infinity 3.0, there will be a new mode for Disney Infinity 3.0: Farming.

Yes that’s right, farming!

So what exactly does that entail? Well thankfully in this month’s cover story in Game Informer, they brought out some details.

It is a toy box mode where you can literally plant and grow your own crops as well as start up your own village. For what purpose exactly? To help boost your stats of your little ‘sidekicks’ (like Donald Duck in the image above).

Planting food and feeding that food to the sidekick of your choice will boost his stats if you choose to use one in a Toy Box game.

You can get food from the play-sets or other areas, but let’s be honest… you want to grow it yourself.

You start out with your own single plot of land and plant a seed. What comes out the first time is a surprise for each player. Could be a flower, a weed, or maybe you’ll strike lucky and get a ‘food’ plant. According to the article there are over 20 types of food available to harvest. These types of food can vary from corn or tomatoes, to cotton candy, to Mickey Pop. All kinds of variety.

Each type of food will give different amounts of stat increases, and thus will take various times to grow.

As you plan more, and succeed more, the more options you will have available in your farm.

It still seems pretty unclear to me how it will all work, but I know we’ll get more details as we go.

But I’m excited to bust out Farmer Micky.

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