Details Of The Four ‘New’ Toy Box Game Discs In Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity has officially announced two new game modes in their Toy Box Game Discs lineup, as well as some upgrades to the two previous toy box games. They are henceforth known as “Toy Box Expansion Games”

The Game Informer article states “… players will be able to recreate the essence of the new pair of Toy Box games, each sold separately, but each one features developer-only tweaks to make sure they feel as polished as possible.” So it sounds like, as before in 2.0, they will be sold in packs of two.

The Four Toy Box Game Discs are…

  • Villain Takeover (the new Escape from the Kyln)
  • Unknown Title (the new Assault on Asgard)
  • Toy Box Speedway — a new racing theme gameplay
  • Toy Box Takeover — a new all-in-one game to fight levels of bad guys across multiple levels and multiple worlds.

So here is the more detailed breakdown.

Villain Takeover

As I said above, the Villain Takeover is replacing the Escape from the Kyln power disc. This will be the ultimate go-to for your upgraded Sidekick from the Disney Infinity Farming mode. Syndrome is the main baddie in the game and he takes away the Infinity wand and builds multiple worlds for you to fight with alongside your sidekick. Beating these levels unlocks sidekicks and ‘setpieces’ which are your larger Disney Infinity toy box pieces like a Star Wars trash compacter.

Unknown Title

This will be the new Assault on Asgard game, but unfortunately nothing is really known about it at this time.

Toy Box Speedway

Mario Kart comes to Disney Infinity, plain and simple. The racing control has been updated thanks to the team at Avalanche and Sumo Digital (the folks behind Sega All-Stars Racing) to actually create a racing game in Disney Infinity.

In the game there are three cups, which feature three tracks and difference engine classes. Of course there are battle races and time trails as well. Plus a Disney Infinity racing game wouldn’t be complete without a ‘skate park’ style area. Just drive and enjoy.

And yes, there are weapons. Missiles, mines, and crazy Disney-themed weapons as well.

Toy Box Takeover

No real details are available for this game, except what was said in the press release.

Enlist the help of friends, family and Disney, Disney•Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters and Power Discs to help save the Toy Box from the bad guys. Outsmart, outmaneuver and defeat enemies in six action-packed levels across five themed worlds.

Are you excited about these new Toy Box Enhanced Games? Lots of new stuff coming for ALL Disney Infinity figures 1.0-3.0

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