Disney Infinity 2.0’s iOS Mystery Toy is….

Thanks to ‘Lucidinferno’ for the photo! I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo.



Disney Infinity 2.0 released for iOS today and in it you can buy the ‘mystery toy’ if you generate 150,000 sparks. Or spend $25 and just buy it…. which you know how I am about information. Not knowing would just tease me to death..

So, the Mystery Toy is….. (spoilers ahead!)









Luke’s Landspeeder.

Yeah, I don’t understand either.

Luke’s Landspeeder is unlocked when you get all the Marvel figures (which I’ve shown you video of before). There is another special bonus when you get ALL 2.0 figures (minus the tron figures). Sooo… mystery still remains!

Disney needs to update the text on this. But hey, I have Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder officially unlocked now!

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