Official Unveiling Of The ‘Toys For Games’ Podcast!’


Excited to announce I am officially helping start a podcast… the ‘Toys for Games’ Podcast. Covering all things in the ‘Toys To Life’ genre of video games. Join myself, and Joshua Brown (@TheNoyse on twitter), as we venture into discussing all things ‘TTL’ figures!

This will be a more ‘laid back’ podcast. We’re not going to have set dates that the podcast officially will come out or anything like that. We’re hoping to do one about every other week, but that can change depending on the news that breaks for all the different franchises.

If you want to give it a listen, check us out on twitter at @Toys4GamesCast. The podcast will be made available on iTunes shortly, but for now you can listen to it straight via the MP3 feed or the RSS feed.

The first episode is a little bit long, but that’s to be expected with having to create a starting point for us to work from.

Here is the breakdown if that helps you at all if you wish to just listen to the sections that pertain to you!

00:00:00 Introduction/Get to know us!

00:36:20 Disney Infinity

00:48:00 Skylanders

00:60:00 Amiibo

01:41:00 Closing

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!

So what does that mean in regards to DisneyInfinity.TV? Don’t worry… this was done so with Will’s blessing. The goal is not to compete in ANY means. The DisneyInfinity.TV team does an INCREDIBLE job covering all things Disney Infinity… figures, games, toy boxes, etc. The podcast I’ll be co-hosting is really just in regards to the figures themselves and the hunt to find them.

So really, you can view it as a complimentary podcast. Hopefully you can enjoy both!!