Disney Infinity Disney Originals Ultimate Unlock


So it’s no secret that there is an ultimate unlock for getting all of the Disney Original figures for 2.0. But what is the prize or reward? Well here is the latest update.

According to the prima guide, there is one. But this time around they’re not telling us what it is.

If you remember before, I showed you a video of a secret cave that exists under the Hall of Heroes in 2.0.

Well turns out, obviously that is where the prize is.

Here is what Prima said,

Collect all nine of the Disney Infinity 2.0: Disney Originals characters and get them all to level 1 in order to unlock a secret cave. It is located underneath the pantheon. In order to go inside the cave, you need to step on the stone button at the entrance to the pantheon area. Then you have 15 seconds to get to the entrance, which is located behind a waterfall along the exterior walkway—directly below the statue of Maleficent. You need a character that is fast or that can fly to get to the entrance before it closes. Once there, follow a tunnel down to a secret chamber. You can get out by exiting via the tunnel or fly up through the hole in the roof to come out in the fountain in the center of the pantheon

So you can unlock the cave by just having the nine Disney Originals figures. BUT….


So there you have it. Collect all 30 2.0 figures (excluding the two bonus/digital release figures coming later) and you’ll get the secret reward in the Marvel side (Click here if you want to know what it is), as well as a secret reward in the Disney Originals side.

Still want to go with the Indiana Jones whip. But no rational behind that, just really want the Indiana Jones whip.

Again if you want to see the cave in the meantime, head over to this page.

Source: Prima Guide ‘Disney Infinity: Disney Originals (2.0 Edition)’


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