Best Buy: Pre-Order Disney Infinity 2.0 Collector’s Edition & Get Figure + Power Disc Pack




Got an e-mail today from Best Buy that they (finally) added the free figure promo to their Collector’s Edition pre-order for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes… but that’s not at all!

In addition to getting a free figure, you will also be getting a free power disc pack!

Want the deal? Just head to the Disney Infinity Collector’s Edition Promo Page.

If you pre-ordered before, you may have to cancel your pre-order and re-order it from them.

Best Buy stated that unfortunately they were not going to be able to offer the free figure, but after some pressure from the community (including some comments from yours truly), they even one upped the deal!

NOTE: As of the moment of this posting, there are two issues with the promo. One, the picture on the promo page is incorrect. This is the Collector’s edition, not the regular edition. Secondly, they are only showing the PS3 at the moment, but Best Buy told me they are aware of both issues and are working on correcting it!

Source: Best Buy


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