First look: Disney Infinity Toy Box Bundle Pack, Baymax, and more

Toy Box Bundle PackWe have our first look at the Toy Box Bundle Pack, thanks to the team over at Vinylmation Kingdom!

As we stated before, word leaked out a couple of times that there was some sort of Toy Box / Disney Starter Pack coming. Finally we get our first look.

The Toy Box Bundle Pack will include the base, Merida, Stitch, and the two Toy Box Game Discs. It’s important to note that the two Toy Box Game Discs are going to be the same ‘gamy type’ as the two coming in the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes starter pack, but these Toy Box Game Discs may be exclusive to this starter pack! Correction: As faelyntear noted in the comments, John V. already said that Toy Box Game Discs will be available separately (I even wrote an article about it!). So these Toy Box Game Discs should be available outside this pack.

In addition if you look closely at the box, you can see Baymax on the box, as well as who I believe is Hiro ontop of him. It’ll be interesting to see how Disney handles that.

Speaking of Baymax, you can also see some in-game pictures as well.

All of these photos come from a trailer that was attached to an online video game survey that video game teams often send out to test the market. Unfortunately that survey is not available to the ‘public’.

Price? Unfortunately nothing concrete at the moment. It leaked around the $60 price point, and I would say that’s a pretty good idea of wher eit will be.

I’ll update with any more details that come.

Again, congratulations to the huge break to the team at Vinylmation Kingdom!

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