Disney Announces “Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes”

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It’s finally official, Disney Infinity 2.0 is called “Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes” and is coming this fall.

Shown were six new figures for the game: Hawkeye, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor.


In the teaser trailer they also showed characters including Spiderman, Nick Fury, Loki, MODOK, and Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Though there is no confirmation that any of those will be available in playable figure form.

Disney did say that there will “over a dozen” more figures to come in addition to the six shown today. They did tease there will be more super heroes announced at E3 this June.

In addition to the characters they announced that 80 power discs will be available as well in two different series (as compared to three this time around). The power discs will still offer powers and scenery changes, but will also allow for costume changes as well. One major power disc addition is the that you can spawn in ‘partner’ characters to help out your character (specifically mentioned were the Iron Patriot and the Winter Soldier).

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The starter pack will include Thor, Ironman, Black Widow as well as the Avengers Tower play set piece. The two discs are not power discs, but instead are two ‘game play’ pieces that will unlock two game modes in the game: tower defense and dungeon crawler.

Now the big question. What about all the Disney Infinity merchandise and saves that you currently have? Good news! It’s ALL coming along. The base, figures, power discs, toy boxes, etc. All of them are compatible with the new Disney Infinity 2.0 edition. In other good news, Disney Infinity 2.0 will be coming to the new Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms. The bad news? Nintendo Wii has been dropped.

Some other new features that have been announced are new abilities such as the ability to hover, forward flight, wall crawl, etc. Another big addition: skill trees! So now when you level your character, you can change his attributes like in various RPG games.

One of the major upgrades is that you can now enter buildings! You can build a tower and attach a door which allows your character to enter the building where you can then make numerous rooms inside. That only greatly increases the creative ability of the user.

If creating some of the toy boxes was difficult for you in the past, they are looking to help you out. There are now templates as well as ‘builders’ to help you design your game type or city. The templates are just generic items needed to make various game types in the mode. They showed off the ‘collector’ template to help in the designing of that game type. The builder characters are guys you can spawn that help fill in the environment automatically. They’ll just wonder around filling in trees, lamp posts, and other material to help in making your area all look alive.

Lastly, everyone can take a deep breath. Disney will announce non-Marvel additions to the game at a later date! So there is still hope for the Darkwing Duck figure.

What are your thoughts on the day and the announcement?

Did you miss the event? You can go back and read through my live-blog and catch the re-air of the live event.