New ‘Power Disc Organizer’ Available At Best Buy


Walking through Best Buy today and decided to stop by the Disney Infinity section to see what it was looking like, and to my surprise I found something new!

Introducing PDP’s ‘Power Disc Organizer’ which is a fold out mat that holds 24 power discs. It’s an interesting way to hold the power discs (that I’m actually liking somewhat more than the capsules at the moment).



It’s available in-store for $9.99 with no signs that is an exclusive, so maybe it will show up at other retailers as well. The SKU# is 4164009 but is currently not available online.

P1020774 P1020773

The ‘Disney Infinity’ card does pull out and turn around to allow you to write who it belongs to which is nice touch for the kids.


In addition the name card opens up to a full list of all the Power Discs that were released for the original Disney Infinity. A nice touch that adds some extra value to the package.


The whole package is held together by two high quality elastic bands. Again the whole mat holds 24 discs in the plastic sleeves. You can easily slide the discs in and out, but as with anything with plastic, tearing is always a concern. So still not sure if this is best to be used as a Series 3 Book substitution or use this as your go to for discs you want to use often.

Let me know if you find this online or at any of your local stores!