Pre-Black Friday Disney Infinity Sales & New Releases Roundup (11/24-11/27)

Disney Infinity Figures Releases

It’s the final few days before the big holiday sales push, but there are still some decent sales and some new releases this week worth noting!

Let’s first cover the new releases for this week, headlined by the three new figures!

Ralph FigureRalph is now available at your local Best Buy store or online for $12.99. He was initially released on Friday and will continue to be exclusive until January 1st.

Rapunzel Disney InfinityAlso on Friday, Rapunzel was released exclusively at Walmart stores and online throughout the rest of 2013. Pick up your figure for $12.96.

Vanellope FigureFinally, Target has the exclusive rights to Vanellope for the remainder of the year. This figure was released on Sunday, and you can pick it up online or in-store for $12.99


The figures also pave the way for a couple of other new releases this week as this officially starts the Series / Wave 2 releases of Disney Infinity!

Infinity Power Disc Album Wave 2 Series 2 full

Target’s highly controversial, anticipated, hard to find, or whatever else you want to call it, complete series 2 disc album releases to it’s local stores as well! Remember if you go purchase this item, you can get it for $5 cheaper as well using this coupon. The retail price is $59.99, and is available in-store and online. There is some confusion about this release, and some stores haven’t gotten them in yet, or just haven’t put them out. So be sure to ask!

Disney Infinity Silver Capsule Best BuyBest Buy has a second exclusive as well to celebrate the launch of the series 2 discs. They are offering a silver power disc capsule that also has 3 packs from the series 2! Retails for $24.99 (no savings in buying this bundle) and is released tomorrow online and in-store, but you may be able to pick it up early as some stores have it out already.

Toys R US Exclusive Power Capsule

And not to be left behind, Toys “R” Us also has an exclusive power disc capsule (their 2nd), but this also comes with 6 of the power discs that are exclusive to Toys “R” Us in their single pack releases. This includes all 6 of them up that have officially been releases. This is a pretty good deal at $24.99 if you haven’t bought any of the exclusives yet. But for those that have, it’s another bummer for being an early adopter. It is available in-stores only right now, but you can keep checking the online listing to see if they add it for online shopping.


Now we are onto the two ‘wide releases’ this week which are the Frozen Toy Pack and the Series 2 Power Disc Packs.

Frozen Toy Pack

Frozen is coming out in theaters tomorrow, and to celebrate that release, Disney Infinity is releasing a two figure and two power disc pack featuring the two main sisters in the movie. As of right now this is the only way to get the figures (there are no single releases) and the power discs are not exclusive to just this set. You can get both discs in the series 2 / wave 2 power discs. This is available for $30.99 starting Tuesday.


Finally the series 2 power discs are out Tuesday as well! This brings 20 ‘new’ power discs to the game. Remember some of these discs are the non-‘holo’ versions of discs that came out in the Toys “R” Us exclusives. Packs are available at all stores for $4.99 or $5.99.


Finally let’s take a look at the sales that two stores are having this week.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 12.35.23 PMAt Toys “R” Us from Sunday through Wednesday you can get a series 2 power disc pack for only $2 when you purchase any single Disney Infinity character figure for $13.99.


Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 12.50.38 PMAt Best Buy if you purchase the Ralph figure and the Wreck-It-Ralph blu-ray combo pack you’ll save $10 off the total cost

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 12.50.27 PMA few select Disney Infinity accessories are 20% off this week

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 9.47.47 AMFinally, you can save $20 off the cost of the Starter Pack, but again you can easily get better deals on this.