Field Report: A Quest For The Race to Space

Race to Space on Shelf


Yesterday I headed out to see if I could pick up the latest round of Toys “R” Us Exclusives, just hoping it went a little more smoothly than it did last time. Thankfully it did!

My local Toys “R” Us had everything on the shelf and stocked full (even a huge restock of the crystal lightning single pack).

I had no problem picking up any of the new items and even got to pick up my choice of the any of the free items as they had both power capsules and disc albums available!

Infinity Series Exclusive 4

Checking out was a breeze and the $10 gift card promotion went smoothly without any hassle!

The only minor problem I hit was using the Groupons, and that could have been my fault as the consumer. I purchased $50.96 worth of Disney Infinity merchandise, so when I went to purchase the 2014 Holiday Plush it should have been reduced down to $4.99, but it didn’t.

It turns out Toys “R” Us are counting the Groupon deals as coupons and not pure gift cards. So it could theoretically break any “Buy $X of merchandise, get ‘Y’ discount” kind of deals.

Thankfully the awesome management there understood my confusion, and knocked down the price of the bear for me manually, without me even asking or throwing a fuss (which I would never do anyways).

Thanks Toys “R” Us for a completely different shopping experience than last time!