CONFIRMED: Race to Space Pack Coming to Toys “R” Us in the US (Plus three new exclusive power discs!)

Race to SpaceWe heard rumors that the Race to Space pack was indeed going to come to the United States, and now we get a definite answer. The much discussed 2 figure crystal series pack will be coming to the United States Toys “R” Us stores sometime in November. This comes from the leaked Toys “R” Us Toy Book that BFads leaked this morning. No date is shown, so hopefully more will come with that. It does say that Buzz is only available in that figure 2 pack, but I think there is a high chance he will be in a single pack at some point (though it may not be for a few months)

November Power Discs

In addition, in the ad Toys “R” Us announced the next three exclusive Power Discs, and they are indeed coming in three straight weeks. First up is the Scrooge McDuck’s Lucky Dime (gain economy 20% faster) coming on November 3rd. After that is the Captain Hook’s Ship coming on the 10th. Finally is the Tron Skydome piece coming on the 17th. The ad does state it will be limit 1 disc per week, which obviously they can’t enforce that too well, but could mean this will end the practice of customers buying packs in bulk.

Toys "R" Us Free Item


Finally a bonus deal for all you Disney Infinity fans, you can get a free disc album or capsule with any $50 or more Disney Infinity purchase. This deal is valid beginning November 3rd through November 23rd.

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Toys R Us Big Book

Thanks to BFads for the leak! Head over there to view the full album!