Disney Infinity Toy Story Play Set — Best Place To Buy? Disney Infinity Week of 10/20 Deal Roundup

Toy Story PlaysetOctober 22nd marks the release of the highly anticipated Toy Story playset, so with the big release, we figured we’d show you where the best place to purchase the set for the best price! In addition, the Woody figure gets a wide release on Tuesday as well, so we’ll recap the sales on that as well.

Best Option: Toys “R” Us

Disney Infinity 20% off coupon

If you can have two separate transactions, or do one item online, you could get “essentially” 30% off each item on the day of the release. Not a bad deal at all! (editorial note: I know 10% off an item that is 20% off is not the same as 30% off, but it’s close enough!October 22 Update: The 20% off code does not seem to be working online, but you should be able to price-adjust it in-store.


Toys R Us 1.99 dealSecond deal that is at Toys “R” Us is if you are already interested in getting the Play ‘N Store, you ca get any Disney Infinity figure for only $1.99! Again not the greatest deal, unless you were already planning on purchasing the accessory, might as well get a really cheap figure!

Next Best Option: Target

Target 50%


  • Buy the Toy Story Play Set for $34.99 and get any Disney Infinity Figure for 50% off ( regularly priced $12.99)

The next best option requires you to get both the new Toy Story Play Set and the Woody (or any other) figure. You will essentially be getting $6.50 off. Not a bad deal if you are planning on getting both!

Final “Deals” at Best Buy

Best Buy STarter PackFinally at Best Buy, this week you get $10 instantly off the Starter Pack making it $64.99 In addition (not pictured) you can get 15% off the Game Guide making it $14.99. No special deals on the Play Set or the Figures.