Report from ‘Disney Infinity Day’ at GameStop

Infinity Day GamestopTraveled over to GameStop this morning to check out their Disney Infinity Day and had a successful trip!

My local GameStop did not get their collector / limited editions Jack Skellington in (some users are reporting their GameStops got them in), but did get everything else in!

The GameStop associate did find a way to pre-order the limited edition version of the figure and get me the discount on the guide. So I’ll just wait to pick that up in a few days when it comes to the store.

In addition the poster you get for free with any Disney Infinity purchase is extremely high quality. It may be one of the best posters GameStop has ever given away. Not only is the paper thick and sturdy, but it glows in the dark! Jack’s hands, face, and pinstripes all glow as well as the Infinity logo at the bottom.

Just go to your local GameStop and purchase a power disc pack if you are not interested in the Jack figure It is a great poster!