Target: Disney Infinity Power Disc Series 2 Album + Complete Set

Disney Infinity Power Disc Series 2 Album


Target put up an interesting item listing on their website today. Available to purchase is not only the the new disc album for series 2, but you can purchase the complete power disc set with it.

The album and complete power disc set is selling for $59.99. Nothing seems to point this item as a Target exclusive at this point.

One other interesting thing about the listing is that the release date is set for November 19th, one week earlier than the release date for the series 2 packs. Although that could easily be a mistake.

You should be able to purchase the Series 2 album separately at some point for $9.99, just as you can now with the series 1 album. So another way to look at this is that you can purchase the complete disc set for $49.99 if you were planning to purchase the album anyways ($2.50 per disc).

Although I am a huge fan of the blind packs and the excitement of trying to collect them all, this is an easy and potentially money saving option.

Source: Target (Thanks Tsar!)

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