Toys “R” Us Releases 2nd Exclusive Power Disk ‘Tron User Control’

Tron User Control Power Disc


Today Toys “R” Us released their second in a line of ten exclusive power discs for Disney Infinity.

The ‘Tron User Control’ disc gives players a 10% chance of extra experience.

Just like the Mike’s Car Toys “R” Us exclusive, this disc has the same 3D foil technique on the disc.

Toys R Us 2 for $6 Tron ExclusiveTo coincide with the new release, Toys “R” Us has their 2 for $6 deal back. Buy any 2 Disney Infinity power disc packs and pay just $6.

You can place an order for the new exclusive Power Disc Packs online at Toys “R” Us’ website for either shipping or in-store pickup.

If you are in-store and want to make sure you get the Tron Power Disc and not the Mike’s Car if by some chance your local store still has some left over. There is an easy way to tell which pack is which by looking at the UPC bar code on the back.

  • Mike’s car pack = 712725024000
  • Tron pack = 712725023980