Mickey Mouse

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Playful adventurer always wins the day with imagination and heroic feats.


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Name:, Mickey Mouse

Franchise:, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Date Released:, August 30th 2015

Date Announced:, May 5th 2015

Packaging Available:, Single

Version Compatibility:, 3.0

Playset Compatibility:, n/a

Store exclusive:, n/a

Variants:, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Crystal Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey

Unique Power Discs:, King Mickey

UPC Barcode:, 712725026981

Amazon SKU:, B00YZ3UMUQ

Best Buy SKU:, 9342045

GameStop SKU:, 113683

Target SKU:, 207-03-3005

Toys ‘R’ Us SKU:, 1392F923

Walmart SKU:, 554190723