My nephew, myself, and the Frozen Princesses

Welcome all to Infinity Inquirer!

Who is the man behind Infinity Inquirer?

Well, my name is Jason, I’m 24, and live in the great state of Pennsylvania. Ever since middle school I always enjoyed web development, blogging, forums, etc. I’ve run various websites, message boards, and so forth over the years. Easily this one has been the most fun.

I started Infinity Inquirer in September of 2013 as just a way to express my fandom for Disney Infinity. I’ve always enjoyed sharing information, and this was just a great way to do it.

It was hard for me to keep track of all the Disney Infinity news, rumors,  and deals, so I figured this was an easy way to both benefit myself and the greater Disney Infinity community as a whole!

Like many of you, I work full time with shift scheduling and have various other commitments and happenings. So my goal has never been to be the first or always up-to-date Disney Infinity resource. This is a hobby that I greatly enjoy. So you may see five posts a day, you may see none. You may see some come in the middle of the afternoon, and you may see some come in the middle of the night.

But I do appreciate your readership, feedback, tips, and insight.

I hope you enjoy reading the site as much as I enjoy putting stuff out there for you!

And of course… I hope you enjoy playing Disney Infinity as much as I do!

2014-05-22 10.45.04
Myself with two of the best Disney characters

 If you ever feel like you need to contact me, you can do so a couple of ways.

First off, feel free to contact me at jason@infinityinquirer.com

You can also contact me through the various social networks that the site is on such as Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to check out the site!


Hello! I’m Vince

Hey everyone! My name is Vince, and I am excited to join Jason mostly as a partner with SkylandersInquirer.com but also as a member of Amiibo Inquirer and Infinity Inquirer! I’ve been a gamer all my life, with a deep fandom for all things comics.

Like Jason, I am also currently employed at a job with varying hours. So I can’t guarantee I will be available all the time, but I am happy to help out as much as I can.

If you want to reach out to me, you can do so at vince@infinityinquirer.com!

Look out for me on the YouTube Channel as well as some articles here and there!