Disney Infinity Clearance Sales [Updated 7/26/16]


With the ongoing clearance of Disney Infinity items, it almost needs a daily update. So that’s what I’m going to try and do. Be sure to bookmark this page to come back each day to see what new deals may have popped up!





  • Cartwheel coupons
  • In-store clearance (Cartwheel coupons stack with sale prices)
    • $4.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Power Disc Packs
    • $6.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures
    • $7.49 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Light FX Figures
    • $14.99 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Sets (Finding Dory & Marvel Battlegrounds)
    • $17.49 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Sets (all Star Wars and Inside Out)
    • $32.49 — Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack



  • In-store clearance (not guaranteed at every store)
    • $4.96 — Disney Infinity figures
    • $11.88 — Disney Infinity Play Sets and Toy Box Expansion Games
    • $19.88 — Disney Infinity Starter Pack
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  • Green Armadillo

    Caveat to the Amazon prices, some (many?) of those items aren’t actually in stock. Amazon is accepting “fullfilled by Amazon.com” orders with a backorder status as high as “usually ships in 1-2 months” (e.g. Nick Wilde), but the backorder time does not show if you’re looking at the “offers” page. (A big hint is if the Amazon.com price is lower than the 3rd party seller but the item page is defaulting to the 3rd party.)

    I placed orders for several of these items 3 weeks ago, and they still haven’t shipped, but Amazon continues to indicate they are expected to ship next week on schedule at the 4 week mark. I’m pretty suspicious that these things are gone and not coming back, but none of this stuff is in stock at local stores anyway so I’m just going to have to suck it up and pay a third party seller if Amazon can’t honor their order so I might as well wait out the last week.

    • Shawn Ely

      Target price matches amazon.

      • Stitch236

        As does Best Buy

  • Kevin Slechta

    Buying anything at an actual store is pretty much impossible now. I got lucky and found Han, Kylo and Dory. Every Target I went to was mostly just a crap ton of Yoda, Maul, Chewie, Vader, Ultron, Obi Wan, and Rebels characters.

  • Kevin Bradley

    I checked TrU, Best Buy, Target and their sales appear to be over, despite having stock. TrU has a TON of 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 figures.

  • Rob Rush

    Have you just given up on keeping this updated?

    • Scott Baxter

      Yeah — the “daily update” he mentioned doesn’t seem to have happened even once. For the record, most Walmart stores seem to have dropped single figures to $3 at this point, and play sets are at $6. The starter sets are at $10 and, in my area, seem mostly limited to the 2.0 edition. One local store still has a couple of 1.0 play sets, including the Toy Story set, priced at what I believe is the original retail $35. No one is using any actual logic there — these must have been back room stock that was never previously on the sales floor shelves and is probably presumed by corporate headquarters to be completely gone from inventory, so the price has never been lowered.

  • Charles Morgan

    All of the retailer exclusive Star Wars Light Up Figures have started showing up in Walmarts in my area and are marked at clearance prices ($4.98). Of course this is YMMV but this is good news for those who were holding out on Darth Vader or Kanan because TRU and Amazon still haven’t dropped the price on them.