Here Is What The Jack Skellington “Premium / 12″” Disney Infinity Figure Would Have Looked Like


In the “What would have come to Disney Infinity 4.0” article by Kotaku a few months ago, we got word of a new “premium” line of Disney Infinity figures to come. These figures would have been up to 12 inches tall with a higher price point.

These figures would also have unique characteristics like having various parts of the figure light up.

Today, thanks to Infiniteer Adventures, we have our first look at what the Jack Skellington premium figure would have looked like.

Take a look at the video below to get a closer look!

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  • Nicholas LionRider

    No offense, but why aren’t you or any of the other “older” infinity sites going after exclusives? Infiniteer Adventures has kinda monopolized the market (getting them all) and you all kinda just parrot what he says/shows

    • TwistedGames

      Disney Infinity Fans should be doing stuff, but Jason’s got Skylanders, Amiibo, and most often Lego Dimensions.

      • Chris

        and Jason’s much more user friendly. Idk what infiniteers is but I used to use disneyinfinityfans before discovering this site: so much easier to use and follow, and it’s nice that it’s news first, blog second, rather than the other way around.

    • Marcimouse

      Really silly comment there. I like that he’s posted that cuz I don’t use YouTube for my news! I’d never know if it wasn’t for him. Get over it dude.

      • Nicholas LionRider

        It wasn’t meant to be salty or anything I was just generally wondering. A lot of the sites like Inside infinity, Disney Infinity Codes, etc. have direct contacts who worked at Avalanche and Disney, it just seems odd that a random (20 year old?) on youtube is getting to break all these exclusives before anyone

  • Chris

    Stop, just stop. Before you get to something that’s really gonna make me cry.