Closer Look At The Cancelled “Moana” Figures For Disney Infinity 3.0


Yesterday Kotaku brought us the first look at the cancelled Moana play set for Disney Infinity. Today, Infiniteer Adventures is back to show us an up-close and personal look at the prototypes.

Plus we get the full 360 degree view of Moana and Maui.


Maui looks HUGE! Would have made a really cool figure to sit on the shelf.


Check out the video below from Infiniteer Adventures as well as their previous exclusive looks as well!

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  • Grant McCollister

    I can’t take it anymore!! But I can’t look away either……

  • Dom Cunningham

    I still don’t understand why they couldn’t be allowed to at least finish everything that was planned. It seemed like a lot of it was almost done, too. It’d give everyone, fans and developers, time to cope with it, and they’d still make a bit of extra money off of it before it ended completely. They’d be able to have everything done by November. Moana, Peter Pan, Doctor Strange, Spider-Gwen, and Hera. I’d honestly be happy with that. If they came out on May 10th and said that there would be nothing else after those, I’d be happy. Is that really so much to ask?

  • Rik

    Stupid short sighted decision to cease production. If production stopped because they are only selling half the inventory produced then start producing HALF as many figures!
    The full game with full roster retails for over $650 (SO FAR!) and that is just 3.0
    If they can’t figure out how to make that profitable the department heads should all be fired.

    • Jeff Polunas

      Unfortunately the department heads and everyone else were fired.

  • Chris

    Sadly what many of you don’t seem to realize is that producing the figures is probably the least expensive part of running Disney infinity. The most expensive parts are most likely first and foremost paying all the developers and paying stores for shelf space and other advertising costs. Without shelf space and advertising, people won’t know the new figures have released and therefore won’t be able to buy them and double therefore Disney won’t get any money for them.

    And as amazing of fan service it would have been, I’m sure the costs of paying all those developers far outweighs the amount of money they would have recouped by selling these products. Disney is unfortunately a for profit business and they aren’t going to do anything to hurt their bottom line.

  • Jessie Harris

    Can I buy these for my 3.0 anywhere?