Here Is What The Moana Play Set For Disney Infinity Would Have Looked Like (Screenshots!)


As detailed before in the Kotaku report, Disney Infinity was set to release a Moana Play Set alongside the much hyped film this fall for Disney Infinity 3.0.

Moana would have been the first Disney Animation Play Set to be released for any Disney Infinity version. All other Disney Originals playsets were based around Pixar franchises.

Thanks to Kotaku, we now have our first look at the Play Set, figures, and screenshots of what the game was looking like.

Check out the full images below:





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  • Damon Hahn

    OMG, it’s beautiful, dreams crushed, with all these leaks of what could have been, I have not been disappointed. Such a shame that 3.0 couldn’t have finished its run, then canceled, I think it would have stung much less…

    • Grant McCollister

      You haven’t been disappointed, or you have? ‘Cause I’m feeling a lot of disappointment right now…….

      • Damon Hahn

        Lol, disappointment that we will never own then, yes. it’s too bad we got those 3 Alice figures instead of some of these beauties. I keep saying it, I know Disney says they lost their money on the toys, but I really feel that if they marketed them as collectors items, maybe people would buy them even though they don’t work for any game. Or maybe incorporate them the characters and their codes into something like a mobile app magic kingdoms game…

  • Grant McCollister

    Oh man, that looks great. I don’t know if I want to see the Rogue One play set or not……….

  • Magical frontier

    Man that looks great! I think it would be fantastic if the Avalanche team could release a final update that unlocks all the existing toys and any unreleased characters, toy box toys, skies or textures that have been developed- as an appreciation for the loyal community that the corporate bean counters stepped on. And why not, Disney isn’t going to make any more money from this game so just give away the unreleased stuff and speciality unlocks like cruise ship toy for example. Let their hard work be seen and enjoyed. They are getting fired so why not. I wonder if we will ever see a non toy based version of Disney Infinity down the road. As much as I love the figures, I love the gaming platform/ toy box concept more. I doubt it will be under Eiger regime if ever.

  • Keith Johnson

    Thanks Disney, I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to have my heart torn out and smashed into a million pieces.