Hera From Star Wars Rebels Was Set to Be Released for Disney Infinity 3.0


One of the most fan requested characters, Hera, looks to have been set for release for Disney Infinity 3.0 prior to the cancellation.

Infiniteer Adventures, once again gives us an exclusive look at the figure design.

Check out the full video below as well as their other recent leaks of Doctor Strange and Spider-Gwen:

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  • joshua snow

    Yes our next knife-twisting! Literally the only good thing about this is that my bank account is safe.

  • aquapyro

    This is what really made me mad (staying PG Here). Hera Should’ve been released with the rest of the Ghost Crew, NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Darth_Raww

    I wish all of these “reveals” would just happen at once. That way I could just be mad once and move on. But the constant reminder of the idiotic decision of the Disney suits is maddening.

  • Krazykaden43

    oh, the now un-infinite possibilities…

    • Sabrescene

      They already said that wall is wrong (outdated). For one thing, Doctor Strange and Spider-Gwen would go in the Marvel section (not Disney) but obviously there’s no more free spots on that side as they weren’t planned when that wall was designed.