FIRST LOOK: Finding Dory Disney Infinity Play Set (Releasing on June 17th)



It’s come down to this, here is your (final) first look for Disney Infinity. Here are the first images of the Finding Dory Play Set for Disney Infinity.

As I’ve previously said and speculated many times before, it does contain only one figure: Dory. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, though may be disappointing to some.

The Finding Dory Play Set (featuring Dory) and the Nemo single figure are set for release on June 17th. (In case you haven’t heard yet, these will be the final two Disney Infinity releases).

Here are the images of the Finding Dory Play Set, figure, and play set piece.

We’ve also seen pictures of the Nemo figure, which you can see by heading to this page.


Finally, we’ve seen some images of the actual play set in action as well, which you can see by heading to this page.


thanks to skymiibo/jackson for the images!

Source: Amazon UK

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