Here Is What Disney Infinity Had Planned For Disney Infinity 4.0, Before The Game Got Cancelled


Many of you have asked “What was Disney planning after Finding Dory?” “What were the two unannounced Play Sets?” What was Disney Infinity 4.0 going to be?”

Well thanks to an article by Patrick Klepek over at Kotaku, we now have some insight.

… and buckle up, as this is going to make the cancellation even worse.

First off, please be sure to read the whole article, as it’s really well put together, but here are the highlights.

  • Ninja Theory was working on a Star Wars: Rogue One Play Set to release this fall
  • Studio Gobo was working on the Moana Play Set
  • 12 Inch figures were coming.
    • Including: Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Jack Skellington, and Darth Vader
    • Priced at $45, and they would have “acted differently” in-game, lit up, and have more detail
  • 2017 would have seen the release of Disney Infinity 4.0
    • Content would have been taken from properties such as: Cars 3, Star Wars VIII, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales, Coco, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Thor: Ragnarok
    • They would have dropped the “number scheme” (perhaps be just called “Disney Infinity”)
    • There would finally be a “Toy Box Story Mode” where you could play an entire story with any character you’d wish
  • Hasbro was approached, and perhaps even working on a deal, to help design the figures.

Essentially, everything Disney Infinity fans have been asking for.

Finally we would have gotten our precious story mode featuring cross overs from any universe. Lots more content, and to satisfy collectors, a new line of 12 inch figures?!

This doesn’t make things any easier.

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  • ImmortalJigglypuff

    this…. is awesome and heartbreaking at the same time.

  • Yodamaster1212

    I’ll be honest on a number of things here. 12 inch figures would have been AMAZING. But some parts of this just make me feel relieved. No four legged, no Gravity Falls, etc, so we weren’t missing anything we all REALLY wanted. Also, it’s interesting, Peter Pan is nowhere to be seen here. Maybe a pushed June release…..??

    • travisteaspoon

      The article doesn’t outline all their plans for 4.0 just some things. There’s nothing saying that stuff like Lion King, Gravity Falls, etc, wouldn’t have made it in 4.0.

      The article doesn’t touch on specific things that would have been “fan-service” to the community because they don’t really fit in an article that’s meant to be more broad. For instance on the last livestream JV hinted that the 1.0 characters would be getting updated after 3.0, ie 4.0, but that info isn’t in the article because that’s a niche thing that only Infinity fans would know about. The article (much like the game itself) has to have a wider appeal and be relateable to people who don’t play Infinity. That’s why there’s no mention of something like Peter Pan because that’s so inside baseball for Infinity.

  • Heath Morrison

    Anybody at Avalanche want to start a crowdfunded dev team??

    • Yodamaster1212

      In other words, pull a Hideo Kojima….

      • sporeboy100

        If they were to pull a Kojima, scamstarter would have nothing to do with it.

        • Yodamaster1212


  • Jay “The Brain” Mann

    Well, at least Darkwing Duck isn’t on here so I don’t get even more upset.

  • J A H

    With 12 inch figures on the way, I feel a bit relieved that will never become a reality. They sound cool, but $45 is almost enough for another new game – I couldn’t see myself spending that much on just one character. I read someone’s comment in another article awhile back that one of the game’s problems was that it was catering more to whatever new movie was coming out than classic Disney and everything points to it doing just that. I get supporting those movies and people wanting to play as those characters while they are fresh on their mind, but there are SO MANY more characters in the Disney universe that could have been used, but got passed over. I mean, we never even got Goofy, but we got Spot from The Good Dinosaur. Right now, I’d be pleased if they just announced they were going to at least release the long promised Peter Pan a lot of people have been waiting for.

  • Nicholas LionRider

    Yeah I’m not really upset. This is kinda a relief. Infinity since 1.0 has always promised “Classic” characters, fan demand, etc. but now my mind doesn’t need to wander and think they were going to eventually do Lion King, Gravity Falls, Goofy, etc. This shows that it was always going to just be a cash grab for the latest movies, so overall, I’m glad.

    • Coonfoot

      On the off-chance Infinity returns in some form, maybe the devs will learn their lesson and focus more on what fans want… I hope.

  • Cale

    The Toy Box story is the one that cuts me up the most.

    • Marcimouse

      Yes… It’s what Ive wanted Minne and Darth Vader working together 🙁

    • Tristan Rigdon

      The one that cuts me up the most is Spider-Gwen! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • ElementaB

    All those potential amazing figures. Giant ELSA?!?!? God damnit.

    • YoshiAngemon

      Kinda risky for an upskirt that we’d never see on an ordinary figure. It might have been these ideas in general that might have done the game in before its potential would’ve been realized.

  • INKS

    as someone who really loved the star wars characters this makes me sad. 45 for a 12″ does sound expensive though

    • ElementaB

      well they were already not successful and needed to make more money apparently.

    • Alex Piccirillo

      If buying 12″ figures for 45 dollars would have kept the game alive.. I would have done it. haha

  • Caitlin

    Aw thats gutting.
    WOuld be nice to get the concept art for all that

  • Rick Sarahi Collins

    there were no couples sets out there ” beast& bell , Eric & Ariel ext. so I’m good. ? will there still be DI down load and games to come with out the figs?

  • Noah Vincent Davis

    12″ figures sound a bit extreme. I feel like I been betrayed. I got Disney Infinity 2.0 as a gift. I thought I was able to play with Jasmine in the Avengers playset. Then I thought if I collected enough crossover coins that it was possible. Sadly it wasn’t. The whole ideal of Disney Infinity was infinite possibilities but it was really infinite possibilities (if you can create them and have them properly function). I only expected this game to be Disney themed. I hoped I would see simba, Ariel and maybe even Jafar. I wanted to travel through Agrabah as Carl Frederickson trying to make his way to where he wanted to be while be caught in Aladdin and Jafar’s Cross fire. I wanted to upgrade characters without having to use a cheat or play somone elses toyboy that ran slow on my game system. I wanted my figures to work when I placed 1-2 power disc on the base. I had a Disney Obsession, I only watched movies until I found Disney Infinty. I didn’t even have a game system until I wanted to purchase this game. My system will now collect dust because the only think I cared about is cancelling. I had hopes when spendimg my hard earned pay check. And even when my friends didn’t want to play the game with me there was an online option. Although it barely worked, I loved playing work of color. I was excited to play Toybox speedway , yet there was no real objective. I spent lots of money on this game and now its over. I was worried that I would never be able to purchase every figure and all its accessories, looks like I can catch up

    • Don Aaron Nell Millado

      man, I’m on the same boat as you. I’ve been meaning to buy Disney Infinity once 3.0 Star Wars figures was announced. It took that and the fact that an entertainment store at my local mall was closing down and were selling 1.0 and 2.0 for like $20 each. I’ve been on an aggressive hunt searching for figures to complete my collection and when they said that they cancelled it. i kinda got mad, but thought that I could catch up too. I wouldn’t have minded if they cancelled the game, but cancelling the game and giving us Alice in Wonderland and Finding Dory as the final figures is quite irksome. They should’ve just finished out this year, by giving us that Rogue One playset, along with a Captain Phasma figure to make The Force Awakens playset feel more complete with her inclusion.

  • Drew Marino

    They did not supply to the demand of Classic Characters.

  • Coonfoot

    I saw “Moana play set” and my heart sank. We would’ve FINALLY gotten a play set based on a non-Pixar animated movie! Something I wanted since day one!

  • Alex Piccirillo

    This has a lot of things that i didn’t expect to see. Huh..

  • Mr Otter

    I put zero stock in this. Why not throw in world peace and extra snack machines in the lunchroom while your at it. This is just a bunch of random concepts taken from the suggestion box and thrown in a blender. No direction no plan.

  • Grant McCollister

    NO!!!!! Why did I read this?? It’s always about the money with you, Disney, isn’t it? Can’t you do something just for your loyal fans for once!?!?!

    • James

      Yeah! How dare a business want to make money!

      • Grant McCollister

        I know, right?

  • bell02alpha

    Rouge One would have been exciting to me, but other than that, that was a pretty boring list of potential figure candidates for 4.0. I would have hoped for them to bring in something unique… although I wonder if it was ever considered how much advertising benefit Disney Infinity has on Disney movies?

    I know for myself, having a DI tie into a film actually made me a lot more excited for films I was some-what interested in. (Of course, great movies also influenced my purchases a bit too. Seeing Zootopia made me want Nick and Judy that same day, rather than waiting a week)

    I do wonder what Disney could have done to make the series more profitable and popular?

    I do think not being yearly, and instead going with DLC could have helped. If the worry was about kids not connecting online, I think usb drive updating could have been possible. Kids go to the stores with the figure demos, plug into the USB, it detects the save file format and fills it with updated data. Because it uses figures and statues to lock away content, there would be less concern for hackers trying to steal game content for free.

    I think the multiple games idea could be more valuable than a singular game. For example, in 3.0 if Toybox Speedway was sold as “Disney Infinity Speedway” and put out on a disc for $50-60 with more fleshed out content and released at a more dry time of the year. I think it could possibly give more teams flexibility, and stretch out the dev time all while making figures more popular.

    Speaking of which, I think updating the old figures with each mainline “Disney Infinity” game would have helped as well. It would give people actual incentive to buy old figures, not just figures of those they are curious about. They could also have had accessories for the old figures. It also might have helped if figures could be rotated, and even possibly had unofficial store exclusives. Something where one season Mickey might have only been at target with more limited quantities, sell out, and then go to Toys “R” Us and continue the rotation. It’s harder on us fans, and would make the demand more Amiibo-like, but could create something like a collector buzz to seek them out. There could have been some more uncommon than others (but nothing like the “unicorn” amiibo) which maybe could have brought more fan favorite characters over marketing ones.

    I think the powerdisc also could have been on cards as well, or at least thinner plastic. The disc we got are nice, but are a bit over the top for their purpose. If they could have worked like Amiibo where we scan over the pad it, rather than sit and stack, those would have been cheaper to produce and store. We might have been able to give them multiple uses.

    I don’t know. It seems like it was the shelf-space and production that was especially expensive with Infinity… I just feel like there was a lot of potential for it to work.

  • Niktendo

    They could at least give what was promised for the rest of 3.0. In particular Peter Pan, as he was the fan poll.

    The rest sounds terrible. 12-inch figures for $45?! No way. Especially when they’re the same characters already released. A Thanos one would have made sense.

    As for the 4.0 Playsets? Awful choices. Already had playsets for Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy, New Star Wars and Avengers for Thor. People wanted new stuff, not reprints!

    All this article did was confirm I’m not going to miss too much, so actually I do feel a little better.

    • James

      The new playsets sound great. There’s a reason they didn’t make much classic Disney (hint: they didn’t sell very well).

      • Milo


      • Niktendo

        What a load of rubbish. They didn’t even make any classic Disney sets. The only classic Disney characters were all useless Toy Box Only characters

      • Niktendo

        Not to mention, who won the fan poll? Oh yeah, Peter Pan, a classic Disney character.

  • Bill Misek

    I just don’t know how those 12″ figures would work, especially with hulk & hulkbuster, the figures we have now barely fit on the base without covering up the other spots on the base so how would they manage it when they had to expand the size of the figure by more then double. Also would they have been like statues like we have now or would they been more action figures especially since Hasbro was approached to help design them.

  • Bill Misek

    It’s a really shame that we will not be getting this, it really is but everything that was announced doesn’t really destroy me that we are not getting, seems like they were just going to keep going in the direction they were, marketing machine, which is cool. The thing that would absolutely crushed me if they were finally in 4.0 going to make it where you could play all the playsets in one place & finally make it a true platform & make it the last Disney infinity you would have to buy by just adding onto that one.
    I don’t really care about not having cars, pirates would have been cool because the first one is one of the best playsets, Star Wars 8 is a no brainer, Guardians 2 also would have been cool because I dug the first one as well, I just don’t know what they would have done with figures besides rereleasing old one like they did with cap, & the same with thor, I’d be cool to have a MCU thor & hulk but if the rumors are true that it will be a thor/hulk movie, again rereleases for figures.

  • Joey Ruff

    Since Disney is going to be licensing all their properties going forward, I wonder what the chances of another game developer (Activision?) picking up the DI reigns and moving forward with it? I can’t imagine Skylanders is that popular still, and DI still had so many more places to go with it. I guess we can dream…

  • james gearon


  • Milo

    But, Darkwing Duck! And Peter Pan! *stupid Disney*

  • Milo

    I’d rather Disney/PIXAR/Star Wars/Marvel stuff be added to LEGO Dimensions.

  • Chris

    Yeah that toy box story mode is depressing, that’s the main thing di has always been missing 🙁 but the playsets aren’t great….I think we’ve all realized that di is more of a marketing tool than a game and Disney is pretty much out of major franchises to do, so these all make sense but still feel a little lacking. As for the 12 inch figures, i finally have a reason to be glad this game got canceled….I’m a completionist collector of many things, di included… wallet couldn’t handle $45 figures, even tho they sound pretty epic!

  • Chris

    Another thing to keep in mind here before getting too upset: these things may have been on avalanches ideal want lists, but none of these were necessarily ever approved by Disney or whoever else such concepts need to go through to actually happen, and some may not have worked when actually tried to put in the game…odds are many of these wouldn’t have come to fruition anyway. At least that’s what I’m telling myself so I can sleep tonight.

  • Peyton

    I don’t know if I am missing something, but what can’t they just have another successful video game developer produce the game? Disney INFINITY has been the best selling toys-to-life game for the past three years, so it’s not like they are not selling enough units compared to Skylanders or anything similar to that. It just really bums me out that we won’t see anything from these ideas that the Disney INFINITY team had in store for us for the upcoming year. I hope at some point they AT LEAST release some concept art of the various playlets they had in store, as well as the figures they planned on releasing. It is such a shame that this game is ending as abruptly as it did. I’m still clinging onto hope that maybe they’ll sell the rights of the game to someone else who can help carry out the legacy of Disney INFINITY.

  • amesResident

    Is there anyone to write to about this or maybe a petition of some kind? Not sure that I would have sunk so much $ into Infinity had I known Disney was going to turn carpetbagger on us.

  • Joeykette

    Are the figures still available?

  • Joeykette

    I don’t have the 1.0 edition.

  • Joeykette

    Please save Disney Infinity.

  • Joeykette

    Are the figures still Available?

  • Don Aaron Nell Millado

    I don’t know about 12-inch figures. Sure the concept sound cool, but is it really necessary–especially if it’s just going to just be remakes of older figures? Plus, they cost about $45? Come on! No wonder they weren’t making enough money.
    (Here’s a link to an article why it was cancelled:

    If you’re going to go into a business like this, you have to chug out new content; and they learned from that. Unfortunately the other games weren’t as successful because they learned it too late. Sales are definitely going to plummet if you don’t address the consumers’ wants immediately. They want NEW and better quality figures and playsets since 1.0.

    Plus, there was also a lot of mismanaging on their side in terms of licensing and your typical corporate agenda. I have no problem with that, a business’s top priority is to make profit, but how they went about it was an oversight. They counted their chickens before they hatched.

  • Tristan Rigdon

    They were also going to do Spider-Gwen!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Lara Romi