Disney Infinity is Officially No More, Ceasing Operations In June


In a shocking turn of events, Disney announced this afternoon that Disney Infinity is officially no more.

UPDATE #1: CEO Bob Iger has released comments, check update at the bottom

Here is the official statement from Disney,

By now you may have heard the news that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of Disney Infinity. From the beginning, Disney Infinity was built for you—our fans—and I wanted to take a moment to thank you not just for your support over the years, but for creating a community that made Disney Infinity more than just a game.

Our goal for Disney Infinity was to bring the best of Disney storytelling to life in homes around the world, and with your support we accomplished that. We hope you had as much fun playing the game as we had making it.

So what’s next for Disney Infinity? We have two final retail releases coming, including three new characters from Alice Through the Looking Glass later this month, and the Finding Dory Play Set launching in June.

And as we turn to the next chapter in our story, I want to thank everyone who helped bring Disney Infinity to life, particularly Disney’s Glendale-based production and publishing teams, our external development partners, and of course the incredible Avalanche team for their tireless dedication to this project.

But most of all, I want to again thank you for making Disney Infinity a part of your lives—and for adding to the Disney legacy by being a part of this community.

So what’s going on?

Disney posted their earnings report this afternoon, and it did not meet expectations. We knew the Toys-To-Life bubble was going to pop at some point, but obviously did not expect it to be now.

Here are some excerpts from an internal memo sent to employees today:

The team behind Disney Infinity created an incredible product. It was a critical success that inspired a deeply engaged community of players. But, despite Disney Infinity’s quality, it has become difficult to financially justify continued investment given the lack of growth in the toys-to-life market. Coupled with high development costs, the economics of our current vertical business model no longer add up.

In addition, Disney will also be closing Avalanche Software, the main studio behind the Disney Infinity franchise.

UPDATE #1: Bob Iger has released the following statements following the earnings call (via Game Informer)

On Disney’s earnings call this afternoon, chairman and CEO Bob Iger explained more about the company’s decision to close down Infinity production. “We thought we had a really good opportunity to launch our own product in that space, “Iger said. “I realize it was console space, but it was also essentially– a large component of it was the toys-to-life, they call it toys-to-life business. In fact we did quite well with the first iteration of it, and we did okay with the second iteration. But that business is a changing business and we did not have enough confidence in the business in terms of it being stable enough to stay in it from a self-publishing perspective.

Iger reinforced the financial earnings report that attributed much of the write-down to lingering Infinity inventory. “You know that you take on substantially more risk, particularly when it comes to manufacturing and managing the inventory, the toy inventory, of that business,” he said. “In fact, as Christine noted, a good part of the write-off that we just announced comes from having to write off that inventory that we took responsibility for when we went into the publishing business. We just feel that it’s a changing space and that we’re just better off at managing the risk that that business delivers by licensing instead of publishing. It’s just that simple. We actually made a good product. I give the developer a lot of credit for the product that they made. It was extremely well-received. But we knew going in that there would be a lot of risk with this product and the fact that we did so well initially gave us the confidence to continue with it. The truth of the matter is that the risks that we saw at the beginning when we started this caught up with us.”

More as the story develops…

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  • No. 1 Winnie the Pooh Fan

    At least we’re still getting the Finding Nemo/Dory stuff but…wow, this probably wouldn’t have hurt so much if it hadn’t been so sudden.

    • Chris

      I hate to say it, but it really hasn’t been so sudden. We all thought changes like no more blind power discs, one figure playsets, and no Disney infinity 4 were all great or intriguing or them taking their time to truly perfect the next game…but really those are all signs of: “okay what we’re doing isn’t working, what can we change to try to increase our sales?” It also seems as though the great sales on 3.0 stuff (like $10 a figure being the best sale during each games lifespan of one year) came around a lot sooner than they did for 1.0 and 2.0. Additionally, since di was clearly being used as marketing for upcoming films and franchises as opposed to rehashing the past like we all wished it would be, Disneys kind of run out of truly meaningful IPs that could sustain full new games, especially on an annual release schedule. I mean, they can’t just release a new marvel starter pack every year, because they’re not an exclusively marvel game. They can’t do Star Wars for the same reason. And if di 4.0 included Moana as the main starter pack playset, nobody would buy it. As sad and shocking as it is, we all should’ve seen this coming.

      • Carl lazarevic

        The answer to that was simple though. Don’t release a new starter pack for a year or two and focus on tweaking the Toy box in its current mode. Since the money is in the figures anyway; and they could release download patches with each new figure/playset, then there really was no reason to worry about what theme to give the next one.

    • Jasper

      Think about it from my perspective. My only window into Disney Infinity was the Apple TV. I pre-ordered all the new Marvel figures and Baloo thinking I could use them, not a single word from Disney until the actual day and only after being asked. You ask them why the update didn’t happen yet and when will it happen, and they are like “oh yeah, you guys… surprise we cancelled your console” – At least you got warning a month in advance that DI was shutting down, so I wouldn’t say that’s “so sudden.” If Apple TV users were given that consideration, we wouldn’t have spent money on the new figures and playset. So be grateful you got that advanced warning.

  • Caitlin

    Quite a surprise especially as avalanche were advertising jobs a couple of months ago

    • ElementaB

      Decisions seem to be very at the moment. Gametrailers is the same idea of one day there, the next gone. Lionhead studios also went this way.

  • Nicholas LionRider

    If you find out more info can you answer these questions:
    1. Will Peter Pan still be coming out (as he was slated for an August release)
    2. Are they just completely scrapping the Star Wars playset?
    3. Our Disney Infinity no longer a thing? So no Gravity Falls, etc.?
    4. Would they consider going completely digital with a new developer?
    5. Why the sudden announcement opposed to easing into the news?

    If you can get more answers that’d be great.

    • Green Armadillo

      Blackburn’s message is clear that Nemo is the last release, which means Pan, Star Wars, the un-released Marvel announcement Bill Roseman recorded, and all the polls are now canceled.

      Hundreds of people worked at the development studios and needed to be paid full time salaries, I’d imagine very few of them actually did any work that would be unnecessary if the game went pure digital.

      The sudden timing is because Disney as a business (ironically unlike a game development studio that releases a Marvel playset and says more figures are coming this year) is required to disclose to investors when things are going poorly, which also means that they have an incentive to implement decisions quickly when they’re declaring a $160 million loss.

      • Nicholas LionRider

        With Peter Pan though, that’s just dumb marketing. If they want to end on no backlash against them, they should release him in some shape or form. Broken and buggy, a FREE DLC only to fans as an apology or a figure without an NFC chip and just a download code. He was a month away from release by the time the last update is given, I say push through, work harder and do right by the fans.

        • SolidZone 26

          Toys-to-life doesn’t work that way. If he was released in a broken and buggy state, they would be even more backlash. Disney has no plans to fix it so it won’t matter. Also, do you have proof that he was coming soon? Because I never heard such news.

    • Marcimouse

      5. I think Avalanche knew it was coming but figured they had until the end of this year. Consider the deals going on? Or better yet the drop to ine figure playsets? No 4.0? PC and Apple TV canceled? I just think they were told it would be later down the road not in a week.

  • Tristan Rigdon

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • FarSky

    I wonder how they’re going to handle the server connections the game has. Hopefully they’ll patch it to be fully offline.

    This sucks.

    • Aenea

      This is what is worrying me. What is the point of having all these figurines that can’t be used in the official playsets. You need to make something yourself or use the stuff others made for it, but those are hosted on Disney’s servers, so what’s happening to those servers?

      My initial reaction was I might wanna go buy some more figurines, then I realised I want this answered first otherwise I don’t see the point…

      • joshua snow

        You can download community toy boxes and play them offline

  • Bill Misek

    Yet another great studio that Disney has closed, along with Propaganda Games & Black Rock Studio, not to mention LucasArts. I love Disney they just don’t know what they are doing with video games, if it’s not mobile they don’t want it. So sad we won’t be getting the rest of the marvel figures & whatever was coming with star wars.

    • Grant McCollister

      Don’t forget Junction Point, creators of Epic Mickey, which I also loved

  • YoshiAngemon

    If Disney Infinity is gone, then does this mean we’ll get Star Wars in LEGO Dimensions, and Marvel Comics in there, too? We could finally hear J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson rant about Batman, and how “Worse than Spider-Man” he can be! Maybe even have Jek-14 in Playable Minifigure form. He could say something like “I am ready to fight… FOR THE YOU GUYS!

    Or maybe for Character interaction between Spider-Man and Batman, “I can’t help but get the feeling that in another universe, we would be best friends.” Or between Batman and Iron Man.

    • Superr Mann

      Disney owns Star Wars so it still won’t be in Lego Dimensions

      • Bill Misek

        The point is that Disney is no longer making a toys to life game anymore, so he’s asking if we’ll see these properties in Dimensions since they aren’t competing against them anymore.

        • YoshiAngemon

          Well, I was referencing that Youtube series “baman piderman.”

        • mcdull

          Warner Bros is the publisher of Lego Dimensions, Star Wars might be as they’re still publishing the Lego Star Wars games (licensing reasons probably), but I bet it won’t happen to other Disney franchises

          • Mr Otter

            They make Lego Marvel games and lego just put out a blind bag series of disney figures.

        • Superr Mann

          No. Because Lego Dimensions is not owned by Disney

          • Dan Teh Chad

            Lego Star Wars isn’t owned by Disney either. It’s a licensing deal with the Lego company and Warner Bros. The deal allows each company to own their “part” of the property (Lego owns Lego, Disney owns Star Wars).

            They’ve shown that they’re still happy to do licensing deals, so the only concern I can see is if the EA contract would prohibit this, but considering we have Lego TFA coming next month, I don’t think that’s an issue.

        • bell02alpha

          Is Lego Dimensions continuing on?

      • Nick

        There is a huge line of lego star wars sets so that kills that argument.

        • ElementaB

          Not only that but Lego Star Wars Episode 7

      • Dan Teh Chad

        That logic doesn’t make any sense. Disney still works with them on Lego Star Wars games and toys. The reason Disney wasn’t allowing Star Wars into the Dimensions lineup, was because it would support a direct competitor product. Now that Disney no longer has a competing product in said category, licensing Star Wars to Dimensions makes perfect financial sense… Assuming Dimensions isn’t getting canned too. With the earnings on Skyland erst and Infinity, I’m waiting to see Dimensions get bad news next. :/

    • Grant McCollister

      Too soon

    • Mr Otter

      They also reached a compromise for the lego marvel games.

  • Chris

    Whoa what the heck?! This is the most shocking thing I’ve heard in forever! So terribly sad! I thought the lack of Disney infinity 4 was a good thing, that it meant they were taking their time making a great new experience instead of just slapping a new skin on the original di like 2 and 3 essentially were. Great sadness has arrived today, and no I don’t mean Phyllis from inside out.

  • Superr Mann

    Hahaha but April fools was back in April

  • Superr Mann

    Let’s hope it’s a joke

  • Justin Dale

    Disney needs to bring split second back!

  • Bill Misek

    This does makes a little sense since we are 2 weeks out & still hadn’t got a announcement of the alice figures. Hope they keep the servers up so people can still post & download toyboxes.
    This must have blindsided everyone at Disney Infinity because 3 hours prior to this being announced they were replying to someone’s tweet that there was a star wars playset coming out later this year on the official Disney infinity twitter account. So sad.

  • Mariela Ortiz

    As someone who went from “you are a key employee, and no matter what is coming, there is a place for you, and look at these upcoming projects!” to “actually everything feel apart and we are laying you off while you recover from surgery for CANCER” I feel for everyone working on DI. When you realize that three hours before the PR so many of them clearly were working on future projects, secure in their jobs and then BAM.

    • Blazingsonic

      NEVER work for Disney.

  • Chris

    I definitely think Disney should let Disney infinity finish out this holiday season and make all the playsets and figures that they promised us. One more Christmas of Disney infinity buying will get them back A LOT of their lost revenue, especially with a rogue one playset! I tweeted @disney to do this, you should all join me and do the same and maybe we can make it happen!

    • Bill Misek

      I wish this would work but I’m sure Disney looked at how along the Star Wars & Disney playsets were & said that it wasn’t worth it. The only reason we are getting the alice figures & finding dory playset is because they are already done or just about done.

  • Grant McCollister

    Disney Infinity’s gone…. and already the world seems a bit less bright……

  • Austin

    They definitely should have continued through the rest of this year. I can’t believe that they stopped right in the middle of 3.0’s life cycle and not even giving us the playsets that they promised us a bit ago. If they would have finished out the year, thus news would be much easier to handle. I still want Moana and Star Wars along with more Marvel.

  • Jimmy Turner

    This couldn’t suck more, but at least I’ll finally have a “complete” collection of something. 🙂

    (I know there are still a few figures coming. I’ve got them all on pre-order)

    • ElementaB

      Bright side of the dark side.

  • Mr Otter

    They spat out a lackluster Marvel game so they could make it to an average Star Wars game for the big payoff. Such a money grab. They had zero plans after star wars but a few scraps to unload afterwards. With no showing planned for E3 it was obvious. Wouldn’t be surprised if they struck something up with Tt for Lego Dimensions expansions. Money can still be made in this market and they wont have to work for it. The game will have 10 times the substance.

    • Sir Francis Drake

      It’s probably undeniable now that they never had their heart in this for the long haul and it’s pretty obvious corporate management knew they were going to axe DI after the initial release of 3.0. It looks like a quick money grab when you consider how lackluster most of the playsets were. TFA playset is barely anything at all and there isn’t much to the Battlegrounds play set either. They entered the market offering lackluster product that was sold by the deep emotional attachment consumers had for the core IPs. It was always about the figures and their unique abilities for me, the playsets were almost irrelevant because they were vastly inferior to the characters themselves.

      • Mr Otter

        I think your absolutely right. I personally thought the figures were beautiful. That’s the saddest part for me will be the lack of figures to add to the group. Kind of curious if I should grab up the few I need or wait for a massive dumping. Not sure what the market will now do. Wouldn’t mind grabbing a few extras for customizations.

      • SolidZone 26

        So you’re just going to not think about Disney hiring the movie actors to do the voices of the respected characters in TFA playset? They pay more than the average voice actor and yet you still call it lackluster? Sounds like you’re the the one who’s being greedy. With that attitude of yours, maybe they should cease operations because you can’t appreciate them for what they are. Thanks a lot.

        And another reason is that they’re not going to reveal the whole plot and spoil the movie.

        • Sir Francis Drake

          What does voice talent have to do with anything? The characters say very little! How does this make it a better game to play? TFA is a playset that takes 3 hours to complete, compare it to Twilight of the Republic. You’re shooting the messenger here.

          • SolidZone 26

            It means it’s not a “quick money grab.” If the characters say very little, then why bother hiring the movie actors to do the roles? They could’ve hired plain voice actors and be done with it to be cheap. 3 hours is fine and is nearly the same length as the movie. Be glad you aren’t paying $60 for a play set and isn’t lacking content. Same goes with Battlegrounds as well, unlike a certain fighting game released 3 months ago made by Capcom.

  • Sir Francis Drake

    Wow. I bought a console for the express purpose of playing DI, I bought dozens of the figures for my godson and now they’re just shutting it down? Disney does a great many things well, they seem to be able to wedge themselves into a given market and make a success of it, video games aren’t one of them, even when they license them out–Battlefront hasn’t been well-received either, low on content; but carrying a premium price.

    If you’re going to enter a market, especially one that Disney identified as a possible “bubble”, you better be willing to stick it out for a while because consumers that look upon your brand as something dependable are going to be very upset when they make the investment and three years later its gone, or in the case of Nintendo Wii U, criminally deficient of content. And let’s be honest here, DI was quite the investment. You had to buy 3 different platforms to play each iteration of DI, then shell out for myriad figures and playsets. I’m guessing I probably spent $600 on what now amounts to a collection of plastic figures, 3 redundant starter packs and a collection of playsets that were often inferior to the figures themselves.

    But the signs were there, the writing was on the wall–No DI 4.0! One-figure playsets. Unusually good deals recently. I think they realized that as soon as they announced this, excess inventory and any product in the pipeline would immediately become worthless,

  • Chris

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

  • Chris

    That update makes it sound as tho Disney infinity may still be here if they made less stock and created false interest through rarity and collectibility like amiibo did.

    Either way, I think it’s time for me to focus on getting the rest of the trophies and achievements in the games before they shut the servers off. I have all trophies and achievements in di 1.0 and all but 1 trophy in di 2.0, but not many achievements in 2.0 and not many of either in 3.0. Gotta get cracking!

  • ImmortalJigglypuff

    oh my gosh…

    Well- i’ll buy the final 5..

    but do you think the figures will be either hardcore scalped or hardcore clearanced?

    • Yodamaster1212


  • Singularity Bound

    Oh the lawsuits coming…

  • bell02alpha

    Super-bad news indeed! Maybe fans might be able to keep things going somehow but this is pretty shocking news I’d say!

    • bell02alpha

      I guess I would add that I am surprised to see such a quick turn of events and it makes me wonder the health of Skylanders. Amiibo seem to always be as popular as the character, but maybe a more limited release or rotational release would have been better for Disney?

      If Figures were scarce, and old figures continued to be updated to the level of new characters, there may have been more demand for them past the life of the game they were introduced in.

      I also wonder if Nintendo had patients on the single figure, multi-games model, and if they would not have cut a deal with Disney? I think if there were multiple “full” retail games sold, as in for example, instead of toybox games we got full disk side games that use the same figures as the main line figures… could we have seen more success?

      Also, it might have been a mistake to target PS4 and XB0 as primary consoles (PC as well) and they maybe should have tried to have more focus on WiiU, 3DS, and mobile/iOS content from the start? I didn’t analyse the sales, but usually those fans are more critical of family games. There is often less of a market for them.

      I don’t know, I guess it is the end for DI, but I hope that is only a “For now”, and there is a chance for it to have it revived as a new way to sell the figures is seen as feasible… but for now this is pretty disappointing. I hope there is at least a final update that might add the exclusive content like the park or cruise line, D23 content and make them new ultimate unlocks.

      (Although, it also would have been nice to get a final release of fan favorites… way impractical, but would have been nice. Darkwing Duck, Goofy, and Sora would be nice)

  • Blazingsonic

    Annnnnnd to storage with all my Disney Infinity figures, not sure what to do now, Disney Infinity had a huge impact of my gaming life this feels like I’m being fired from a long time job…. I just feel lost now, I’m sorry Rapunzel looks like Disney’s greed could not be fed, guess I’ll grab the few characters I was looking to get and that’s it. Well at least it leaves me with money to spend on other things, and I wish I could tell Disney, I’m going back to mostly ignoring them now, Disney Infinity was the thing that kept me interested in them, now they’re back to being nothing to me.

    • Chris

      Why do you have to put them in storage? You can keep playing the games that are already out…

      • For now, but part of it now has an expiration data when the servers eventually going down. If its not making any future revenue, keeping the servers up long term is unlikely.

        • Chris

          You can always play offline. You don’t need the servers. You can do playsets and toy box solo or couch coop. You just won’t be able to play people online or download other people’s toy boxes

          • Not for everyone. We play the PC version. The first thing it does is to check the username with the servers to log me in to play. We are at a lost. Disney Infinity ended up being Disney 3 Years.

          • Chris

            Haha good one. Dang I didn’t know the pc version worked like that. That’s terrible. Well maybe now you’ll be able to get a console version on the cheap and all your figures will still work for that

          • Marcimouse

            I think part of the reason they didn’t update the apple and PC version is they knew this was coming on some level. I think content patches are held on the console networks so I think they will work fine offline but the degree in which they do I don’t know. We are prompted to make Disney accounts as well but many users have reported offline mode is fine. I truly wish Disney had disclosed the lack of PC/Apple support before. 🙁

  • Serpent2

    Well, I suppose this is one way to help me get over my collection addiction.

  • I’m 15 and I found this game when I was 12. The game literally grew up with me, adding Star Wars and Marvel and all this other stuff. I’ve enjoyed speculating about figures on here, it’s been a great ride. Now for No Man’s Sky, a game with literally infinite worlds. Check it out, it’s a great game for PS4 and PC.

  • Magical frontier

    Bob Iger makes Eisner look really good right now. Disney profits are at record highs. Disney stock is up. Iger continues to ratchet up theme park prices. Nickel and dime-ing loyal fans. He has screwed up the theme park experience with My Disney Experience which makes guests micromanage their vacation and decide months in advance what park they will be in, what attractions and restaurants they want to ride. His terrible deal with Avatar boggles the mind. Disney doesn’t need to rent intellectual property. Iger is the Anti-Walt. He only gives lip service to Walt’s legacy and Disney traditions as he tramples on the guests and fans on his way grab more cash. I’m for making big profits as long as you take care of the customers/guests/fans that spent their hard earned money. Iger is a poison that is killing the true Disney spirit. He takes the fans for granted. Bottom Line Bob strikes again.

    • Sir Francis Drake

      Iger is looked at as a sort of demi-god by Wall Street and the public, but only because he’s been so good at acquiring assets and he’s been willing to fix some of the damage Eisner created, especially at Disney Animation and the theme parks, but when you look closely, Disney’s recent successes are almost all imported. They bought Pixar, then put Lasseter in charge of Disney Animation, thereby fixing the creative culture that had died under Eisner, while at the same time acquiring an entertainment titan already at its apex. Disney bought Marvel, bringing Feige in with it. They bought Lucasfilm and brought Kennedy in with it. And these divisions are run autonomously with little interference from the in-house leadership at Disney.

      You look at other aspects of the Disney Company it’s not so good. The divisions that have been run by the old guard don’t perform exceptionally well, ESPN being the most notable example. Disney Pictures, the live-action film studio of the company has been a noted disaster for years putting out expensive duds like Tomorrowland, Prince of Persia, Mars Needs Moms, John Carter, Lone Ranger, etc. Disney has all but stopped making stuff under the Disney Pictures brand because of this ineptitude, heck, even their small Disney Nature documentary label is run out of Paris, France and has little to do with corporate. Their ineptitude in the video game market is well-known and Infinity is just the latest victim. I don’t hold out hope with licensing through 3rd parties either, Battlefront was more style than substance and gamers figured it out quickly.

    • Blazingsonic

      Iger, I really am starting to hate that guy.

      • Magical frontier

        I hear ya! He does not put much value on promoting goodwill and fan loyalty. He has taken the Disney community for granted. Be they park guests, annual passholders, video game communities, Disney movie fans, and fans in general. Disney fans’ loyalty is not being appreciated or recipicated by the company. And it starts at the top.

  • Yodamaster1212

    The fact that they won’t even finish off the calendar year is such a stupid part of this. You advertised that you would do so many things, and only two of them are being done. Not even Peter Pan. That’s just being ridiculous. DI’s decisions have frustrated me before, but THIS tops them all.

    • ElementaB

      It’s a money game, if I was in charge from a business perspective I would do it too considering that loss of money.

    • Chris

      Don’t think of it as a calendar year. Disney is a business. This very well may be the end of their FISCAL year.

  • Vasculio

    F***! No Winter Soldier! …or any other marvel characters to look forward too! Whats the fate of Peter Pan? Dory? Nemo? Alice? Mad Hatter? and Time? Couldn’t they just have waited at the end of the year? Why now?!

    This is such a let down…

    • SolidZone 26

      Finding Dory play set and Alice Through the Looking Glass characters are still coming, you know?

      • Wynne Richport

        Oh, that’s suuuuuch a great way to end the game. Two fish that can’t swim and three characters from a remake absolutely no one cares about.

  • Noah Vincent Davis

    So were just gonna let Skylanders win. I’m done! I already had enough of Disney Cancelling ABC shows because they weren’t a casb cow. Yet we all should’ve seen this coming. You have to admit that when you seen the release line-up for Disney Infinity 3.0 you didnt even think about going to the store (unless there was a a sale) I know I didnt. So no surprise it was going to get shut down. They even cancelled PC gaming after a rocky start. The game had to many glitches and online was a mess…which all could’ve been fixed but need What? (Say it with me) MONEY.

    • Blazingsonic

      I looked into Lego Dimensions HOLY CRAP is it doing what Disney Infinity should have doing, a main campaign figures unlock worlds, some figures unlock missions, every character can be used in other worlds, Want Simpsons in Gotham you got it! Want Scooby Doo in Lord of the rings? You got it, Want Batman in Portal, done, Want Back to the Future meet Lego Ninjago? Done, Heck it has a play set from Midway that has 20 of their old arcade games and a 3 in one vehicle that’s a car, a boat and a jet, That’s like totally ripped from my childhood, I like DI because it gave the Princesses some real action but Legos seem to have the larger fanservice. Disney could have competed but threw in the towel faster than Sonic could run.

  • Dan Teh Chad

    It’s unfortunate news, but at the same time not ENTIRELY surprising. When they announced that 4.0 wouldn’t be happening this year, I saw a lot of fan excitement drop off. And honestly, part of me wondered then and there if this was coming.

    That said, I do have a big question: What’s happening with the community content servers? Will they be shutting those down immediately, or will those stay online?

    I realize that something like that takes at least a small crew to maintain -for technical reasons, and for content reasons. But I would hope that we can get at least another 6-12 months of fun content sharing before the servers go down. And honestly, as the product inevitably starts hitting clearance bins, I suspect a lot of parents will be upset if the largest functionality of these products is shut down shortly after, or potentially before they purchase. That part seems like a legitimate concern regarding Disney’s public image, with a relatively low cost to handle well.

  • Alex Piccirillo

    Honestly feel a wave of depression hitting me now. I can’t stop looking up stuff about this, feels like losing a legend.. This game was incredibly important to me. Feel horrible for those who lost their jobs, specially for those who didn’t know this was coming. For the first time in the long time… I’m extremely disappointed in Disney

  • ImmortalJigglypuff

    So- do you all think that the final 5 figures will be low stocked?

  • They could have easily decreased costs and kept this going with a few changes. The plastic and shelf space is what made this so expensive to run despite its success as a game. Same as with their closing of LucasArts. They could have chosen to restructure, but instead Disney simply doesn’t want to make its own video games.

    • Magical frontier

      I agree. This could have morphed into a digital only (toy less) game. Though the appeal of the toy element would be gone the excellent gaming platform could continue and thrive. Greater flexibility to respond to gamers requests for content without the physical manufacturing requirements. Without scrapping the brand and game structure, it could have continued. A lack of vision by non creative leadership. Iger needs to go.

  • Pat Chastain

    Disney is forgetting about its customers, thus the long-term future of the company. Quality cuts / price increases at the parks are killing good will with the middle class. And now my kids, who love Disney Infinity, are let down. Short-term thinking. Bob Iger is not a visionary. He does not see the different pieces of the company as a cohesive whole. DI games cultivate goodwill with young people and generate a desire to visit the real-life counterparts of the games’ settings — the Disney parks. It’s astonishing how far people can go with a lack of vision, just as long as they’re tall, white male frat-boy types.

    Iger is a competent CEO, but he is not brilliant. Disney needs and deserves brilliance at the helm. I’m holding my DIS stock for the next few years, but I do not see a strong future for the company beyond that. They’ve lost the current generation. Kids today will not have the same sentimental, loving view of Disney that I had growing up, and they will spend less on Disney for their children as a result.

    Too much sucking up to shareholders, too much pressure to make quarterly reports look good, not enough long-term vision.

    • Sir Francis Drake

      I am no less frustrated with this decision which I think is wrongheaded, but you’re engaging in major hyperbole here. Iger is certainly to blame to a large degree for lacking a clear path for sustained success in the TTL genre, but there are other market forces working here. Skylanders is struggling too. People who know a lot about the video game industry were questioning how this venture could survive long-term considering that DI is probably the most expensive video game ever developed.

      Iger merely reflects a bankrupt corporate model that demands short-term returns largely for the benefit of large investors like hedge funds that buy big positions in companies with the intention of flipping the shares quickly. Iger and other CEOs are grilled at shareholder meetings by representatives of these big investors demanding he squeeze every dime out of the company he can. It’s a failed paradigm that is hollowing out the entire economy, but he’s largely helpless in the face of such pressures.

      Iger is certainly not a brilliant visionary, unless you view his penchant for identifying and buying other assets to bring into the company visionary. The fact is he’s orders of magnitude better than Eisner who was far better than the management team he took over from in 1984, the management team prior to Eisner toyed with the idea of selling off the animation studio! Kids are still flocking to see product released by Disney in numbers never seen before. They’re buying the merchandise. The parks, even with their ridiculous price increases deliver record attendance figures, What we know now is that not enough kids were demanding the product DI was producing.

    • Donaldtask

      EXACTLY! F*ck those guys, they do this all too often. They abandon a very popular beloved creation of theirs because it’s not churning enough cash at that moment. Yes STOP making this for the “Being Released” Bullshit market, and give us the classics EVERYONE loves ALREADY! Why hinge this on stuff to come out? The Lone Ranger? REALLY? Where’s Robin Hood? Lion King, …even the current successful franchises never appeared: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Sheriff Callie, Miles from Tomorrowland. It’s very feasible to utilize these franchises in the DI world instead of HOPING the bull-crap that’s about to come out becomes successful. Disney’s methods of “Lets use these 185 different outlets to promote this 1 thing, and if it doesn’t work ax those 185 things… wtf Disney. Keep Infinity, Just keep the unrealized Franchises OUT OF IT and you’ll find more success. Look at this new Alice movie. BOMBED. Stop messing up everything to force support for trash noone wants

  • Wynne Richport

    I am so deeply disappointed. AT LEAST FINISH 2016!

  • Blazingsonic

    So who’s making the jump to Lego Dimensions or Skylanders?

  • Rob Kester

    Any chance of another publisher like EA picking this up? If I download levels from the server will I be able to keep them once they close it down?

  • Jason

    Does this mean they will let the Lego Dimentions franchise use Star Wars 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Derf

    So infinity is actually finite after all