Retailer Listing Leaks Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack Rebundle With Gravity Falls Play Set


UPDATE: This post was The April Fools joke of 2016


Original/Fake Article:.

Retailers strike once again! Many people have been wondering if Disney Infinity would “Re-bundle” the 3.0 Starter Pack to market to non-Star Wars players, and looks like we may have our answer.

Disney Infinity 3.0 will be “rebundled” in a new non-Star Wars Starter Pack later this year, and will include a Gravity Falls Play Set.


…. if only today wasn’t April 1st.

But hey, while you’re here, be sure to join me and vote for the real #OurDisneyInfinity candidate… Darkwing Duck

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  • Cale

    Why would you do this? Why…?

    • Pcboy99

      Because it’s April 1st…..

  • Paul

    This is so cruel, it hurts.

    Read: Well done Jason, well done.

  • Tristan Rigdon

    Thank God it is April 1st. So far they have only added characters we know & love but Gravity Falls is a show my family despises. If they added those characters it would mean we would never have a complete disney infinity colllection.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Man I almost fell for that April Fool of yours there. Then I remembered no one could hate a show as great as Gravity Falls.

      • Tristan Rigdon

        No I really mean it. It has all the Illuminati stuff in it. That is against my religion.

        • Mathew Gibbons

          Really? You dislike it because Bill is modeled after the pyramid on the dollar bill. That’s just pathetic.

        • Bill is… kind of an antagonist anyway, I don’t see Bill getting figures.

        • Wynne Richport

          BWAHAHAHAHAHA that isn’t Illuminati stuff. That’s what the media has convinced you is “Illuminati stuff”. If you decided to research the Illuminati, you’d learn that’s it actually a Bavarian society from the Enlightenment era of the 1700’s, composed entirely of scientists and scholars. It was shut down by the Bavarian government with the help of the Roman Catholic Church because in those days, the Church was making tons of money, and a group of scientists disproving everything in the Bible would not go over well for the Pope of the time and his cash cow church. Over time, the media and common people, demonized the Illuminati while praising its sister society the Freemasons, and then the Illuminati was associated with Satanism, and that is totally incorrect. What you see in Gravity Falls is not the true Illuminati. In fact, Dipper and Ford are closer representations of the TRUE Illuminati than Bill Cipher.

  • Niktendo

    It’s long gone midday over here, so I forgot I could still be open for a prank. You actually got me when I saw the headline

  • sporeboy100

    You are a horrible person, even Alex Hirsch has the moral gut to not troll us on this level.

  • Chris

    Maybe I’m just stupid but you didn’t actually say April fools…so I can’t tell if you’re joking or if you’re simply reporting the possibility that the retail leak might be someone else’s April fools joke.

  • No. 1 Winnie the Pooh Fan

    As soon as I saw this, I jumped (“They’re finally in?!”)…then I remembered what day today was.

    Man, that was dirty… 😛

  • TheEAB

    The show was canceled recently. There was no way they were making a Gravity Falls playset.

    • Patrick M Fletcher

      It was not canceled, it ended. It was never meant to last more the 2 seasons.

  • James Looper

    I wish they wood do a playset for Gravity falls it has great potential ! It was a great show hated to see it gone !

  • Magical frontier

    I hate this day. I really do! Not amused. Not amused. But, I’ll get behind the Darkwing Duck campaign or more classic characters for that matter. Infinity Team bring us variety – old and new. Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar. Variety. Not just the next thing coming down the pike. More theme park content too! Monorail…anyone?….anyone?

  • Has anyone seen the Star Wars: Fury of Maul trailer by IGN? 🙂

  • Mike Tuffley

    it may be time to take down the lame pranks after April 1st is over. Or at least remove it from the featured section.

  • Kyle

    D’aaaaahhh! You got us again. Even for an April Fool’s day joke, somehow, I wish it would really happen someday.

  • Ryan Serowinski