*SPOILER DISCUSSION* The Marvel Battlegrounds Ending Easter Egg / Figure Tease


As I previously reported, there is an Easter Egg at the ending of the Marvel Battlegrounds story mode for Disney Infinity. This easter egg gives a hint at a future figure to be released.




That’s right… it’s Thanos… and I can’t wait!

Here are two images of him (click each link to see them… hiding them so they don’t pop up in a thumbnail)




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  • Cyrus Benjamin

    So what is the Easter egg?

  • Joey Ruff

    I clicked the link to get spoiled 🙂 I won’t get to the end of the playset for some time, but my money is on Dr. Strange, as he’s the most likely candidate for a future figure, given his movie in the fall

  • Tristan Rigdon

    There are at least 6 remaining Marvel figures & my bets are on: Winter Soldier & Dr. Strange being 2 of them. Probs Captain Marvel too.

    • Joey Ruff

      I think you’re right on those 2. But they need Marvel girls so bad. Capt Marvel would be good, Daisy/Skye, White Tiger, Sif, Agent 13, Scarlet Witch…all would be good candidates

      • Tristan Rigdon

        Quake is definitely a good choice. I especially approve of White Tiger. She already has half her moveset in her team-up disc after all.

      • Alex Piccirillo

        Just as marvel chooses the characters for this game, they chose the characters for the lego avengers game.. I think they’ll make similar choices here. Look at the DLC for lego marvel’s avengers. These are the packs that they expect people to want to buy with money separate from that spent on the game.Meaning they think these would be successful from a selling standpoint.

        Agents of Shield Pack

        Black Panther Pack

        Doctor Strange Pack

        Captain Marvel Pack

        Master’s of Evil Pack

        Marvel knows which characters they want to promote. So if you go based on their choices for that game I would assume we get a Doctor Strange Figure, Some Villains (the Lego pack states Zemo), a Captain Marvel Figure, and some random TV characters figures. On top of that they could always gauge the other new characters based on popularity/success of other figures from Marvel’s catalog… that could be Bucky, or Agent 13, or any other successful male/female marvel characters.

        • Joey Ruff

          That’s a good point on the villains. I would put money on a Crossbones figure, then. I think I read somewhere that Zemo wouldn’t be getting his traditional costume in Civil War

          • Alex Piccirillo

            Yeah I read that as well. Here is a link for others that want to see. But yeah no mask for him. I guess if they do put him in they would most likely go the classic look then. There are some big players that you can pretty much garuntee will be getting figures though.. i.e Thanos (whether it’s now or around the release of the new film). Would like some others though like Red Skull, Yellow Jacket, Dormamu, Task Master and exc. But we’ll have to see what route Marvel takes as it seems they want to more closely support the films with releases.


          • Alex Piccirillo

            LOL! CALLED IT!

    • bell02alpha

      Where did you get the “6” from? I have battlegrounds and such, but don’t have time to play it until probably tomorrow or thursday.

      In anycase, if that is true, I am excited, a lot, I just hope they don’t try to cram the X-Men in there. Really want the X-Men, but I don’t want them crammed into a 1-3man representation.

      • Tristan Rigdon

        The 6 is from the Disney Infinity website. They have 6 more blank spaces.

  • Eric Chantigny

    Winter Soldier & Dr. Strange are very good candidates. What about villains ? Baron Zemo or Helmut Zemo could be one. Crossbones could another.

    • Tristan Rigdon

      If they add more villains then Thanos & Crossbones are likely. Possibly Zemo, Mordo, or Dormammu. Though Dormammu would be interesting as a figure. What would his moves be?

      • Fitzers

        All his movies from Marvel vs Capcom 3?

    • Alex Piccirillo

      I’ve had my fingers crossed for Winter Soldier since day one that Marvel was announced. I really would like if their (Ant-man and Winter Solder) team up disc gave them the corresponding costume.. like the costume disc do… Because I assume they would do movie version for Winter Soldier as well. I really like their 2.0 costumes.

    • Eric Chantigny

      Now that they are saying female characters are in development, Scarlet Witch and Wasp have a good chance too.

    • bell02alpha

      I kind of wonder, what if we get a random character in addition to the ones we might expect? Someone like She-Hulk or Squirrel Girl.

      • Joey Ruff

        Squirrel Girl would be awesome, as she’s featured in the Spiderman cartoon. She-Hulk would be less expected as the Hulk cartoon is no longer on the air.

    • Wynne Richport

      I’ve had my fingers crossed for Winter Soldier and Quicksilver. For girls, Peggy Carter, Scarlet Witch and Jewel (Jessica Jones). For longshots, Deadpool.

      • Joey Ruff

        JV has said repeatedly that they won’t do Deadpool, as the movie was too dark for their target audience and they don’t want kids to stumble onto it thinking the character was okay because he was in Infinity. Same reason they won’t do the Netflix heroes like JJ

        • Wynne Richport

          Then they need to bring JJ and Daredevil into the Animated Universe like Luke and Iron Fist already are, because I can’t see them not doing a Defenders play set. And they definitely should bring back Deadpool into the cartoons to bring him into Infinity, because there’s no danger of them going out and stumbling across an R-Rated movie if the character is readily available in PG content. Also, what parent is so uninvolved that their child can just stumble upon an R-Rated movie?

          • Indiana Hoosiers

            You apparently didn’t see Deadpool on opening night…I was amazed by how many moronic parents not only brought their elementary aged kids but stayed for the whole thing.

          • Joey Ruff

            yeah, there were plenty of upper elementary/middle school kids in the theater with their parents when we saw it, too

    • JasonTodd

      Dr. Strange is a lock before the movie drops in Nov.

  • Tristan Rigdon

    Well is anyone going to say who it is? Someone must know.

    • DCP3Y


  • Tristan Rigdon

    If they add Agent 13 she should be American Dream instead of just a shield agent.

    • Mike Tuffley

      Agent 13 is Sharon Carter.
      American Dream is Shannon Carter. From about 17 years in the future. 😉

  • Tristan Rigdon

    What if its… Howard the Duck!

    • JasonTodd

      Please God no LOL

      We need Winter Soldier first!!

  • amesResident

    Red Hulk!

  • Tristan Rigdon

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS: Read this to see who the figure is http://disneyinfinitycodes.com/marvel-battlegrounds-teases-new-character-with-easter-egg/

  • Alex Piccirillo

    Random question… I just read in this interview (probably misquoted) that every character has an alternate costume
    For some reason I dobt this is true, but thought I would share it here already. Maybe it’s a future goal for them to have every character have an alternate costume?

    “In fighting games like “Street Fighter V,” if you and I are both playing as Chun-Li, they distinguish who is which Chun-Li by putting one in an alternate costume or a different colored costume. What happens in “Marvel Battlegrounds” if both of us want to fight as, say, Black Widow?

    Mark Orgel: We have a signifier over the characters, both a number and a color to indicate who is who, but we don’t switch someone to an alternate costume. We have alternate costumes for every characters, but we don’t have three of them.

    Vignocchi: We did play around with that idea. At one point we tried using an orange filter, but it just looked so wrong because it wouldn’t be the character anymore. Then it’s Orange Widow and not Black Widow.”


    • Joey Ruff

      So far, the only alternate costumes in the playset are the ones we already have power discs for. I assume there will be more to come, as JV keeps saying more Marvel characters and content will be released. It was a bit annoying to find the symbiote costume for Spidey when BS Spidey is listed as his own character. That’s not confusing at all

      • Alex Piccirillo

        I’m still waiting for the playset to come in the mail (amazon prime expired, haha). But, yeah I figured that would be the case. Does the BS Spidey COSTUME have the same moves/changes as the BS Spidey CHARACTER?

        • Joey Ruff

          I assume so. I have no desire to purchase a BS Spidey figure. I think it’s a ridiculous cash grab. I’m all for alt figures, but make them ones we can’t already play in the game (with costume discs). Spidey has dozens of costumes from Ben Reilly to Iron Spider to Miles, etc. I hope we’ll get a costume disc for the new Civil War costume

          • Alex Piccirillo

            Haha! Fair enough, yeah I feel the same way. I actually really like the costume disc, and was even upset that they included the figure as it’s own character on the CSS. There are absolutely a ton of other costumes they could have used for Spidey. I would personally love a Spider-man Noir costume disc.

  • bell02alpha

    I don’t want to ruin anyone’s spoiler or anything like that, but I feel like I can wait for the character teased in the Easter Egg. (Spoilers in the next paragraph)

    Yeah, there is a lot of build up in the MCU towards that character, but I can easily wait to use Thanos in Disney Infinity 4 or 5. Thanos is a great pick, but I feel like we are just building up towards having to buy a second version of him in a year or two. I kind of don’t want this. I kind of already feel like if they were going to do the alternate paints like Black Suit Spider-man as the new “Crystal” figures then they should do them as unique costumes, maybe even have slightly modified moves. I guess that kind of can work on Black Suit spider-man, but I would have been much more excited if that were Scarlet Spider, or we got a War Machine repaint of Ironman, maybe with a slight modification to the model to do that fist-missile pose. I think that is cool, I don’t know that I want a reposed Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet to tie in with Infinity War.

    I already kind of feel like Disney could get away with going into Digital Character Customization to profit on old figures. It kind of feels a bit of a waste to me to re-develop and manufacture new ones of old characters (too much). What I mean is being able buy new move combos and special moves to replace the standard ones on a figure, maybe tying a weapon to be default equipped, and having different costumes. Maybe something like a new kind of power-disc can make these physical changes, but players could otherwise just buy them on a digital store or use premium currency. I wanna see something like that.

    Anyway, the tease of new characters, even female characters are exciting! I don’t know who they will pick, if they go with Sharon Carter, I hope she makes a heck of an impression in the movie because I dunno. (Throwing any female character in the game is not what people want).

    (If it is Tristan’s 6) I think in 4.0, I would want to see Scarlet Witch, Baron Zemo, Winter Soldier, and Dr. Strange the most for 3.0. I would really want Crossbones and Wasp, but I feel like we might have to wait until “Ant-Man and the Wasp” to get her and if we get only one villain out of Civil War I would prefer Zemo (Who kind of is a huge marvel villain).

    I also really want Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen (among other Spiderman characters like Carnage or Black Cat, Dr. Octopus, but those two I want the most) but that might be best saved for a 4.0 or later title as well. They could do a “Spider-verse” story.

    I _REALLY_ want the X-Men… but I kind of would prefer that to be a whole 9-12 figure deal like the Avengers, definitely not something made of 1 or 2 characters. So I don’t mind waiting there. Agents of Shield I want a playset as well, too many cool characters that I don’t want to get passed up on even though I do really want Coulson and Daisy. I can wait for those two…

    This turned into a long post, exciting stuff in DI as always now it seems, I just have my hopes at least in Scarlet Witch, Baron Zemo, and Winter Soldier.

  • Manny

    Um, so got to the end, I can see all the challenge unlocks. soooo, no new toy box enemies? Was hoping for Ultron clones or something new for enemies.

    • bell02alpha

      I got to finally play it to completion yesterday. It seemed like it took me under an hour to clear the story. That was kind of shocking as I wasn’t trying to speed through it, but it was only about 5 battles including the tutorial.

      Good thing we didn’t pay $30 for this! Maybe they will add more because there is a lot of exciting stuff in the set, but it doesn’t feel as complete as the other playlets, this feels more like a toy box game.

  • Wynne Richport

    Not really surprised. I mean… He’s the central bad guy in Infinity War and was present in The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. He was bound to come sometime. Though I did not expect him to be teased so soon lol

  • Emerald Miner

    So just because he shows up at the end of the playset, everyone thinks that Thanos is coming this year!!!

  • I’m thinking Thanos, Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Baron Zemo, Wasp, and Crossbones sound like good figures that might end up being in a wave soon to come.

    • Alex Piccirillo

      I definitely would like Wasp, Yellow Jacket, Winter Soldier, and the others you listed here as well. We know they plan to continue supporting the marvel playset with figures, but I wonder how many figures we are actually going to get.

    • JasonTodd


      I don’t think they can do Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver because of a liscencing agreement – same reason they can’t do the X-Men and Deadpool.

      I might be wrong but my dreams of owning a Scarlet Witch figure might be dashed.

      If I had to guess we’ll get Thanos and Dr. Strange 100%. I’m 50% sure we’ll get Wasp and Winter Soldier at some point.

      • AWwriter

        /sigh at misinformation…

        They can do any character from Marvel COMICS that they wish, as they own Marvel.

        What they cannot do is the MOVIE versions of some characters that are currently licensed out to other companies. Yet they could easily do any number of other versions of the same character, just not one in “movie likeness” from a non-Disney/Marvel film.

        Unfortunately, as Disney is simply (and primarily) using Infinity as a marketing tool for it’s other products, they won’t do this. But they could. The only thing standing in their way is that they don’t give a whit about comic or animated versions, just what they can use to market current theatrical productions.

        • Joey Ruff

          That’s not true about animated versions, because the Avengers and Spiderman playsets from 2.0 are both based on the current cartoons on Disney. And also, as far as them being able to do any of their characters, while that is true, you also need to take into account the merchandising rights, which are shared on the Fox-licensed properties, and since JV has consistently said that they make characters based on who Marvel wants, it’s safe to say that we won’t get X-Men or Fantastic Four characters any time soon. For this same reason, there is heavy speculation that we won’t get Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver characters, as their rights are shared with Fox, also. http://www.forbes.com/sites/davegonzales/2015/05/31/marvel-is-killing-x-men-and-fantastic-four-merchandising/#7b9d9f725857

          • Wynne Richport

            Very true. I’ve been binge watching all of the MAU (the current Disney XD shows) in the past few weeks. Spidey’s play-set is entirely based on his show. The Avengers Play Set does have cameos from some Avengers not on the show (Wasp and Captain Marvel), but for the most part stays true to the show. Guardians came out before its show, so there’s not much in common, especially since even the voice cast got switched for the show. As for Battlegrounds, despite being an obvious Civil War tie-in, it actually seems more akin to the past season of Avengers Assemble, where Ultron and Thanos were the main baddies.

            In fact, aside from the actual Avengers themselves, every other Marvel Play Set and Character has been pretty much based on their Disney XD counterpart 100%. And even the Avengers are about 50% MCU and 50% MAU.

  • Alex Piccirillo

    Hey Jason and all commenters. I finally got the playset and played through the stories several times. I noticed that each character has their own little end card. Is that something that you guys would want to see/want me to share with you. I’ve done New Cap, Iron First, and Falcon so far. It’s nothing too special but it’s kind of neat if anyone is interested.

  • MrFreezeRhino

    If I were to guess I’d say in 2015 we’re getting:
    Scarlet Witch
    Winter Soldier
    Doctor Strange
    Baron Zemo

    Quicksilver is my favorite Marvel hero so I’m bummed he’s still not availiable but oh well. I’d be very happy with Zemo though.

  • Goheels999

    Given all the new characters, a new story mode expansion for the Marvel characters would be a welcome addition. Love to see something like the Star Wars sets applied to Marvel as 2.0’s story mode was pretty bad.

  • Wynne Richport

    Judging just by Civil War, we could still stand to see War Machine, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Baron Zemo, Quicksilver and Crossbones.

    From the live-action TV, we could still see Peggy Carter, some of the SHIELD agents (Quake and Melinda May would be great), Daredevil, Jessica Jones (as the much more kid-friendly Jewel), Power Man. Purple Man, Kingpin and Hive are awesome villains, and so is Madame Masque, especially with her MCU powers.

    From the Disney XD Cartoons (which they seem to pull most of these characters and storylines from), we still have… the 20+ heroes Spider-Man is training, Hulk’s Agents of SMASH, the Thunderbolts, Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange. And for villains, we have Doc Ock, the Leader, the Squadron Supreme, Red Skull, Abomination.

    The MCU and MAU both still have a TON of characters to cull from for figures. Then again, let’s not even count the COMICS.

  • ElementaB

    Obvious really