FIRST LOOK: Finding Dory Play Set and Figure Confirmed for Disney Infinity 3.0


‘Finding Dory’ play set is coming to Disney Infinity 3.0, as confirmed by the back of a Kraft Mac & Cheese box.

Twitter user Ty Dash spotted the advertisement for the back of a Kraft Mac & Cheese Box.

No information is known at this time, but we’ve known that some kind of Finding Dory content was coming to Disney Infinity 3.0, but glad to see it is a play set and figures (PS: Called this back in January!)

This also confirms this is the Pixar Play Set coming for Disney Infinity 3.0 in 2016.


A second angle of this box has appeared on Instagram

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  • Tristan Rigdon

    I’m the first to see it! YAY

  • Someone or Other

    Just… They have to know about these marketing tie-ins, right? Why would you hold off on announcing something if a Mac and Cheese box is going to have it on there?

    • Rick Matheson

      Absolutely agree. Ridiculous! lol Spoiled by a nonperishable…oh, the irony!

      • Dan

        I see what you did there.

    • right?! hahaa Mac & Cheese! Too funny.

  • Rick Matheson

    Soooo…there was clearly more to see on this box. The orange fin
    specifically. Wish they would have just shot the whole box! How do you
    suppose they’ll get around with the other characters? Float-swimming?
    Very interesting…

    • I first thought that too… but that’s the tentacle from the octopus from above haha.

      But yeah who knows!!

    • Cellsai

      That orange fin on the right is just the tip of the tentacle draping down from the top.

  • Coonfoot

    I dunno how the swimming works, but I’m glad they figured something out. Hopefully, this paves the way for an Ariel figure.

    • Cale

      Maybe’s she’s in hover mode, like ALL the time.

      • Jus10

        That’s what I figured, but it’ll control like a regular DI Figure instead of a helicopter or ship. I feel like there will be a water trail behind her too, like waves that follow her or something to that effect.

    • Jasper

      Inside a play set, Disney can do whatever they want. The interesting question would be how Dory would work inside the toy box.

  • Nicholas LionRider

    Awesome but this almost insinuates Dory as another standalone. I think it’d be crazy to only have 1 single figure for a playset (with Cap it was different since they had others) but surely they must have Marlin and Nemo at least right?

  • Fitzers

    I guess Disney Infinity Next is just going to be the first place you can see actual Gameplay, then? I mean, they already all but told us at the end of that video that that’s what is coming up, but this is getting a bit silly.

    • I hope so!! I’m WAY more intrigued about the gameplay than the figures themselves. WAY more.

      • Fitzers

        Oh yeah, gameplay all the way.

  • Wynne Richport

    I’m done. LMAO It leaked on A BOX OF MACARONI AND CHEESE? I’m done.

    • The best leak ever haha.

  • ElementaB
  • vynsane

    HAHAHA, why is this even a promotion? Gotta love it.

  • Wow. well, i guess ads can be everywhere, right XD

  • Jasper

    Any idea what month it’s being released?

    • More than likely release week of Finding Dory.

  • Ezra Khan

    That figure is adorable. So adorable.

  • ElementaB

    That figure looks amazing, time to just keep swimming till it is released.

  • bell02alpha

    It’s starting to feel like Disney wants this stuff to leak! lol

    Well, I’m excited. I wonder what we will see in this playset (besides Dory, which this makes me think this is a single-figure set like Battlegrounds, and all 2016 sets might be this way). I imagine we will probably get Nemo (or his dad, probably not both), but everyone else is a mystery. I think we might see between 4 and 5 characters in this set (including Dory). If Finding Nemo 2 has a villain fish, we might see that, I imagine the baby sea turtle, Squirt is a possibility even though it’s a minor character (because gameplay could be interesting, and its marketable).

    The complicated factor in Finding Nemo is the sense of scale and how every character would have very similar actions. Who knows how they will work outside of their playset, For example, the Octopus character from the trailer seems like it could be a main and interesting character, but it towers over Dory in sense of scale so it wouldn’t make much sense even though it’d be fun to play as (Same with the whale shark, although I think one would be less fun to be than an Octopus). I imagine it could be like Cars, or it would give us new tools. Either way, I am kind of hoping it leads to including Areal and Ursala as Toybox figures

    • 0484

      You meant Ariel, Ursula. I hope the King Triton. Long with Prince Eric.

    • aquapyro

      Of course they do. They purposely leak things to get people interested and when it comes to an announcement, everyone is super excited

      • bell02alpha

        I’m not completely convinced its on purpose, they got pretty mad with the marvel leaks… that said who is to say if they are still mad about leaks? They could be doing it on purpose now… I just doubt it because leaks take a lot of excitement out of their reveals.

        • aquapyro

          Tell that to Star Wars Land and the Spiderman deal. Ive followed Disney long enough to know about these leaks. Or better known as in the buisness market as “chatter”

  • Jus10

    Whoever is head of marketing is going to get fired for all the info they “accidentally” leak.

  • Cale

    Scientists just made it official that Disney Infinity’s marketing campaign has more leaks than a sieve.

  • 0484

    We need more Disney Princes.

  • TheEAB

    Oh no. My worst fear has come true.

    • I think that this is a waste. I understand that it will make a lot of money for them, but It is uninteresting… Like flying underwater. Plus, the characters are sort of generic gag characters and are being recycled in a not-good way.

      • TheEAB

        Totally agree. I never liked Nemo in the first place, so I couldn’t care less.

  • Grant McCollister

    Poor Disney Infinity, they can’t catch a break. Maybe they should be more careful about what information they give to their partners and when. But I know nothing about marketing, maybe this is their plan to build up more hype, or something

  • Joeykette

    Can you get a Figment figure from Epcot?

  • Joeykette

    Or can you create figment on Disney infinity?

  • Joeykette

    Have you created nemo?

  • Joeykette

    I Wonder if Figment is next on Disney infinity?

    • Serpent2

      I thought they were doing away with figment.. or are they keeping the ride at EPCOT?

  • Joeykette

    Can you create Disney Infinity 4.0 edition with avatar? because I saw the avatar land on Disney’s animal kingdom. Can you create Moana, Maui, Goofy, Henry, Pocahontas, Gogo, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Hurcules, Daisy Duck, Darkwing Duck, and Kermit the frog from Disney infinity 4.0?

  • Serpent2

    Would be interesting to see if Disney does like a “Disney Classics” release and releases Mickey ’28, Oswald, the other fab 5, and since this is underwater set: underwater creatures like Cleo and Mr. Limpet