A Disney Animation Play Set, Marvel Easter Egg, Disney Parks Content? Fasinating Disney Infinity Interview

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Every once in awhile, there is a Disney Infinity article that brings all kinds of interesting tidbits. Thankfully we got one over at Venture Beat with John Vignocchi and John Blackburn giving a pretty open and candid interview regarding what is coming to Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Animation Play Set

We knew a Play Set for each of the four core Disney brands would be coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 in 2016 (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars)… but we can now narrow it down some

GamesBeat: Do you have specific details on what the new playsets will be?

Vignocchi: Nothing beyond that one will be Pixar, one will be Disney Animation, one will be Star Wars, and one will be Marvel.

So there you have it. The Disney play set is a Disney Animation Play Set. That all but scratches out Alice Through The Looking Glass, which I’m glad from a gamer standpoint.

Marvel Battlegrounds in March, a all but guaranteed Finding Dory Play Set in June. If Through the Looking Glass would have received a play set, that would have been 3 play sets in 4 months. Leaving 1 Star Wars play set for the 2nd half of 2016, no-one would want that.

Marvel Easter Egg & Content

Speaking about the Marvel content for Disney Infinity 3.0, John Vignocchi says…

[…] on March 15, we’ll be dropping Ant-Man, Vision, and Black Panther as three new characters that will be added to the Marvel roster. At the end of the Battlegrounds section we’ll drop an Easter egg. There are more Marvel characters and content coming this year.

Two things to take away from that.

First, “we’ll drop an Easter egg”? Meaning at the end of the Battlegrounds Play Set? No clue what that could possibly mean.

Also more characters and content are coming this year. I’d assume this means team created Toy Boxes, but who knows.

Disney Parks

What about the possibility of adding Disney Parks content to Disney Infinity?

Blackburn: We’ve worked a lot of with the team at the parks to figure out what the best way to do that would be. We’ve had some set pieces from the Toybox. We’ve talked about which characters might make the most sense. The real thought, just right now, is that yes, we’re always looking for opportunities there. As far as what we’re talking about today, we’re not announcing any of that stuff. But we’re working with those guys on some stuff for the future.

So it seems it is an active situation, and not just a passive thought.


Definitely check out the entire article over at Venture Beat. Most “major” gaming outlets don’t dive in deep into the Disney Infinity questions, but Mike Minotti did great! Most of the major publications put out the “fluff” pieces, but this was a really detailed interview that got us a lot of interesting information.

So props and thanks to Mike!

And special thanks to CCRunner for giving me the heads up to the article!

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  • AJ Minotti

    Hey, that’s my brother! 😛

    I wondered if you guys would pick up on his interview. My whole family has been lifelong Disney nerds, so I knew he’d ask a lot of questions that most gaming journalists would never think to ask. I doubt very many of them even know who Figment and Captain EO are!

  • Ben H

    I think they mean 4 additional playsets beyond what’s been announced. Otherwise they have plenty of information they’ve already given about the Marvel playset, but that wording sounds more like an additional Marvel playset before the year’s over. Dr. Strange is my bet.

    As for the Disney Animation playset, it could still be tied to Alice, but like they did with Baloo be the classic Alice characters and a classic Alice playset? Just a thought.

    • AJ Minotti

      Nah, they said it’s just the one Marvel Playset.

      “Vignocchi: No, this is one of the four. Our vision here is that this year, whether you’re a fan of Marvel, Disney, Pixar, or Star Wars, there’s something new for you inside of the Disney Infinity platform.”

      • Ben H

        Oh, bummer.

    • bell02alpha

      Except there is no cartoon version of “Time”, which I think would discourage from there being a playset. That said, maybe they can still design Alice or the Mad Hatter to look like their cartoon forms…

      The thing that gets me excited is that “Easter Egg” at the end of Battlegrounds… if it points to a future playset (in 4.0) Maybe that will point to the X-Men coming to DI! That would be pretty huge and worth getting an easter egg over!

      The only (Fox) X-Men film supposedly coming in 2017 is the Old Man Logan story, it might be the time to do X-Men!

      • Ben H

        Gambit actually comes out in 2017 as well. It hasn’t even started filming yet so it got pushed back.

  • Fitzers

    Ah, Disney Animation, so then I change my bet to Moana. I mean, sure, we could be getting a nice surprise, and receive a whole Classic Disney Playset, but Imma take the safe bet, here. Moana might even be good, too, so I won’t hold it against them, if that is the plan. And I’ll put even more sparks on saying we’re Definitely getting figures for that movie, if not a full playset.

    • Joey Ruff

      I hadn’t considered a Moana playset. That would make sense if they introduce the swimming aspect in Finding Dory, but I’ve always held out hope that they would do something with the Disney Princesses, as that would give them a nice, big roster, like the Battlegrounds, yet not focused on combat

      • Mathew Gibbons

        Well Moana is being set up as the next Disney Princess.

        • Joey Ruff

          I didn’t know that, but that makes sense. However, I’ve since rethought my stance on the playset. I think Moana makes a lot of sense, as it would likely be a playset that would integrate play both in the water and on-land, which Finding Dory would be only underwater. Moana could give us boats and new terrain pieces to really flesh out the toybox experience

  • Joey Ruff

    Love the idea of the Marvel Easter Egg, like the After-credits scenes in the movies. Likely to be for Dr. Strange. Though, I still hold out hope for Agents of SHIELD.

  • Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, any other marvel ideas? Also.. moana, Dory, nemo, time, Alice, mad hatter, peter pan, any highly-speceulated/for sure characters?

  • Allx360

    RIP Gravity falls playset…

  • Maxx

    Actually it’s spelled… FASCINATING

  • Jasper

    When I asked JV on twitter a few days ago about being able to play 1.0 and 2.0 playsets, he said “We are evaluating our strategy” – if that means anything…

  • Niktendo

    Marvel: Marvel Battlegrounds – Extra characters this year are hopefully Doctor Strange, Scarlett Witch, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones

    Star Wars: It’s easy to say Rogue One as that’s film this year, but I don’t know how diverse the characters would be for that. I would say Rebels, there’s already a bunch of characters released, so it wouldn’t be as much effort to turn it into a playset.

    Pixar: Finding Dory is a given, really looking forward to see how they’ve handled swimming

    Disney: The toughest one to predict. It’s an animation playset so it’s not Alice Through the Looking Glass, it could be animated Alice in Wonderland, and the Time figure doesn’t actually exist and the leak was wrong. Moana is another possibility as the next animated film, it’s probably the more likely as well considering release schedules. Marvel is coming out in the next few weeks for Civil War, Finding Dory will come out to tie-in with the film release, and so between then and Rogue One (where it could be that or Rebels), Moana releases, leaving a few months gaps between the playsets.

  • Gian Torres

    The Lion King needs a playset. Simba, Scar, Kion, and Bunga (and also Lion Form Sora) would be awesome to play,

  • bmlock

    Don’t forget about Beauty and the Beast. This year (November) is the 25th anniversary of the release and they will be releasing a DVD/Blu-Ray. That would make total sense and cover a lot of stuff. At the very least throw an exclusive power disc in with the movie.

  • nathankc

    Hera is a huge missing piece that is shockingly absent. I can see them dropping a Rebels playset (since they don’t have one) and completing the figures with her.

  • The “content” for the Marvel is the power disc. Right now I’m into MKXL and other fighting games but I’m definitely coming back to Infinity soon.

  • Caitlin

    What if the playset is ‘literally’ Disney Animation and you get a playset for mickey,minnie and donald and the playset comes with goofy…Could concevably be playing through classic cartoon themed levels, starting in blackandwhite going through to full colour

  • DCP3Y

    Wonder if they plan any more toy box games like Takeover & Speedway? Those were great for allowing nearly all characters to play in play-set like events.

  • Lena N

    I have to imagine the new Star Wars playset is rebels, Disney and the infinity team know it’s a hot property after all they keep making toy boxes for rebels figs and they keep being top downloads, it’d be stupid not to capitalize on Rebels