WATCH HERE LIVE: Disney Infinity NEXT Event (Spring 2016) at 1:00 PM ET


Today is the day!

Disney Infinity is set to officially unveil what is coming next to Disney Infinity 3.0.

You can check out my predictions on what you should expect from the first Disney Infinity NEXT event happening today at 1:00 PM ET.

Here is the live stream video below:

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  • Matthew Fieldhouse

    I’m expecting official news on Vision, Black Panther and Ant-Man, as well as any other figure releasing in March. It would be a good time to announce the Alice in Wonderland playset/figures.

  • Serpent2

    Looks like a nod to Finding Dory and Alice… so your guess on the Dory playset sounds right.. it is Pixar and there will be a new set from each of the major studios

  • Yodamaster1212

    Well overall, felt pretty lackluster seeing we pretty much knew everything aside from the playset announcements/ update methods.

  • Grant McCollister

    They said 4 new Play Sets from each of the Disney brands, so assuming the Disney one is Alice, and the Pixar one is Dory, and Battlegrounds is the Marvel one, I wonder what the Star Wars one is? I mean they already covered the Prequels, and the Originals, and TFA…. Would they do something based on Rogue One? Is that too violent? I mean, I know nobody dies in this game, but still….. Maybe one based on backstory stuff, like Lego TFA is doing?

    • Niktendo

      It would be either Rogue One or Rebels. Rogue One seems more likely. Why would it be too violent?

      • Grant McCollister

        It just sounds violent, from what I’ve heard, especially the scenes with Vader. Maybe Rebels, then. I hadn’t thought about that

  • Niktendo

    I’m very excited they’re extending the lifespan of the games. Two years is much better suited for something like Disney Infinity which doesn’t have a main campaign like Skylanders.