Disney Infinity Confirms… No Disney Infinity 4.0 In 2016 (Continues To Release Content on 3.0)


Disney Infinity confirmed speculation today that there will not be a Disney Infinity 4.0 released this year.

In stead of creating a new Starter Pack, Disney Infinity is choosing to continue to produce more content for Disney Infinity 3.0.

That content will feature more figures and at least four more Play Sets, including one from each of the major franchises (Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel).

“We value our fans and your feedback, and we’ve heard your requests to extend the life of our Starter Packs loud and clear. You’ve asked for a wider variety of content, across a wide variety of brands with each Play Set, and that’s what we’re committed to delivering. So, in 2016, we are focusing our development efforts on adding more Play Sets and characters – based on the biggest events coming from Disney this year – to the 3.0 Edition.” — John Blackburn

This shouldn’t come as a major surprise to many of you, as it’s something I’ve been telling you could very well happen this year.

Many people are feeling Starter Pack fatigue, and Disney is focusing on trying to make Disney Infinity into a “platform” rather than feel like a yearly release.

All the new figures announced today require an internet connection to download the new data. Since that is now a “standard” for Disney Infinity releases, this greatly opens up what they can do to the platform.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Disney release a new Starter Pack though later in 2016. I’d be okay with them releasing a new Starter Pack to add something “shiny” to the shelves this holiday season.

But let me repeat you do not need a new Starter Pack or base to play any of the new Disney Infinity content in 2016.

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  • MathGuy42

    Now that they are loading content via the Internet, I’d like to see them make 1.0 and 2.0 Playsets backward compatible on 3.0. The Avengers Playset might be a step in that direction. It would be nice to only need one application to play all Disney Infinity content.

    I also wonder if they will begin to add extra achievements / trophies, as TT Games has done with LEGO Dimensions Level Packs.

    • nNoble44

      I would love to see the old playsets spruced up in 3.0. The Toy Story and Lone Ranger sets are especially good!

  • Maxx

    No official announcement on Boba Fett? I am really kinda steamed I can’t get Boba Fett!

    • Mike Tuffley

      March 15th.

    • Javelin

      got mine from Germany on amazon few weeks back worth it aleast to me

  • bell02alpha

    I don’t know how big the dev teams are making these other playsets and figures, but I think and hope this is a good thing because it gives a lot more dev time for 4.0, and gives it a chance to see some really significant changes. (Like maybe improving the 1.0 characters and tweaking the 2.0 ones as well)

  • Jus10

    Did anyone notice that they said there would be a new Star Wars playset, but they neglected to mention it again or elaborate?