REPORT: Disney Infinity Not To Have Presence On E3 2016 Floor

E3 2016 will be here before we know it, but as it looks right now, Disney Infinity may not have a presence on the show floor.

This morning, E3 published the list of participating companies for this year’s expo, and missing from that list is Disney.

Now it’s not a well kept secret that E3 is slowly (or perhaps quickly) dying, and the golden years of the Expo are years behind it. From the looks of it, this year’s list of participating companies is substantially lower than previous years.

But just because someone may not be listed as having a presence on the floor, doesn’t mean they won’t have a presence at the show.

As you are all well aware, Disney Infinity is very much about their community and reaching out. So perhaps they are planning on hosting an event off-site to get more people involved?

In addition, the common speculation has been that we may not get a true “Disney Infinity 4.0” Starter Pack in the normal sense that we have been used to. So perhaps by June, they may not be ready to show a bunch of new Disney Infinity figures. Plus with their new focus on the “Disney Infinity NEXT” events, bigger events may not be needed as much.

Either way, Disney Infinity is still in a GREAT position in the market, but not having a presence on the E3 Show floor would be quite interesting.

I’ve reached out to Disney to see if they are able to confirm their presence, and I will update with any response I get.

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  • Luke

    or this could be simply because not every company commits to the show as early as others do.

    EA have stated they wont be having a booth, but they are on the list. Its simple, you just wait and see and stop trying to read into things. Once the event happens next week, we will have an idea if there is need for a booth, until then just enjoy the game

    • EA is on the list because they are still participating at E3 (holding meetings and such).

      The deadline has already passed, so this is the final list.

  • Fitzers

    Could always be part of one of the Console Company’s events. Like the Saga Bundle. But who cares, E3 will probably end soon, or return to hosting other forms of Electronics.

  • Grant McCollister

    If this is true, my interest in E3 just went down a lot. But this isn’t really supriseing, I’ve thought since Peter Pan was announced to be coming out in the fall for 3.0 that we wouldn’t be getting 4.0 in the usual timeframe. Plus, we still have at least one Play Set to be announced

  • YoshiAngemon

    We might end up with Disney Infinity news around the time of D23, rather than E3.

    • No D23 this year! It’s every other year.

  • AB

    I think the WiFi figures are a great test. And the entire Force Awakens playset was a download – it’s not on the disc. They could keep adding downloadable playsets instead of releasing a proper 4.0.

    • Actually (surprisingly to me still!), the Force Awakens play set was on the disc.

      There were a lot of updates pushed via a patch. But if you never updated your copy of DI3.0, you’d be able to play the Force Awakens content (though a little bit buggy haha).

      But yeah DLC definitely seems like it’s going to be the new way to go for Disney Infinity.