Disney Infinity Set To Unveil What’s Coming Next To Disney Infinity 3.0 on March 1st


Disney Infinity is planning to make a big announcement on March 1st at 10AM PT (1:00 PM ET) on YouTube.

No other information is known at this point.

That is also the release date of the Zootopia figures and Power Disc Pack, so I’m sure they will be mentioning those as well.

I’d expect this could be the big day Disney Infinity fans have been waiting for.

We know Vision, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Black Suit Spiderman are all coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 (expected on March 15th as well). In fact they are already available to pre-order in-store at GameStop.

Plus there is a Marvel Power Disc Pack that has yet to be officially detailed as well.

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In addition, we know that Boba Fett and a Light FX Kylo Ren are coming. Boba Fett is set for release on March 15th as well, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Kylo Ren came then as well.

Finally we know Baloo is coming, as well as three figures from Alice in Wonderland are coming (Alice, Mad Hatter, and Time).

So it could be a major announcement day. It will be curious if they unveil everything that day.

Plus if that’s not enough, they also announced a new Zootopia special screening for Disney Infinity fans at five different locations.

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  • Ben H

    Hopefully they have something left to announce after confirming all the leaks! Haha

  • Maxx

    Official announcement for Boba Fett in the U.S. won’t be until two weeks before the release? Also I really want to hear about a Star Wars Rebels Playset!!!

    • Dude, I highly doubt they will make one since the figures have released such a long time ago, and even though they made figures of them, not that many people have seen the show if even more than once.

      • Maxx

        Star Wars Rebels was Disney XD’s second highest rated show, for all of 2015, in total viewers. The numbers on ratings are available online and numbers are what counts in the end. Also, the show has also been renewed for Season 3 already which suggests Disney is behind the show.

        • Dude, I really don’t think they plan on releasing a playset so long after the rest of the characters. It would be too much extra content to download.

        • Fitzers

          Second Highest Rated Show on Disney XD is not as much exposure as you think it is.

    • SpacePirateRoberts

      Hopefully that’s why they haven’t released Hera, they’re saving her for the playset. 🙂

  • Fitzers

    I can’t wait. I got all the Amazon Gift Cards I got for Christmas burning a hole in my e-Wallet, waiting to lock in some pre-orders.

  • vynsane

    Any idea if the Disney Infinity/Zootopia screening in Orlando will actually be at WDW park? I’m going to be there that week, and would like to sign up to attend if so.

    • Steven

      My guess is that it will be at the AMC theater in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). They did a similar promotion with The Good Dinosaur back when it was released. Of course, you’ll find out officially here in a few hours! =]

      • vynsane

        Cool! Hopefully I can get a registration for myself, my wife and our daughter!

  • Emerald Miner

    You can quote me on this. Peter Pan WILL be in this broadcast

    • Fitzers

      How much money you willing to bet on that?

      • Emerald Miner

        I only pay in smiles 🙂

    • Cellsai

      So about that quote.

  • Steve From Philly


    • CaptainBL Trooper

      cue intro song

  • Mike S.

    Will they pull an Ant-man “announcement” and find out at the last second they actually can’t reveal anything? Wouldn’t be shocked.

    • CaptainBL Trooper

      that’ll be no surprise

  • Jasper

    I wonder which store will get the exclusive to Kylo Ren Light FX? I hate this whole store exclusive thing… I’ve been to two Walmarts so far, and neither of them have Luke. He’s the only Light FX character I haven’t gotten yet.

    • Fitzers

      Probably not gonna be exclusive. And have you tried ordering it on the Website, and doing in-store pickup? Then you can tell which stores actually have it.

  • bell02alpha

    I’m really curious how much they will say. We know a lot of what they could show, but there is a lot left to be revealed. I can see them doing this again at E3 as well to tell the rest, so I really don’t know what they will show.

    I do hope they surprise us on the Marvel side. I’ve been counting the mins. for preorders of Ant-Man and Black Panther to go up, but if they surprise us and show that Scarlet Witch, Baron Zemo, and Winter Soldier are coming in June or May I will be hyped! (Well… I’m already hyped though)

  • Maxx

    So many great ideas for figures & playsets! I really enjoy seeing what other fans want to see made for Disney Infinity!

  • vynsane

    Orlando is at capacity. Got my family registered, though. The page went live a few minutes before 3pm (eastern) and the tweets didn’t go out with the direct links to the registration forms until a few minutes after 3.

  • Jus10

    Has anyone received the confirmation email?

    • vynsane

      Not yet. I read on disneyinfinityfans.com that confirmations would be sent sometime this week.

  • SpacePirateRoberts

    Look at that image background, with the repeating pattern of X’s, plus the X highlighted in the word “next”. I think we all know what this means, and I for one can’t wait to play with Storm and Wolverine. 😉

  • vynsane

    Okay, so, did anyone receive a registration confirmation for one of the NEXT Night events? Getting a little antsy…

    • vynsane

      For anyone interested, we received our confirmations last night!

  • Kojubat

    Registration confirmations have started going out. Received my email regarding the Orlando screening about an hour and a half ago.