GIVEAWAY: Win The Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set & Power Disc Pack!

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We’re under a month until the release of Marvel Battlegrounds for Disney Infinity 3.0… and here is your chance to win the play set plus the Marvel Power Disc Pack which both launch on March 15th.

The Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is available for pre-order at a discounted rate of $19.99, but I wanted to give you a chance to win the set as well.

Don’t forget, Marvel Battlegrounds will be releasing on March 15th which is set to be a major release day for Disney Infinity. Although not officially confirmed yet, you can expect to pick up the Play Set, Power Disc Pack, Vision, Ant-Man, Black Suit Spiderman, Black Panther, Boba Fett, and Baloo! Going to be a busy day!

NOTE: What discs are coming in the Marvel Battlegrounds Power Disc Pack has not been officially announced, which is why I’m using the “greyed” out option in the image.

To enter to win, simply follow the directions in the widget below.

If you can’t get the widget to appear, you can always head straight to the dedicated giveaway entry page.

Good luck!


Marvel Battlegrounds + Power Disc Pack

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  • Nicholas LionRider

    Techinically Deadpool, but Iron Man is definitely up there

  • Xavi

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Cyrus Benjamin

    Thanks for all the news and giveaways!

  • mmmmm Marvel Power Stone

  • Stephanie Robbins

    That’s tough, if I had to pick one, I guess it would be Rogue.

  • maXVolnutt

    My favorite is Iron Man from looooong before the movies.

  • crystal4cello

    Looking forward to trying it out with the new Captain America figure.

  • James Bennett

    looking forward to this and getting antman to play in it.

  • Christopher Evans

    Can’t wait to play

  • Tristan Rigdon

    I still say venom. He counts since he has fought for the side of good before.

  • Tracy Robbins


  • Karl Besser

    Excited for Antman!

  • angelhart

    Spiderman since I grew up with him since I was a kid and loved the TV series

  • Jasen Baird

    I can’t wait for Vision!

  • Stephen Justice

    I would love to get some X-Men in there. Especially Rogue or Gambit

  • Stephanie Davis

    Captain America is my favorite and I’m really hoping they come out with an X-men set too!

  • Bill the Lizard

    I haven’t really gone for the marvel stuff. This may be me up my alley

  • Ash

    Omg epic giveaway and can’t thank you enough for doing these giveaways. 🙂 best of luck all and remember language 😉 lol

  • John Guerrero

    My favorite has always been Cap!

  • Fitzers

    For the Martians!

  • Mr. E Anonymoose

    Captain America is my favorite character, so I’m glad he’s getting a redesign, since I’m getting kind of bored of his basic look in 3.0.

  • Cappy! 🙂

  • equia

    Hawkeye is my ultimate favorite!!

  • INKS

    March is going to be a crazy month and I can not wait for this.

  • FYeahFightingGames

    Has to be Venom or Doctor Doom!

  • Julio Duarte

    Awesome giveaway

  • James Chuang


  • YoshiAngemon

    Normally, I’d save #100 for Boba Fett, but I might consider this as an alternative.

  • Peyton

    I am really looking forward to Black Panther!

  • Aaron Nichols

    Looking forward to the 4 player battles on this one!

  • Anthony

    i have a vision i may win this giveaway

  • John Harris

    My favorite marvel super hero is Hercules.

  • Helena Gardella

    Thank you for another awesome give away!

  • Jeremy Weber

    My favorite Marvel character is Ghost Rider. While he probably wont have a figure anytime soon, riding around with the new Hellcycle disc will still be pretty cool.

  • Tweety


  • Farva5

    My favorite of all time? Ant-Man. Fell in love with him when I saw Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

  • Josh Herndon

    Deadpool has been a favorite of mine since he debuted in New Mutants #98.

  • Favorite Marvel hero is Daredevil or Frank Castle as Captain America

  • Mike D


  • Shawn M. Myers

    I think ALL of the upcoming Marvel figures look fantastic!

  • Spider Gwen


  • Tyler Bornemann (ig88igloo)

    My favorite marvel superhero is Iron man!

  • Miguel Angel Lugo

    My favorite marvel superheroes are Spider-Man 2099 and Bucky

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Would love a Magneto figure

  • TMcD

    So excited for this playset!

  • Chris

    #1 favorite of all time is Spider-Man.

  • Joshua Frisco

    Human Torch he has wit, humor, and he is on FIRE!!!!

  • Geeks Against

    Deadpool is my favorite Byronic Hero but my favorite Marvel hero is… Captain Britain.

  • noakai

    Iron Man, cause I love his technology based powers.

  • Scott Wisnom

    Captain America

  • Komonster

    Hands down, Captain America!

  • Stephen Dixon

    I can’t wait to see what the power discs are.

  • Zack

    Colossus FTW! Also, xD, I accidentally said the name I used to enter was Colossus, but I meant to put Zack.

  • Ohad Haymberg

    My Favourite Marvel superhero of all time is obviously the epic Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

  • Kutembea

    Ant Man right now. It changes a lot as the movies are released.

  • Lord Chabelo

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Chris

    Idk but iron man is my fave marvel movie

  • kinsie21

    Moon Knight.

  • baltiets

    Awesome giveaway

  • Matt South

    My Favorite Marvel character is Wolverine, Snickety Snickety Snarl. The Xmen are my favs by far.

  • dmu_girl-2008

    for me it’s iron man

  • carnold

    Thanks for the giveaway!… And since you asked, my favorite Marvel superhero has to be Captain America, he has manners, honor, respect and heart. Hard to beat that combination when looking for a hero!

  • tim bolton

    Hey Jason hope you read this bud. Your “giveaway” is nothing short of a pyramid scheme where you are getting desperate people to shill your website by spamming out share links trying to generate hits for this website that will undeniably work in getting you tons of traffic and money. In fact so much money you could buy 10+ of these playsets to giveaway and still have profits left over. Such a shame mate. If you’re going to do a giveaway at least allow people to enter it without requiring them to shill your website for more entrys. It’s shameful and I personally refuse to participate. Good day sir.

  • Disney Infinity Forever!

    Spider-Man is my favorite hero.

  • BigTartan

    Super stoked to hear Vision and Ant Man are coming but I really, really want Ghost Rider so looking forward to the announcements they have coming.

  • Derick


  • Abi León

    I’m diggin’ the Vision figure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Grant McCollister

    Captain America is my favorite, too, for all the reasons that carnold mentioned. I would add that I also like his values and what he stands for

  • Amaie G

    I cannot wait!!!!

  • John

    Lets win

  • Heru

    I hope u can deliver to Indonesia

  • MattThomas1992

    Definitely entering this…the playset is still retailing at £28 in the UK

  • George

    My favourite super hero is Iron-Man! I love his characters and the design of his suits. #teamIronman

  • Paul

    My son’s favorite is groot.

  • G.C. Punk

    Scarlet Spider!!!

  • Jus10

    Captain America, for the win!

  • Cale

    Bit weird they’re only adding one character to the playset. I also wish they’d add Scarlet Witch instead of Black Spider-Man.

  • Tim

    Can’t wait for more Marvel characters.

  • Travis Weaver

    My favorite Marvel super hero of all time is The Incredible Hulk! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  • aRowlingStone

    Favorite Marvel hero? Mr. Fantastic, of course!

  • JasonAvis

    Just realized this giveaway ends the day of Disney Infinity Next. I really can’t wait for it.

  • Lauren Peterson

    My favorite is Iron Man…just always thought he was the most fun 🙂

  • squallleonhart8

    Venom is my favorite one, he is such a badass!

  • JP Walters

    I can’t wait for this playset!

  • Alex Jones


  • Jared Hymas

    Captain America is my favorite Marvel hero of all time

  • Gina Ferrell

    My favorite Marvel Superhero is Spiderman!

  • latinamommie5

    my son’s favorite is captain america he loves that character i love ironman.

  • Lisa Coomer Queen

    Spiderman is my favorite of all! I have always love him. Thanks!

  • Erica Weaver

    captain america although my kid likes hulk and spiderman

  • Carmen

    Captain Marvel and Captain America are definitely one of my favorites.

  • Javelin

    I would say Old Man Logan for favorite marvel hero

  • Javelin

    But would love to see The Rocketeer

  • Brick Time


  • mistyrummell


  • ArcaneAlpaca

    Iron Man is definitely my favorite!

  • Kim

    Would love this – my boys fight over who gets to be iron man!

  • Andre

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Chris Harris

    Spiderman is my favorite of all time

  • Izzy Lopez

    My favorite Marvel character is Iron Man. I just love all the suits!

  • Neal Heatherly

    Spider-Man’s my favorite, though I don’t think we need a second figure. I mean, it should at least be Miles instead of Peter.

  • Jeff Roberts

    Deadpool! Too bad fox owns him :/

  • Eddie

    Doctor Steven Strange