REPORT: Alice, Time, and the Mad Hatter Figures Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0


Thanks to french magazine Envie de Plus, it looks like Alice,  Time, and the Mad Hatter will be coming to Disney Infinity 3.0!

Many of you have guessed Alice in Wonderland would be the other Play Set released for Disney Infinity 3.0, and it looks like this would be a good guess.

Now with the new movie coming out, Through The Looking Glass, the question is… will it be the “classic” or “modern” version? I’d have to learn to the “modern” side, especially since “Time” is a listed figure as well.

Thanks to DisneyInfinityFans for the tip!

According to a rough Google Translate, it says “alice on the other side of the mirror to the cinema on June 1, 2016. find Alice, the Mad Hatter and time in the video game Disney Infinity 3.0!


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  • vynsane

    HAHA, “Alice on the other side of the mirror” is more like “Alice Through the Looking Glass”…

    Which is the name of the forthcoming follow-up to Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” so yeah, I’m going to have to assume it will be based on the new live-action movie and not the animated one.

    Hoping it’s a playset and not just a collection of figures!

  • Caitlin

    Guessing the playset will cover both movies

  • Kurt Roberts

    Hoping it goes old school with the deisng- dont care for the new films.


    I really hope this is true, it would be exciting to see what toys will be available for the toy box from this play set. I hope they come out with a power disc for her armor from the last movie.

  • Wynne Richport

    I would much prefer Once Upon A Time’s Alice. She’s very steampunk. And much better than the Tim Burton one.

  • Fitzers

    I mean, obviously we’d all prefer the Animated Alice (except those poor, poor souls that watch Once Upon A Time), but I’m afraid it is probably going to be Tim Burton’s. Maybe the second movie will be better, eh? I mean, he’s not just doing this one so he can do another movie this time, right?

    • Ben H

      He’s only a producer. And even then only because of his work on the first movie. He’s not really directly involved in this new one.

    • Stephen Justice

      I watch Once Upon a Time and I would much rather have Animated Alice. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was a horrifically bad series that I try very hard to forget that it ever existed. But I would love to have an Emma Swan figure. The rest of the cast I’m torn on since I like the Once Upon a Time versions but I’m also a sucker for the classic/animated version. Except for Rumpelstiltskin. We absolutely need him from Once.

  • Grant McCollister

    Three Johnny Depps. One game. Infinite possibilities

    • Belaam

      Let’s get some Mace Windu and Frozone. Three Sam Jacksons sound a lot better. 😀

  • Demonoid74

    I would hope it was the old school Walt’s Alice…but we know that will not happen sadly…I love Tim Burton , I really do…but his Alice is a weak , watered down version of the very much darker American McGee’s Alice…now THAT would be an amazing figure to bring into Infinity! but yeah…
    Well , here is hoping its not just figures and we get another play set!

  • Allx360

    Still no gravity falls……

    • Patrick M Fletcher

      We need Gravity Falls, not a 4th Johnny Depp figure.

      • bell02alpha

        What’s the other 3? (Jack Sparrow, Tonto,…?)

  • James

    And a collective yawn fell over the crowd…

    • Patrick M Fletcher

      That’s exactly how I feel.

  • Scott

    Great a fourth Johnny Depp figure, and Goofy can’t even get some love? We’ll probably get a “Steve Rogers – Before Super-Serum” figure before Goofy or Scrooge McDuck.

    • Patrick M Fletcher

      You are so right… sad thing is I would give my left kidney for a Scrooge McDuck.

    • vynsane

      Fourth? Jack Sparrow, Tonto, Mad Hatter, and…?

    • Chris

      What’s the third Johnny depp figure? Tonto, jack sparrow, and? Are you counting crystal jack sparrow?

    • bell02alpha

      They supposedly have quite a few more figures to reveal, I’m sure they can give you goofy sometime this summer.

    • Still Can’t see why people want Scrooge McDuck so bad. What’s so special? What abilities could be given that are beg worthy?

      • bell02alpha

        It would be fun if they were able to recreate the abilities from the NES games which is the pogo-attack and putting objects with his cane. However, other than that, I don’t know what new things the character could bring, but it would still be generally fun to see him fight with money and bop enemies with his cane.

        I think the real value of Scrooge would be getting a duck-universe playset. One that of Darkwing Duck and Ducktales. It would be able to be compatible with the Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, (Goofy), and Donald.

        It could bring collectible content to the toybox like coins/money, jewels, maybe even objective based target objects. This way we can make more kinds of platformers, maybe even our own adventures to go through a trial to collect a treasure.

        The Enemies of that universe would be extremely fun to fight, even outside the toybox with other DI characters. It would be characters like the Bugle Boys and Steel Beak’s goons. The bosses also could be a lot of fun because you could have members of the furious 5 from Darkwing Duck, on top of Magica (who could also be playable) or Flintheart. All that would be a lot of fun.

        The playset itself could be pretty interesting it could be an open city with a day night cycle where you can run into random events and play hero, stopping a robbery or a heist, or you can find treasure maps and discover caves or ruins to take you on an indiana jones-like adventure for a treasure to add to your duck tower. The story could tell a tale of the two parties of Darkwing and Scrooge teaming up in a plot involving magic, wealth, and crime lords as Flintheart gets Steel Beak (after the failure of the Bugle Boys) to steal a prized item when connected to other ancient treasures can give great magical power.

        Power Discs also would be interesting from this set because they’d be able to also include them for the other Disney characters like Mickey and Donald, possibly giving them powered costumes that turn them into some of their comic counterparts like Mystery Magazine Mickey or PK Donald. Which could go well with a Masked Mallard Scrooge, maybe even Negaduck Darkwing. I’d also want to see a working plunger-gun from QuackShot where you can equip it and shoot it at enemies to stun them or shoot at walls and bounce off them like the trampoline covers on buildings.

        • Okay I’m not going to lie, after reading g that I can see why there is some hype. I won’t be lobbying for it, but I won’t be ridiculing the fans as much anymore, sounds like it could actually be interesting. Still tired of hearing crap about Gravity Falls though, that gets annoying.

  • Patrick M Fletcher

    If it’s not the old Walt’s Alice, then I’m disaponted (and I’m sure it wont be…). If this is the only Disney play set I’m vary sad and will not be buying it.

  • Maxx

    I’d much rather see a Star Wars Rebels Playset. I guess the movie tie-in is key to sales in their view.

  • AWwriter

    Honestly, they would do much better by doing the original animated film as the theme – it still promotes the new film by association, promotes the existing film, and wouldn’t seem like such a desperate cash grab that will be dated before it’s time. I mean, look back at Lone Ranger…stands out like a sore thumb. They need to focus more long term – but this is DI, so of course, that’s a fantasy, I know.

    • joshua snow

      Ironically the Lone Ranger playset was arguably the best one in 1.0 – clearly set up to market the awful film but it was like a kids’ red dead revolver.

  • Magical frontier

    Can’t shake feeling that Disney film promotional department is gaining too much influence on which characters and play sets get released. We know Infinity has become the de facto movie tie in video game. It seems certain movies and characters are going to get preference in the Infinity universe regardless of Infinity fan desire or progressing the gameplay. I’m sure there are lot of company politics and inter departmental battles waging. I’ll take a wait and see approach on Alice. The appetite for classic characters has not been satisfied. JV has promised lots of classic characters in the future. Let’s hope he can deliver.