FIRST LOOK: Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds Power Discs & Descriptions

Disney-Infinity-Marvel-Battlegrounds-Powerdiscs (1)

Thanks to an early listing on Walmart Canada, as discovered by veeinvisible, we have our first look at the individual power discs and their descriptions for Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set

  • Cosmic Cube Blast – Unleash a powerful energy blast on nearby foes.
  • Darkhawk’s Blast – Blast obstacles with a powerful energy beam from your chest.
  • Nova Corps Strike – Call upon the Nova Corps and unleash a tactical strike from above.
  • Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle – Take a ride on the wild side with Ghost Rider’s flaming motorcycle.

Source: Walmart Canada

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  • thestorm7777777

    I’m trying to wrap my head around “Darkhawk’s Blast”. Wouldn’t it be more likely that they’d make him a helper like Capt. Marvel or White Tiger? The fact they’re referencing him at all blows my mind (he only had 50 issues of his own title, 20 years ago – but he’s my favorite character, besides Cap). Could this possibly be leading to him being a surprise, out-of-left-field Figure? I know there would be a lot of upset ppl if it meant not getting a female hero – I would be so torn – but I would just like to say, even though I know there’s no chance, I would absolutely melt down in an ugly, but good, way if we got a Darkhawk figure. 🙂
    I guess it’s enough to know that someone up there still loves DH enough to give him props in the game.

    • Wynne Richport

      I also don’t understand why they didn’t just simply make it a team-up. We have very few of those. Then again, we desperately need some Disney team-ups so maybe they’re pooling them for us while ignoring the Marvel and Star Wars lines?

  • mrpelon14

    Who is holding the energy cube?…fury ?

    • Wynne Richport

      It looks like a generic gloved hand.

      • Phil Shifley

        Generic Gloved Hand… the most evil Marvel villain to date.

        • Wynne Richport

          Exactly. All fear Generic Gloved Hand and his… FINGERS!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

    • CaptainBL Trooper

      Red Skull ? like in the First Captain America Movie

  • Scott G

    Not to be the party pooper, but do we really need another “Tactical Strike” disc? Isn’t this the third one they’ve come out with for Infinity?