Confirmed: Disney Infinity’s Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Includes Only One Figure (Retailing for $29.99)


UPDATE: B&H Photo has now re-listed the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set, now with clear images (thanks @elmoem!)

After Amazon and B&H Photo Video listed the new Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set retailing for $29.99, there has been some debate whether that was a sign that the Play Set would include only one figure.

… and that has turned out to be true.

This image has greeted people who listed the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set on their Amazon Wish List, and was then shared on social media.



The Play Set is still set for release on March 15th.

Now I’m going to break from the news post and move to a bit of an editorial….

Why just one figure?

No Scarlet Witch, no Winter Soldier, no anyone else.

Could they have thrown in any of the other figures they will be charging $13.99 for? As a consumer, I feel like many of you will agree and say that this feels a bit off putting.

There could very well be a legitimate reason for why only Captain America is included, so we’ll have to wait and see what that reasoning is.

If the reason is “we wanted to give consumers a lower entry price point”, I don’t feel that is good enough.

And remember, take a look at the entire roster of Marvel figures and count how many female characters are represented.

It’s no longer a small story, it’s something that needs to be addressed. ASAP.

For Disney Infinity who has been more upfront than any other Toys-To-Life (or really video games in general) for the importance of female players, this is shocking.

Whether that’s Disney, Marvel, or someone else’s fault, it needs to be addressed.

Last we heard, there is a possibility of more Marvel figures that we don’t know about, but that will need to be re-confirmed now.

Thanks to Big Mike for sharing the tip!

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  • Shane

    What’s that sticker lower right by 6+ say?

    • vynsane

      Looks like something along the lines of “Figure inspired by *something something* in ‘Captain America Civil War'”

    • James

      It says “Costume inspired by” and the same in French next to that.

      • Shane

        Ah! Thanks! That’s the first blatant callback to source material, isn’t it? They never do the old “as seen in..” bit

  • aquapyro

    I agree that the save consumer choice isnt and will not be the right thing to say. Its 5 dollars less. Also the exclusion of Scarlet Witch is driving me nuts.

  • A different wrinkle to the only one figure. Infinity is a big family game, parents playing with kids, kids playing with siblings, etc. …I always thought the two figures (and ensuring that there were two genders in each playset) was to ensure that out the box, you can play with your family in SOME way and represent yourself in some way.

    I was projecting that Captain Marvel was going to be the second figure. (Give their first heavy hitter -Thor Class- female character) So this is disappointing…. it’s hard because I know I’m not going to vote with my money on this (I’m buying it regardless, it’s the most anticipated playset of 3.0 for me and my family).

    But my gut says this is less of a cognitive decision and just more of seeing, what or how it will affect sales, to make format decisions for next year. Going into the 4th year, Infinity is likely out of Starter territory and most players are likely walking in with figures or can access them easily. (Especially with the Marvel line and Star Wars line being cross compatible to playsets) ….but I am disappointed. 🙁

  • Darth_Raww

    Boo to Disney for not making Scarlet Witch in this set. And if they’re promoting Civil War, wouldn’t it at least have made sense to represent both sides (so somebody from Iron Man’s team…maybe Iron Patriot)?

  • Darth_Raww

    Oh, and an extra boo for the price point too. When they released the 3.0 starter set, it was shy one figure, but was $10 cheaper than the year before. But this set is shy one figure, but only $5 cheaper; go figure.

  • Lee

    Such a disappointment

  • Thomas

    The ONLY reason I can justify the lack of Scarlet Witch is IF they plan on the next play-set being Doctor Strange and they wanted to have two characters who use magic in that set. That makes sense to me.

    But with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, The Wasp, and even Sharon Carter being there, there’s no excuse for there not being one woman.

    Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are coming to Avengers Assemble this year. So there’s a reason to use them. Though, I could see why they’d maybe want to hold off on Captain Marvel until her movie.

    The Wasp is in the Ant-Man & The Wasp movies. But it’s not like they’d use the Hope-version anyway, so they’d be using Janet, who was in 2.0 as non-playable. Even then, though. It’s vague. It really could be either. They look a like. So it works for either.

    And Sharon is in Civil War too. So even throwing her in would be nice too.

  • I just find this Play Set as a whole to be very disappointing. Every Play Set other than the 1.0 starter had two figures, but now we are just getting one? To top it off, it’s a character we already have a figure for. Yes, I know they are saying it’s completely new, but how different can one Captain America be from the next?

    If this set is supposed to cover all of the Marvel Universe, there are literally hundreds of strong female characters to choose from. Just look how many have already appeared as NPCs in 2.0. Captain Marvel, Wasp, or White Tiger would have all been a welcome addition!

    I, like some other posters, am going to buy this Play Set because I already own and plan to collect the rest of the Disney Infinity figures. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was quite disappointed. I won’t get too upset because there’s still a chance of more Marvel content down the line, especially since it all has to be downloaded.

  • Shane

    I really think instead of pressuring DI to include Scarlett Witch, we should all be asking marvel, movies specifically, for better female characters. The comics are just now starting to get there, but then the movies don’t use them. Scarlett witch has never had a fan base. She’s never carried a comic, just being female is not enough. Ms. Marvel has been tearing it up, as has new female Thor. Outside of DI, no one cares about Scarlett witch. Even the female fan base cares more about groot or starlord.

    I’m only going on about this because I too want to see more female characters, but good ones, and ones that actually have a chance of succeeding and expanding the fan base or bring in new DI players…

    • James

      Finally someone said it. I wouldn’t be opposed to a Scarlet Witch figure but you hit the nail on the head. Look at all the Black Widow figures at Gamestop stores, even Ahsoka is clogging the used racks. I’m all for more females, and recognize the lack of them, but everyone has to recognize the fact that they have plenty of market research on why not to produce these figures.

      Aside from Scarlet Witch, I’d gladly welcome Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen, Lady Sif, She-Hulk, Elektra, Wasp, etc…but I also recognize the limited marketability of them (aside from a small but vocal DI internet fanbase). It’s not right, but it’s the reality of the situation.

      • Shane

        Exactly. All of those are better but under- to unused characters. It’s not DI’s fault, it’s solely source material. An a side note, I asked JV via Twitter why we didn’t see falcon cap instead of a second Steve Rogers, and he said that was comics, so they’re focusing on movie stuff apparently, unless a new cartoon comes out, we won’t be seeing any of those characters you mentioned any time soon.

        • @disqus_yfoqQRwMib:disqus & @disqus_otSvRkl4JZ:disqus — it’s totally a fair point, but still I think including female characters are still better than not including them at all.

          Disney Infinity is a near 50/50 between boy and girls as far as players go (in the kid age).

          So I mean they still need to work with what they have.

          • Shane

            Maybe the marvel side just isn’t the best side for female characters? There’s still tons of untapped Disney females, right?

          • Elvick

            And nothing stops a girl from playing a male character and vise versa. People get too hung up on the ratio of male/female characters.

            What matters is having a diverse lineup, and that doesn’t mean “x% of this, y% of that” but just having a wide variety of characters to pick from and letting people pick from that.

            I want more female characters, since most of my favorite Marvel characters are female ones… but most are from X-Men too so… that’s not happening. Speaking of, X-Men is a good example of doing diversity properly.

          • Shane

            Unless it’s 0% of X. For me. I could really use a black female character. Given my real life, it’s weird we don’t have one. But again, that’s the source and not DI.

        • Kyle Smith

          Says you.

      • Michelle Rodriguez

        It’s important to note though, that Widow and Ahsoka specifically come with starter packs. There’s always going to be more of them available used. My Gamestop also has tons of Sulleys, Sparrows and Thors for the same reason.

        • Shane

          No kidding? I’ve never seen a sulley or sparrow. (Haven’t looked that much to be honest) Good to know i can get them again if need be.

    • Kyle Smith

      It’s a little boys game. They have not been pussyfied enough yet by society to care about playing with female characterss or feeling bad that they don’t care. Super heroes are pretend so in pretend world female super heroes can outclass male ones, but super heroes are types for boy heroism and in that view girl characters are not appealing to them and not the heroic ideal they are looking for.

  • James

    This is the most excited I’ve been for a playset, but one figure is an interesting choice. Wonder if the price only being $5 less is to make up for the fact that you’re basically buying DLC along with it this time around whereas previous sets are all included on the disc.

  • YoshiAngemon

    For Scarlet Witch, it could be two possibilities: Saving for a future play set, OR it would be bound by legal limbo, by means of the X-Men Series with 20th Century Fox. Since in that series, she’s Magneto’s daughter, it really puts things in a bind, and realistically, we would’ve had Maria Hill, instead.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Fox only own the movie rights. Marvel have all the rights they need to include her in Infinity. If anyone is keeping her from being included it’s Marvel, not Fox.

      • Mike Tuffley

        Exactly. It has nothing to do with rights or Fox.

    • PlayDoh003

      Had it been an issue of rights, I don’t think she would have appeared in Age of Ultron – or I think we would have at least heard a lot about the dealings, as with all of the hoops Disney/Marvel went through to work out a deal and use Spider-Man in Civil War.

    • Ezra Khan

      Marvel owns all merchandising rights for all the comic book characters, Fox can only sell their specific versions of them I believe, and even then, only limited ways.

      Basically, as was told by an Infinity developer to me right before 3.0 launched, Disney/Marvel have all the control here, X-Men was considered for Infinity, turned down. So was Spiderman until the Disney Infinity people stated they’d make it very specific to the TV show based on the character, which Marvel still controls. THEN they got a yes. It’s why Green Goblin is so buff.

      Basically, if Scarlet Witch isn’t in, then either the developers or Disney was responsible for deciding against it.

  • vynsane

    This is a really odd move. Two figures in a playset just makes sense. Four would have, made even more sense in this instance, but one? Doesn’t make a lot of sense for a playset that’s built around multiplayer.

    At this point I’m not holding out hope that the last figure to be unveiled is Scarlet Witch, since this playset was her best bet at being released. I don’t know if she is popular enough to justify a stand-alone figure, but here’s hoping.

    I’m not concerned about the price point, because I’ve paid $20 for each 3.0 playset I purchased so far at the $35 MSRP, so I’ll be happy to get this between $17 and $20. If the release sale prices are bad, I’ll just wait it out.

  • TheEAB

    5$ less for a 15$ figure not there. Seems good. (It doesn’t!)

    • NinjaBoy787

      Also, it’s a new figure of a character who is already in the game. I love this figure. But $30 for it and Battlegrounds.

      • TheEAB

        I know, it kinda sucks BUT I sure am going to buy it anyways.

  • Caleb O’sullivan

    I can see there will be a total of 12 playable stages as it says on the yellow box on the left.

  • PlayDoh003

    On the topic of Female characters, I think that there is plenty of support behind adding more. As the father of a young daughter, I like the fact that she has a nice little selection of strong female characters among the list of DI figures that I’d like to see her identify with and the Infinity design team have come up with awesome poses for many of them. Natasha, Quora, and Ahsoka are among my favorites!

    Given that she has appeared as a team up disc, Captain Marvel would be great – I hope that Scarlett Witch becomes a reality, and my “out of left field” vote would go for Jessica Jones!

    • Ezra Khan

      I’d go Peggy Carter for out of left field.

      So no Scarlet Witch OR Quicksilver, I was hoping for both, resigned that it’d likely only be the former, and now it’s neither… huh

    • Wynne Richport

      I don’t know about Jessica (she’s a little too… adult), but her superhero alter ego Jewel would be fun. And the Disney Infinity Twitter said she’d be a good idea. But Peggy Carter is my #1 choice.

    • Kyle Smith

      When your girl finally becomes a girl and stops trying to be a boy she is going to wonder why her dad pushes her to play boy games.

      The girl figures sell mostly like crap.

  • Mike Tuffley


  • Green Armadillo

    Three issues here, in no particular order:

    – If Rey did not exist, I would have declined to purchase DI 3.0 software. When I play with my 3-year-old daughter and these figures, the message they’re sending is that boys are heroes and girls are princesses. At this point, 3.0 Marvel is about 90% male with or without a future Scarlet Witch release. These are not my values, they don’t appear to be Disney Interactive’s values, they don’t reflect the gender split of the Disney Infinity playerbase, and they’re not the readers or contents of Marvel comics.

    – No press seriously challenged the marketing statements that the 3.0 starter was $10 cheaper despite cutting more than $10 of stuff, or that the Toy Box expansions were fairly priced as $20 standalones despite the base game only including an hour of hub content for non Star Wars characters. If Takeover is worth $20 then Battlegrounds for $30 with a figure is a bargain.

    – Isn’t this thing primarily a multiplayer fighting game? So what, you can play 4 way Cap vs Cap vs Cap vs Cap out of the box? Or play a solo playset as a new 3.0 player with just Cap and have to start over every time your one Marvel figure dies? Not a problem if you’re going in with plenty of legacy figures, but I’d be a ticked parent if I bought the starter plus this for MSRP $95 without an existing collection thinking it would let my kid play a Marvel game.

    • Ezra Khan

      If they only wanted one figure in the box, for any reason, WHY CAP? We HAVE a Captain America. Another wouldn’t be terrible, Hulkbuster is awesome after all, but we don’t NEED one.

      They should have given us something new.

      • Yodamaster1212

        I mean Captain America makes sense for Civil War. I’m not bothered by that fact. It’s pretty much an entirely new character, so i’m not upset. What baffles me is the fact that we aren’t getting someone like Scarlet Witch with it. I mean it’s a perfectly good character opportunity. Idk, there’s probably some stupid reason behind this mess.

        • Ezra Khan

          I’m okay with there being a new figure for him, I’d have just liked it if they bundled the playset with someone brand new like Vision, especially if they’re only doing the one character. I wish I had the choice of replacing my Cap with this one or not. I only want one.

          I’m guessing the cutscenes involve only this guy, so maybe that lead to the decision, but they’ll likely do the same thing with Hulkbuster Iron Man, and that’s not bundled up in here, so, I don’t see the necessity.

        • Jeremiah Malone

          I agree 100%

    • Elvick

      /No they aren’t sending that message. You’re taking that message in, and if your daughter picks up that message from anywhere it’ll be from you. Parents don’t understand the power of their own freak outs. Next time she skins her knee run around like the world is ending and see how quick she starts crying and freaking out with you. Or, be calm and normal, put a bandaid on it and act like it’s no big deal. And she’ll be fine.

      Kids are molded by your actions, not a game. Not a business decision. If she actually asks why it doesn’t come with another character, why it’s not a female character. Actually explain that they can’t include every character with the playset, and as for why there’s only one this time… well, who knows. Personally, I think it’s a business call to stimulate early individual sales. Or, just maximize profit on the playsets. Maybe a combination of both. Would explain Cap 2.0 being included instead of a 100% new character.

      As a little boy, Storm was my favorite X-Man. She still is. You know why? No one was around to implant my mind with the concept that I had to somehow like just male characters. They offered up characters and I chose which one I liked the most.

      You can’t include all characters in a playset. I don’t like who they chose, and I don’t like that it’s just one character. And I do think it made sense to have 2, and one be each gender. Just because that increased the variety out of the box. But come now. It’s not sending “a message” unless you send that message. Do your job as a parent.

      • Argonzo

        Disney is making a choice as to who they think will be more marketable. That’s the message that’s being sent. Some will choose to respond to their message by not buying this offering. I know that’s my plan. I think the new Cap figure looks nice. I already have Cap. There’s only one fig included and not much of a price break. If it was a new character I’d probably go for it.

      • Shaun Epperson

        Getting tired of hearing all these SJW bringing their sexism into everything. It is a game and the only people worried about gender representation are the people complaining.

        • Isn’t that true about anything? haha

          Isn’t the only people complaining about anything are the people who are worried about something?

          • Shaun Epperson

            That is true but only when there is an actual grievance being committed. Anyone who thinks Disney is purposely being sexist is delusional to say the least. But that is also the point, going out of their way to add female characters for the sole purpose of gender equality is sexist.

  • Bill Misek

    The only way I think the $30 for this would be justified is if they get chris evans to voice the figure, if they have to charge me a little more to get chris evans I’m fine with that, otherwise it’s too expensive.

    • Yodamaster1212

      I’m pretty sure he is….

  • Jeremiah Malone

    Nobody is yet to explain if this playset is going to support cpu fighters during the 4 player battles if so then DI needs to adress it when the time comes bc I play by myself and I want to enjoy a good fighting based playset if it’s truley a hybrid between fighting games then everyone knows u can’t fight with one player on an arena. Also on the female characters why can’t Scarlet Witch be included if this game was so “diverse” in characters including four companies under Disney’s palm then at least give us an female marvel based character to co inside with the Battlegrounds playset. Hopefully we’ll see more females in the future. One last thing don’t forget Ultron does speak to Wasp and Captain Marvel in the toy box so fingers crossed.

  • *facepalms* y there no scarlet witch (and i was hoping for quicksilver too)

  • Rob Kester

    $30 is steep. Good thing I’m patient.

  • NeoTechni

    “And remember, take a look at the entire roster of Marvel figures and count how many female characters are represented”

    I normally don’t care about female representation in games, cause you can easily find tons if you actually look. But I’d really like Ms. Marvel, please/thank you.

  • Chris Sukhewatna

    I feel as if that fist needs a giant middle finger, for the middle finger we’re getting by including only one figure:)

  • Polish Tamales

    I have to agree. Who ever is approving which female character gets represented in Disney Infinity, needs to understand that super heroes aren’t for boys anymore. There are countless female super heroes in the Marvel Universe, not mentioning side characters that have appeared in 2.0, which included: Sif, Captain Marvel, Wasp, & Black Cat.

    There is no excuse not to include these characters in the line.

    • Alan Grant

      hey superheroes are for boys and that’s fact that’s why 90% fans of Marvel and DC are boys. look i am sorry to say this but when it comes to Marvel Disney is going to market to boys the most because they are the ones that buy their stuff the most. Disney has princesses for girls and Marvel for boys get over it

  • bell02alpha

    This is SUPER surprising! No just because it means we can do single character packs now, but this is kind of the most expensive playset only goes to hype it up in a new way.

    It does make you wonder about Scarlet Witch, but I just feel like whatever rumors we heard of new marvel characters can only mean they aren’t ready yet… and we have a long window for 3.0 (all the way to this september as far as we know). Scarlet Witch can happen, just not yet.

    I wonder what this means about the story of Battlegrounds, we know that part of the idea is that there are Robotic doubles, something like the Skrull invasion story, but centered around Loki and Ultron. I wonder if this captain America ends up being one of those clones in the story of the game. Originally I pictured they’d use someone from team Ironman to Mirror Civil War, but now it just feels like they are doing their own thing.

  • Chris

    I’m secretly glad there’s only one figure, I’m running out of space in my di 3.0 display as is!

  • Dawis-Infinity

    We still have the question: How to play with 4 character in a base for 2…. maybe there is a small base included for 2 more and we don’t see it on the packaging?!?

    • Shane

      No, they answered this a while back. Apparently you’ll be able to “scan” on your figures by placing them on the base

  • Kyle Smith

    When I saw The complaining about lack of female characters I figured must becoming from some pathetic feminist woman. Than I look and see who the author is and I was right.

    No one gives a crap about this issue. Who do you think plays this game? Besides pathetic men mostly little boys. They don’t care about women characters. They might…might care if Captain Marvel is awesome but I doubt it.

    If anything what they really need is more big bad villains. Boys would love that.