What We Know So Far, Recent Figures, Internet Required, And Who Will Be In The Battlegrounds Play Set?


With the common seculation of a Disney Infinity press release coming out early this week, here is what we know so far, and what exciting things are still to be unveiled!

First let’s get to the recent leaks that showed up on retailer B&H Photo on Saturday morning…

Marvel Power Discs

Marvel Power Disc Pack for Disney Infinity 3.0

We first saw the Marvel Power Discs via a Disney Infinity marketing e-mail, where they accidently included an image of the Marvel Power Disc Pack, but it was a small look and so obviously very blurry.

Thankfully with the new listing, we get to see an up-close and personal look at the power discs.

The power discs look to be the following…

  • Tesseract
  • Nova Corps
  • Darkhawk
  • Ghost-Rider’s Bike

The Tesseract and Nova Corps disc look to be event discs, but obviously no description is available yet.

Darkhawk looks to be a team up disc.

Ghost-Rider’s Bike obviously will be a new Marvel based vehicle to use, one that many fans have been requesting!

Marvel Figures

We also got our first look at four figures that will be coming for Disney Infinity 3.0.

Ant-Man, Black Panther, Black Suit Spider-Man, and Vision

We knew that Black Suit Spider-Man was going to be released individually outside the Disney Infinity Vita Starter Pack from 2.0, but this is the first time seeing the packaging.

Vision was leaked officially via the CNET Behind-The-Scenes article from several months ago.

Ant-Man was announced(?) back at San Diego Comic Con, but again this is the first time seeing these figures

Marvel The Avengers Triple Pack

The Avengers Triple Pack For Disney Infinity 3.0

One of the more interesting items to show up is a Triple Pack, which we haven’t seen a new triple pack released since Disney Infinity 1.0.

This triple pack features Black Widow, Iron Man, and Thor. The three figures that were included in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Pack. They also released The Avengers Play Set separately, which includes Iron Man and Black Widow. Thor was released in individual packaging.

So why release the Triple Pack? We’ll have to hear the official response, but it seems like they just want to make sure the Disney Infinity community has access to all the figures. The Avengers Play Set is one of the harder to find Play Sets, since stores didn’t really feel the need to stock it.

Disney Originals: Baloo

Baloo Figure For Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity previously said that there would be a special figure released in the first quarter, and that figure is Baloo!

Obviously the thing that fans will be most excited about is the fact that he is based on the classic animated movie compared to the new live-action movie.

Who doesn’t love classic Baloo?

What does the Wifi Icon Mean?

You may have noticed the wifi icon on many of the packages. That package means that an internet connection is needed to download the update/patch.

These figures, power discs, and even the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set are NOT on the disc as they have been working on them after the initial shipment of the game.

So obviously in order to bring the content to the players, an update is required.


Just connect your system to get the latest update at the time of release, and you will be good to go.

What else will the announcement contain?

Screenshots, gameplay, who will be included in the Play Set, and more.

There are still a lot to be detailed regarding these releases. Obviously the pictures are great to see, but at the end what they look like / play as in the game, that is what matters the most, right?

Plus… who is the second figure in the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set?! We know Captain America: The First Avengers is one of the figures. Disney has been very upfront how they want to make sure there are strong female characters in this game. Up to this point, we only have TWO females in the Marvel Line-Up. The setup is there for Scarlett Witch. If Disney doesn’t include her in the Play Set, it will not be a pretty reaction.

Hopefully we can get gameplay videos in addition to the “screenshots” (read with air quotes) that Disney releases.

Also… I wouldn’t be shocked if the Kylo Ren Light FX gets announced at the same time.

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  • Michael Nightmare

    it better be the winter soldier as the included figure along side cap!

    • Caitlin

      Its going to be the winter soldier or a new Black Widow that looks like the movie version like the new cap

      • Shane

        I’d rather see a new black widow than scarlett witch. scarlett witch is such a dull character. visually at least.

        • Caitlin

          My guess is that we’re going to see a bunch of Civil War characters

          • Shane

            Looks that way.

        • Mike Tuffley

          And I’d rather see more females total then the same ones over and over.

          • Shane

            That’s a problem with marvel, not Disney infinity. I agree with you though

        • bell02alpha

          hmm… I disagree, although I agree that the Black Widow is not visually dull. At least with what I am use to, Scarlet Witch is very different looking to me in almost all her incarnations I can think of (Which are the original comics look, X-Men Evolutions look, Wolverine and the X-Men look, and Avengers Age of Ultron look)

          • Shane

            If they do one though, it’ll be movie version so none of that matters.

          • bell02alpha

            That is likely that she’ll be taken into consideration, but Disney Infinity team always does their own designs, and I don’t just mean they put characters into this new proportion. Look at Black Panther (for example) and compare him to his movie design, it is totally different. Ant Man and Vision are also different.

            Still, I think it is highly likely that she is probably going to have a Red Jacket and long hair… maybe dark pants. The Movie will have an influence.

            I will say, consider keeping an open mind, she is supposedly going to have significant stuff happen to her in Civil War.

          • Shane

            Wha? Black panther looks exactly like movie version to me. Just stylized. Same with any man and vision. The only defining detail of Scarlett witch is her funky comic book head piece, which wasn’t in the movie, so they won’t use it. The design is just a girl in a red jacket and a cute dress. We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree and wait and see.

    • bell02alpha

      I feel like after Civil War it’s going to feel really weird to not have a Winter Soldier figure, but I really want to see Baron Zemo and Scarlet Witch, so hopefully when all is said and done we see all three (in 3.0).

  • YoshiAngemon

    It’s possible that 3.0 will actually add in Digital PlaySet Access by means of re-releasing the Avengers Playset for 3.0, as a Digital Download, and we can use the Hulkbuster on the Frost Giants, Loki, MODOK and AIM, and other Avengers outside of the Originals can finally show up in the Avengers Play Set. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a 1.0 Figure 3-Pack with only Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and Sully, no Play Set Piece included.

    • AWwriter

      Yeah, they really have little choice but to eventually have just “one big download” DI so you can put any DI Playset/Etc. on and use it. It’s gotten so confusing for the average consumer – that’s the #1 complaint I hear from parents about DI. If you are a super fan who keeps up and comes to sites like this, it all seems much easier to understand – but you know that when you have to keep coming up with larger and larger charts to explain it, it’s just gotten too cumbersome.

  • Green Armadillo

    Tidbit: What happened to the keyblade unlock? This was described at some point as something that would happen with the figures released in 2015, but I assume someone would have reported it if it was available now. Will Zootopia be the cutoff since the next figures after them will be internet required?

    • It’s been a constant back and forth. It appeared that no-one knows what is going to be required. I feel like Zootopia will be the only other figures required as they are the only other ones with the content on the disc.

  • Dawis-Infinity

    I think we will have a question of number.
    If what said JV about the pictures of the stand with all the empty places is right, we will have 6 Marvel characters in 3.0 and we allready have them: Hulkbuster, Ultron, Ant-man, New Cap America, Vision and Black Panther.
    So maybe the playset will come with only the new Cap, the adventure’s “Crystal”….. and a new base for the four player ability…. wait and see

    • Ben H

      He already said that both the spidey re-release as well as the cap re-pose weren’t ADDITIONS to their original plans. So that still leaves one figure from the original 6 left.

    • I wouldn’t put too much stock in the empty places in the case as far as making it a “strict number” for figures to come.

      And it’s been confirmed already that there will be a 2nd figure in the Play Set.

    • bell02alpha

      I thought he already said about a month ago that there were still marvel characters to reveal that were not leaked or hinted at, so I think they added to that six since June.

  • 100% too much into it haha

  • Gmc

    Will 2.0 black suit spiderman register the same as 3.0 .as it stands black suit still doesn’t have a place in the hall of heroes

  • Bill Misek

    Called it on the that first power disc being ghost rider’s bike, now we just need a ghost rider figure. I hope the 2nd playset figure is Captain Marvel, but I think it will be scarlet witch.

  • bell02alpha

    The idea of Baloo by himself without King Louie and Shere Khan is really messing with me, but I feel like the bright side is we maybe could get a Tailspin costume disc for Baloo!

  • bell02alpha

    I want to say, I’m surprised no one has said anything about Darkhawk yet, that’s a pretty exciting choice of a character! Has Darkhawk been in any cartoon yet? I feel like that gives fans of obscure marvel characters great hope for future games!

  • Tristan Rigdon

    Darkhawk may actually be an Event disc rather than a Team-Up disc.

  • Tristan Rigdon

    If Baloo is here we’ll probably see Mowgli & just maybe King Louie as he’s not as significant as Baloo & Mowgli.

  • Tristan Rigdon

    If there are more Marvel figures to come then these are the most likely: Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, War Machine, & Quicksilver. Probably not Agent 33 since she wouldn’t be very unique at all.

  • Tristan Rigdon

    Also we totally need some of the 7 remaining Star Wars figures to have Force Lightning. Nobody has that. But I’d rather have Grievous.

  • Bob Jindra

    I’m so getting Ant-Man and Baloo!

  • FJ

    where do I buy these from online ? Can someone share a link? Thank you!