EDITORIAL: Why I think ‘Finding Dory’ Is The Next Play Set For Disney Infinity 3.0



Just hold your opinions until the end.

I’ve spent several days racking my head to what could possibly be the next play set releasing in Disney Infinity 3.0.

If you’ve been following my website for a while, you know I’ve been stating for a while that there will be at least one more play set beyond the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set for Disney Infinity 3.0. But what could it be?

I’ve come to one conclusion…. Finding Dory.

As I stated earlier, many will object instantly saying that swimming /water mechanics aren’t available for Disney Infinity 3.0. But let’s work through my thought process.

What franchise is the Play Set going to be based from?

This can be a key when figuring out what the Play Set is from. So we essentially have three main categories: Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney (and it’s many sub-categories).

Star Wars? — I just can’t see them releasing a fourth play set already for Star Wars. More Star Wars content is going to continue to be released in future Disney Infinity releases, so why rush another Star Wars play set?

Marvel? — For the big push they’re making Marvel Battlegrounds, would Disney release another Marve Play set? While it’s entirely possible, but I feel they’re focussing all their Marvel attention to Battlegrounds.

Disney? — This seems like the most logical answer to me. The only Disney Play Set we received in 3.0 was Inside Out. And remember, we didn’t get ANY Disney Play Sets in 2.0. So a Disney themed Play Set has to be coming soon, no? Whether it’s classic, modern, Pixar, etc. Plus we know there are more Disney figures to come (and it sounds like more than just 1 or two).

What specific show or movie could the Play Set be from?

Disney has a wide range of history. So there are 1,000,000 different answers to this question. But the key to understanding Disney Infinity  is to remember one thing….

Disney Infinity is a marketing machine for the Walt Disney company

What I mean by that is, Disney Infinity is just as much as a marketing machine or marketing arm of the Walt Disney company. There are decision makers above the Disney Infinity staff who can heavily influence what the team decides to do.

That doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is becuase of marketing. Thanks to fan push, we got Mulan, Tron Figures, and obviously Darkwing Duck is coming (let’s be honest… it’s going to happen).

But as far as Play Sets go, it has to be really hard for them to get the commitment from the “decision makers above” on something that would provide some kind of current Marketing advantage for the company as a whole. I know for a fact that many people at Disney Infinity would love to make a Disney Afternoon play set or other classical / fan favorite play set. But again, it’s going to be hard to get those approvals.

Is it impossible? No. But definitely harder to get to happen.

So let’s look at some upcoming Disney movies coming out in early/mid 2016: Zootopia, The Jungle Book, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Finding Dory, The BFG, Pete’s Dragon

Zootopia is already getting figures, BFC and Pete’s Dragon I could see Power Discs coming but not really figures.

So Jungle Book, Alice, and Finding Dory.

Jungle Book is getting pushed as this incredibly beautiful and technological achievement in alive action CGI movie. Just doesn’t feel like something Disney would then turn back into the Disney Infinity art style.

Alice through the Looking Glass? It’s definitely possible. But again, I just don’t see Disney devoting an entire play set to it (though maybe that’s just me?).

So that leaves us with one thing… Finding Dory.

How much do we know about Finding Dory? Still not an incredible amount. We just got the first trailer in November. So it would make sense for Disney Infinity not to talk about the Play Set yet. You’d want to announce it, and be able to talk about it.

And let’s not forget what I said earlier…. “Disney Infinity is a marketing machine for the Walt Disney company”. Finding Dory is going to be HUGE for Disney in 2016. Absolutely huge. So how much do you think Disney (and Disney Infinity itself) would want content for Disney Infinity? I’d say a lot. And not something they’d necessarily have to wait months later to debut.

We know Marvel Battlegrounds is coming out in March, and I can’t see the mystery Play Set launching before that (or really close to that). In addition we know Peter Pan is coming for Disney Infinity 3.0 in August / September, so it’d make sense to still launch a Play Set somewhere in between the two. A June release of a Play Set would make a lot of sense!

“BUT SWIMMING ISN’T AVAILABLE YET!” — Alright, I know, I know… time to answer that question.

But how can we get Swimming if it’s not available in Disney Infinity 3.0?!

Obviously everything can hinge on this question. No swimming = no Finding Dory.

But let’s remember one thing about this Play Set, it’s very very likely going to be DLC (like the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set is). So no matter what, Disney would have to patch/download ANY Play Set in for Disney Infinity 3.0. So if you’re already doing that, you can patch in swimming.

And I’ve mentioned it before, but let’s take a flash back the whole way back to Toy Box Summit 204 and listen to what John Vignocchi and John Blackburn said regarding the introduction of swimming into the Disney Infinity Universe….

Let’s read those final quotes pretty carefully (and look at their body language)

Blackburn “We’ve definitely thought a lot about it [swimming/water]. We know how we will handle it. If we do that [introduce swimming], …. it’s probably going to come in as a play set I would guess if that’s going to happen.

JV: When swimming does come into the game it will be integrated, perhaps, as a play set, but when it makes sense. When something very exciting that potentially is about water may be coming out. 

I mean, come on.

Could that reference something else, like Moana or something? Sure no doubt. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a Moana play set as well. That film is going to be HUGE for Disney as well. But again, it’s going to come in as a play set, introduced as a play set, etc.

So I really don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to introduce swimming in a 3.0 Play Set. They don’t necessarily have to have all the Toy Box functionality done yet, that could come out in whatever Disney chooses to do in the fall of 2016.

And again, John Blackburn said “they know how they will handle it”. So although it may not have been ready for 3.0 launch (or purposely withheld). They knew when they needed to have it done.

Any hints recently regarding the release of Finding Dory? Nothing really.

You can never trust any JVisms, but they’re fun to look at in different contexts 😉


Could I be 100% wrong? No doubt. But figured it was something to think about.

Let me know what you think of my theory. It’s far from perfect, but hope you can at least follow my train of thought.

If you have other theories, I’d love to hear them… but be sure to back them up! Not just “I think it’s Gravity Falls”. Let me know why you think that!

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  • Your logic seems pretty sound, man, and I appreciate the technical side of what this release could bring. It would also open them up so doing other Play Sets like Little Mermaid, a “classic” set fans would potentially go nuts over.

  • Nicholas LionRider

    The reason I get confused often is why both 4 legged and water are considered SUCH big problems. Water is a REALLY easy fix using Infinity’s engine. We have flying right? Same premise, only add a blue filter over the camera and you have “swimming”. 4 Legged the argument is use, when in reality, they can have a lot of the same use as any normal character. “How would Simba grab onto a ledge”…ask the Mufasa canyon scene. “How would dumbo hold a wand?” With his trunk. It all comes down to Infinity using about 5 “preset” models and making slight alterations, and they’ve yet to do an animal one. Their presets are: Brute (Hulk, Venom, Green Goblin, etc.), Melee Male (Mr Incredible, Captain America, Thor), Melee Female (Asokha, Leia, Rapunzel, Merida), Little Guy (Mike, Stitch, Olaf, etc.) and the Cars. They don’t want to make a fish/quadruped because that would be time consuming and in the game’s current state it’s easier to just crank out characters like Peter Pan, than something like Pluto. I have justifications for just about any animal, and in truth I feel a character from the lion king or brother bear or oliver and company would have more use in a playset/toybox than any Finding Nemo character (yet they insist water is a higher priority) when in reality water effects 2 franchises: Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo/Dory (you can MAYBE argue Atlantis).

    • Ben H

      I mean, there’s also Sub-Mariner from Marvel. Technically Davy Jones should work underwater as well, but I assume you mean just swimming characters.

      I agree with you though that it’s just a matter of them needing to create new models for four legged characters. Look at Lego Dimensions. They’ve already got swimming locked down and introduced Scooby Doo pretty quickly into the mix. And that character’s interaction with the things you mentioned are pretty awesome. My favorite is how he drives vehicles.

      • Nicholas LionRider

        Yeah I know, I want water, but would still rather see Simba than Nemo, personally. The root of the problem is Infinity making a mediocre engine that couldn’t run problems they saw in the future. They focused too heavily on Pixar early on appealing only to their needs, leading to a bunch of now useless features (Dash’s speed, Buzz’s jetpack, Monster scare toys, etc.). If they made more broad strokes early on, quadrupeds and swimmers wouldn’t be a big deal.

  • Caitlin

    Don’t forget something like FInding Dory/nemo (could cover both films) pretty much takes place solely underwater.
    In that case they don’t need a swimming mechanic, just the flying one they already have.
    That said I don’t think its the next playset (after the marvel battle one)
    Given that we know that there is a new Captain america and Vision on the way They are high contenders for that battle playset. But there are two other figures that were leaked (not mentioning who but they were) I’d say we could well be looking at another Marvel Playset to tie in with the civil war movie.
    If not Its a full on ‘visit Disneyland’ playset

    • Yodamaster1212

      I don’t really see another Marvel set cause figures don’t NEED to come with one. Battlegrounds is most likely Captain America and Scarlet Witch, with Vision and whoever else was leaked on the side.

      • Caitlin

        I’m starting to think the Battlegrounds thing is going to be more like the speedway and not a true playset so may not come with figures at all

        • Mr. E Anonymoose

          Except for the fact that the Disney Infinity website has Unmasked Captain America on the Battlegrounds Page (and not Balck Suit Spider-Man), leading me to believe that Vision (Or Ant-Man) will be the other character in the play set. And I’m pretty sure that Battlegrounds was confirmed to be an actual play set with a story and free roam, just the missions will be fighting. I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere, so if I find the source I’ll put it here.

          • Joey Ruff

            I agree with what Yodamaster1212 said above, Battlegrounds is most likely to come with Cap and Scarlet Witch. Without exception, every playset that included a female figure, came with a female figure: Joy, Ahsoka, Black Widow, Gamora, Jessie, Holley, Leia, Rey, etc. If it doesn’t come with SW, it’s likely because they won’t have a SW figure, though that would be a missed opportunity

          • bell02alpha

            I remember reading very recently that JV said there are more marvel characters to come (in 3.0) that are not any of the leaked or announced characters. To me, that sounds like we could get 2-4 more on top of the 4 we are getting (increasing the marvel 3.0 cast to 12).

            So we could get More and Scarlet Witch could be a part of it, but I feel like she doesn’t have to be included in the starter set. It’s very possible, but I feel like it is worth reminding that Spider-man set had no female characters at all, let alone the 1.0 sets. Considering how Marvel and Disney can stupidly limit targeting Marvel to only boys, it’s possible it comes with another character. I think if it ties in more to Civil War, it would be a team ironman character, it could be Black Panther. (Of course, someone pointed out it could get more than 2 figures with the playset)

  • Andy Moyer

    I’m in for swimming because we could get Ariel too.

    On another note, what about a Zootipia playset? How about PeterPan getting a playset? That would give him and Tink a place. Plus they could include Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

    • Yodamaster1212

      How about no lol. Jake and the Neverland Pirates should have never happened. Idc if it was for kids, or whoever. That show was HORRIBLE. It belongs in the same spectrum of the Star Wars Holiday Special….

      • Andy Moyer

        For clarification, I’m not saying it should be done. Not a fan either. But the neighbors kids that I watch sure would love it. Hahah.

  • Kevin Bradley

    I’m thinking the really hard part of water isn’t the swimming while UNDER water, but the interface between air and water. If you have a Little Mermaid character, who gets into and out of the water, you have to be able to handle that. You can’t have her swimming around on dry land! Also, from a Toy Box viewpoint, I’d love to be able to create a beach that has both land and water, not just the water tiles. Also, there might need to be settings for waves, currents, and that sort of stuff. Dory may be next, but I’m thinking they have Ariel in mind down the line.

  • Chris

    I would be so excited if you were correct! I do also think a Peter Pan playset would be awesome. Like a better version of pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Nathanael Cole

    It could be very likely, especially with what was said at Toy Box Summit, hard to deny that! It’s possible it may be in 4.0 though, unless the next installment’s coming later than fall this time, or not at all and just keep expanding on 3.0, like LEGO Dimensions. Inside Out came out in June, just like Dory will, and Inside’s playset came out in the fall with 3.0 rather than 2.0. But then again, they didn’t do online additions/DLC stuff then. I dunno, whichever it comes out in, I agree with you that it’s coming! I still wonder how the characters will work in the Toy Box however, where they’d have to hang on ledges and drive and all that, unless of course, they become 3.0’s Cars characters

  • Calvan

    Some excellent reasoning, though I think there’s also a chance that we could get a Jungle Book playset based on the classic cartoon, but released around the same time as the live action movie. (Or at least, that’s what I would do, if I were in charge of such things)

  • aquapyro

    I really hope it isn’t another Pixar Playset. It would just prove to me that they are playing favorites with Pixar. Its getting annoying. They missed out on making a Big Hero 6 playset in 2.0 and of course Ralph, Frozen and Tangled in 1.0. They better have something for Zootopia or Moana.

    • Wynne Richport

      It’s really obvious that Pixar is the Disney Infinity darling right now. John Lasseter (head honcho of Pixar) is the one who ok’d this game in the first place, while it and of itself was inspired by a Toy Story (Pixar) game. IMO, let them use up all the Pixar franchises now so we don’t have to deal with them later.

    • bell02alpha

      we already know Zootopia isn’t getting a set, and there might not be enough significant characters for a moana set… however that will probably be for 4.0 anyways due to timing

  • Kutembea

    Love the swimming idea cuz then we could finally get the Jar Jar Binx play set, and who doesn’t want that?

    But in all seriousness I like this theory, and I don’t think putting purely aquatic creatures on land would be very difficult. We got flying, and other games, such as WOW, have solved the “swimming on land” problem by throwing the aquatic creature in a magical, floating water bubble. Land movement solved, if they’re to be limited to the Cars of 3.0. My biggest issue here is with size. I know it’s a mediocre complaint, especially with emotions being the same size as Jedis, but that’s easier to imagine since they’re all human or humanoid. Fish, on the other hand, are a different story. Unless it’s the whale shark it’s gonna be an issue to have Dory as big as Hiro. Some people could love that idea, but personally I’m not crazy about it. If they can make it work I will be beyond stoked though.

  • Damon Hahn

    I would love the addition of water to the game just like everybody, personally I think it was very lazy to not have a swimming aspect in the game from the beginning. Real running water and ponds and lakes, and not just blocks. Not sure if nemo/dory is my favorite idea, but I would still buy it for the possibilities of where it could lead. 4.0 for 4 legged characters and water based characters and levels is my guess? I think an alice in wonderland play set might be a more practical beautiful world for infinity 3.0, though I hate the idea of having live action movie versions of those toys as apposed to the beloved animated counterparts I would prefer.

  • Joey Ruff

    I think Swimming would be best incorporated in 4.0 (likely to come out this fall), which likely (as someone suggested) focus on the Disney animals. This would allow them to release other swimming characters at the same time to take full advantage of the new element: yes, the Nemo/Dory world in a playset, toybox figures of Ariel and Ursula, Jar Jar (*shudders*), Atlantis characters, Moana, etc.

    Personally, I think Alice has a better chance at being the last 3.0 playset, if we’re talking about promoting upcoming releases, as it brings in characters that are popular, yet easy to do.

    That being said, however, my personal pick for the final playset is Disney Princesses. I’ve had this theory for a while, since JV said on Twitter a while back (to paraphrase), after all the 3.0 figures are released, DI will have the most playable female characters of any toys-to-life game. Couple that with the way they discuss their growing female audience, and the diverse range of playset playability in 3.0. Another game that focuses on platforming, after Inside Out, or combat after Star Wars, but especially right after Battlegrounds, isn’t likely. Princesses would play more like the farming sim, the interiors, and elements of the Toy Story playset all in one. It would incorporate many characters previously only usable in the Toybox, as well as provide many classic figures that Disney fans have been clamoring for: Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Tiana, Human Ariel, and Pocahontas. Not to mention, Cinderella, whose figure is conspicuously missing after the live action film was released earlier in 2015 (think Maleficent)

  • Darth_Raww

    If the main theme of 2015/16 (aka 3.0) is Star Wars, then the next playset could either be from Rebels (with Hera & an Inquisitor…or Chopper!), or Rogue One.

  • Green Armadillo

    A tidbit I noticed while cleaning out my packaging drawer today – the box for Toy Box Takeover has a specific disclaimer to state that Cars figures are not compatible. I assume that fish would fail for similar reasons. Not an impossible issue to work around – the box for the Dory playset and any standalone figures could say “don’t expect to use these fish in any past or future content”. Just another detail they’d have to juggle if they went this route.