2015 Has Come To A Close. So What Does 2016 Hold For Disney Infinity? Here’s What We Know


2015 was an absolutely incredible year for Disney Infinity. Both the platform itself and for the fans playing the game. Star Wars officially came into the fold, and with it marks the final introductory chapter for Disney Infinity. It appears long gone are the releases focussed mainly on a certain franchise, but instead we can finally focus on the platform itself… Disney Infinity.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there is still PLENTY to come for Disney Infinity 3.0.


I’ve been a fan of monthly content. Having something fresh for Disney Infinity each and every month. With the recent news that Boba Fett has slid from January into February, it appears we will not be getting any new Disney Infinity content in the month of January.

Though Disney has pulled out a late surprise before. So maybe we’ll still get something!



Sometime in February, it appears Boba Fett will be released in his single package for Disney Infinity 3.0.

Boba Fett was released at launch as part of a timed exclusive in the Playstation exclusive ‘Saga Bundle’.

As mentioned above, Boba Fett was initially planned to be released in January, but plans changed and he is now releasing in February (official announcement expected soon).


NickJudyDisneyInfinity (1)

In March (or even possibly late February),  you can expect the release of the Zootopia content for Disney Infinity which includes Nick Wilde (the fox) and Judy Hopps (the bunny) figures as well as a Zootopia Power Disc Pack.

Zootopia is one of two Disney Animation Studios films to come out in 2016.

You can catch a trailer from the upcoming film below, and get ready to watch the film on March 4th

But Zootopia is not the only content coming in March for Disney Infinity 3.0…

Marvel will finally make it’s presence more known in the 3rd edition of Disney Infinity.

In March, Disney Infinity will release the highly anticipated Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set.

MarvelBattleGroudnsLogo-e1441306370498 (1)

This Play Set, being developed by United Front Games (Modnation Racers, Halo: The Master Chief Collection), will be the first 4 player co-op Play Set ever in the Disney Infinity Universe.

In addition to the four player co-op, it will also be the first ever Play Set that will allow you to use figures from a previous game. All Marvel figures from 2.0 and 3.0 will be playable in the new Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set.

Although many people see Marvel Battlegrounds as just as Super Smash Bros style game, it will have much more than that. It will also function just as your standard play set with explorable areas with quests and content to unlock.

The Marvel Play Set will include 2 figures and the play set piece, as standard. One of the figures will be the completely new Captain America: The First Avenger figure. This new Captain America figure shares the name ‘Captain America’ with the previously released figure in 2.0, and that’s about where the similarities end. This figure will feel brand new with a new move set, finishing move, skill tree, and more.

You can head to a couple of previously written articles to get more details on The Marvel Battle Grounds Play Set and Captain America: The First Avenger figure.

In addition to the previously released Ultron and Hulkbuster figures, and the announced Captain America: The First Avenger figure, Disney Infinity will be releasing more Disney Infinity Marvel figures.

So far, although not 100% official, you can expect Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Vision to release for Marvel Battlegrounds.

And the best part? There appears to be more Marvel figures that we know about according to some recent statements from J.V.

Lastly, there will be a Power Disc Pack released for Marvel Battlegrounds, which you can see partially in this image that was inadvertently placed in an e-mail.

1st Quarter (January-March)

Somewhere in the ‘first quarter’, which in business terms means the first three months of the year, there will be a ‘special’ figure that has not, as of this writing, been leaked or announced.

Whether that figure is Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, etc. you’re guess is as good as mine!



At Toy Box Summit this past summer, the top Toy Box Master Artists got to vote on and select a figure that will be made and produced for Disney Infinity 3.0.

Their selection?

Peter Pan!

The figure will be the first in a line of Toy Box Master Artists picks. Each year at the Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit, the Toy Box Master Artists will be able to select a new figure to release in Disney Infinity

What else is expected to come for Disney Infinity 3.0 in 2016?

The only remaining officially announced figure that we know of is the Black Suit Spider-Man (or Symbiote Spider-Man) which will be available outside of the Vita Starter Pack for the first time. No further information regarding how or when it will release.

We aren’t done yet with Disney Originals figures. John Vignocchi has said that more are to be announced in 2016, though it is unclear when or how many there may be.

At least one more unannounced Play Set will be coming to Disney Infinity 3.0. No information is known on a time frame or franchise. But my gut feeling says it’s Disney (whether it’s classic Disney, Pixar, or modern Disney, that is hard to say). You can read my theory I wrote on why I think it’s Finding Dory.

The rumor that a Kylo Ren Light FX figure is coming continues to get more support, though has not yet been confirmed.

What about Disney Infinity 4.0?

Don’t set your expectations up for a “4.0” just yet. That is far from confirmed.

Disney Infinity has said that 3.0 is the final part in their introductory chapter for Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity is set to finally become the “platform” they keep saying it is.

So Disney Infinity could be done the yearly releases. They could also be done with the “numbered” releases. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney Infinity rebranded itself to just be “Disney Infinity” or something along the lines.

There is essentially 0 rumors or reports for what will happen this fall for Disney Infinity. Anything you read (so far) is just pure speculation.

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  • Chris

    The “special” figure is probably going to be another rerelease in some sort of case like the pdp cases. Also, the first quarter doesn’t mean the first 3 months in the calendar year, it means the first 3 months in disneys fiscal year; unless you happen to know that disneys fiscal year runs from January to December, it could just as easily run from March to February (for example) and then this “first quarter” release would be somewhere from March to May in that example

    • wizards8507

      Disney’s fiscal year starts in October. Fiscal Q1 is already over. When they make announcements like this, they’re referring to Calendar Q1.

  • Ah, I love speculating. That Special Figure could be General Grevious, a Marvel hero, or a standalone Disney character. I just thought of Darkwing as I read, and they know he’s high priority to older fans.

  • Wynne Richport

    You forgot the single figure release of Black-Suit Spider-Man. We can most likely look forward to that this year as well.

  • Darth_Raww

    Ooh, General Grievous as the “mystery” figure would be sweet. But so would Scrooge McDuck (and a DuckTales playset)!

  • bell02alpha

    A lot of exciting Disney Infinity stuff to hear about for 2016!

    That last playset being a Disney One is something I can agree with! If it is a Finding Nemo/Finding Dory playset, that could be really interesting and give us more possibilities for 4.0 (since that won’t have to be a new major feature to consider)! I always want DuckTales/Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles as a playset for DI, but I could wait to get this feature out of the way (so we can get them in 4.0). Having Darkwing and Scrooge be playset figures would be amazing!

    Right now it is hard to say for Disney… many wants, but I’ll make two different scenarios:

    1) Finding Nemo/Dory Playset: Nemo, Dory, Squirt, a new hero character, maybe a villain character. Then for toybox figures: probably Bing-Bong, Goofy, and Kim Possible, maybe Hercules, and then Ariel and Ursula.

    2) DuckTales/Darkwing Duck Playset: Darkwing Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Gosalyn, Gizmoduck, Launchpad, Magica. Then for the toybox, Bing-bong, Goofy, and Kim Possible, maybe Hercules again, then either Mabel and Dipper or Wall-E and Eve. (or some other split of the franchise, but I would hate that for GF)

    I still want Wander from Wander over Yonder, Eve, Wall-E, and Reptillus Maximus from Toy Story. I also really, really want Star Butterfly, but I can wait if that means a chance to get Marco and Tom with her (and a Toy box game). I personally think Gravity Falls should have its own playset instead of just characters, but I understand why people want them.

    Those Marvel Rumors have me crazy! It makes me hope for more than the extra I already hoped for (Which were Scarlet Witch and Baron Zemo… those too are a must to me). I definitely think we need to get Winter Soldier looking at Civil War, and those rumors have me hopeful for 4 or 5 marvel characters besides the four unconfirmed ones I can’t wait for. Of those last spots, I’d think War Machine, Cross Bones, and possibly Dr. Strange could be the most appropriate. However, I would love Wasp or Yellowjacket… I think they will make us wait for Wasp… and probably Captain Marvel as well. Still, I mean, what if it is X-Men!? Of course, I think that is a set that should be saved considering how big the X-Men are to Marvel fans. Plus we all know we want more than 5 X-Men, too many popular characters in that. Really though, I hope it includes at least Scarlet Witch and Baron Zemo.

    As for Star Wars, I can see how the DI team might want to save Captain Phasma for episode VIII… but I still want her! lol! I will buy her twice! (I’m already expecting to be sold a second Rey and Kylo Ren as well as eventually Finn in the future, maybe even Poe) We still have a lot of Star Wars characters left to reveal. I think Rouge One content… even Moana content is just too late in the release window. I don’t have the same thoughts for Dr. Strange I guess, (And I don’t mind waiting to get more) but there probably won’t be many figure possibilities besides Strange and maybe Baron Mordo, unless Dormammu is in the movie too. Dr. Strange being a lone figure don’t seem so strange to me, unlike with Moana where I think it would be here and Maui at a minimum, or Rogue One… which comes in december, that’s just way too late IMO.

    Still, my hopes for 3.0 in Star Wars (as of now) are: Phasma, Hera, General Grievous, Emperor Palpatine, and Captain Rex. (Although, it would be very cool if we were surprised with Indiana Jones too)

  • I think that we will get a Moana playset.. looks very interesting! I’m most excited for Marvel figures but also, I’m very interested as to what they can make for Star Wars… Mace Windu,General G, and Emperor Palpatine? And Marvel could bring Wasp, Yellowjacket,Winter Soldier and more… Finally I am not excited AT ALL about Peter Pan or those other originals, interested in Zootopia…

  • Bossk_33

    So will Marvel Battlegrounds be a DLC or just like a normal playsett because you said previously that it will have a playsett piece.

    • It’s both.

      You will need to download all the content as none of it is on the disc, but you will need to get the play set at a store like normal as well.

      • Bossk_33

        Well how would I download the DLC and where, I’m new to them.

        • Adam Bourke

          It should be an automatic update. Everyone gets the download – but to actually be able to use it, you need the playset piece.

  • mrpelon14

    So Disney infinity 3.0 will be the last and main platform and new characters to come in New Years?..or after all the rest of characters are released that it no more Disney infinity?

  • Mandrag Yuga

    Fingers crossed for Baron Zemo figure