French Retailer Has Listing For 7th Disney Infinity Light FX Figure — More Evidence Of Kylo Ren?


The on going speculation of a Disney Infinity Kylo Ren Light FX figure continues! First we saw the hard evidence when the Hall of Galactic Heroes base showed the Light FX slot under Kylo Ren. Then that same day we got that “maybe, maybe not” kind of answer from John Vignocchi.

Now we get this.

French retailer Espace Culturel has a listing for a seventh Light FX figure due in February (totally forgot 2016 is a leap year!). Though that date very well could be a placeholder.

As always, retailers can be wrong, but this one seems very specific.

Until we get a clear yes and no answer from Disney, I’m going on the side that a Light FX Kylo Ren is coming. But I could see the project being scrapped at the last minute as well.

I just started a topic over at DisneyInfinityFans forum regarding this topic, so be sure to jump over there and continue in the discussion!

If you are looking to pick up the Light FX figures, here are the six you can purchase and their exclusive retailers…