John Vignocchi On The Force Awakens Play Set & What’s Still To Come To Disney Infinity 3.0


John Vignocchi took some time out of his day today to talk to the media some regarding the Disney Infinity: Force Awakens Play Set. But obviously everyone had to ask some questions regarding the future of Disney Infinity as well.

Here is a quick recap of what was said. (NOTE: I’m paraphrasing what was said).

How true to form is the Play Set to the Movie? 

The Play Set replays key moments from the film.

How did the process go with making the play set alongside the film?

John Vignocchi said he (and others) read the script in August of 2014. Then during the production of the play set, they had daily calls with the people at Lucas, who were in turn were getting daily calls from the production studio. That way they kept everything on par with the movie as much as possible.

What is JV’s favorite figure from The Force Awakens Play Set?

He loves the mold of the Kylo Ren figure. Gave high praise to his team for being able to replicate the Kylo Ren from the movies into the Disney Infinity art form.

In addition, he said how he really just loves all the figures. Each have their own unique skill set.

Hardest figure or gameplay to program for The Force Awakens?

Poe Dameron is obviously shown most of the time flying as a pilot, so to transfer him to a walking/ground character required a lot of discussions with the team at Lucas.

Is Kylo Ren getting a Light FX figure?

Officially: No comment.

John Vignocchi was able to clarify saying, “There might have been a miscommunication regarding the amount of character pedestals that should have been released when the light switch turned on for TFA content.”

So either a.) they aren’t ready to announce yet. b.) it was a technical error that may be due to some cancelled plans and he is not coming.

What is the latest on Peter Pan?

Avalanche Studios believe they have the final design ready, but want to reveal it to the Toy Box Master Artists first to make sure they are happy with the design. They will then reveal it to the community.

Still committed to the August / September timeframe.

Update on Captain EO and Darkwing Duck

No word on Captain EO.

Darkwing Duck: no official update, but John Vignocchi did offer this story

“I was having an argument with John Blackburn about a character for an upcoming project that we are supporting inside of Disney Infinity 3.0. And John and said to me, ‘I would rather do Darkwing Duck than the character you are proposing’. (JV then chuckles).  All of the sudden, he really put me back on my heels because in the midst of a heated argument about a character, he dangles one that is so close and personal to me as one that we could officially bring”

The latest on Boba Fett single figure release

Boba Fett is no longer releasing in January.

John Vignocchi will have an update and will deliver it to the community as far as what the new time frame will be.

Any other hints?

John Vignocchi started talking about the upcoming slate of releases. Saying in addition to Boba Fett, Nick and Judy, and the Marvel Battlegrounds figures…

“perhaps another special character that we have not yet announced or (has been) leaked that you guys are really going to be, and I hope you will be, really excited about in the first quarter of the year.”

Are there more Play Sets to come in 2015?

I asked John Vignocchi point blank, is the wording of “more Play Sets” intentional when speaking about future content for Disney Infinity 3.0 in 2016. He said,

“Play Sets with an S on there on purpose, correct”.

So yes, there will be at least another play set in addition to Marvel Battlegrounds coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 in 2016.

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  • Caitlin

    Wait…no Bobafett in Jan??? So when are we getting boba fett?

    • Bill Misek

      Yeah that is weird that it won’t be out in January at all. The only thing I can think is they don’t want to release one single figure by itself, so they are waiting till there are few others, maybe when they release the zootopia figures. I’m so glad I bought the saga bundle.

  • Matthew Fieldhouse

    I think that 4.0 won’t release on the established pattern then, why would they release a new figure in September for the prequel to a game they would release in the same rough time period.

    • BowserJr.Dood

      Doubtful that 4.0 releases in 2016 if at all. Back in 1.0 era they said 3 major waves for the series. At this point they might just add in characters when they come up with them and update the game when such happens

      • Matthew Fieldhouse

        The game would become too big, the current playsets would not fit onto the game going forward like how last years doesn’t

        • AWwriter

          There is plenty of room on the disc for all previous playsets. They could likely all still fit on single-layer media, but even on the off-chance they didn’t, they most assuredly would all fit on a single dual-layer disc. In any case, a download version could easily do it as well.

          The reason they don’t make it easier to access old Playsets is simple – they don’t want to encourage it. They want you buying and playing the new ones. They don’t get any money from you buying old used playsets at Gamestop, or borrowing from friends, etc.

          Logistically, the mass confusion this has caused has obviously been very detrimental to the expansion of DI. Every parent I know finds it super confusion, even with the charts (which in some cases, make it even more confusing). You should just be able to slap down any piece on the newest DI version and play everything that ever was. It’s far from technically impossible. They even said they would likely offer this as a download for 2.0, but failed to deliver. The gamble has cost them a lot of sales, because it’s just so incredibly confusing for the average person, particularly when DI wants you to spend so much money on it.

    • AWwriter

      It will be a miracle if there even is a 4.0. We know DI 2 didn’t sell great, and even with Star Wars – DI 3 still hasn’t seemed to. Product just is not flying off of the shelves. Retailers keep having to shove old product onto new product – many places like TRU and Wal-mart have large sections devoted to DI, and they simply don’t get much turnover. The folks at my local TRU (the only TRU for over an hour in either direction) always comment on a release day that I’m the only one that regularly comes in. I can come in at 3 in the afternoon and sometimes new stuff isn’t out because no one asked for it yet.

      That’s just anecdotal, though, of course – the real indicator is that Disney has not made some proclamation of success (x-sold, has made x-millions etc.) as it did for DI 1, the only one that was really decently successful (and largely because of the Wii version, which of course was discontinued for 2.0 and forward).

      I think we are facing some music here – unless something drastically changes, DI is probably closer to the end than the beginning, now.

      • Matthew Fieldhouse

        I can see your point but Disney seem to be invested in the series. They will probably have a graduale end, maybe some figures next autumn and a playset (no new game).

        • AWwriter

          That’s what I’m saying – 3.0 may be it as a platform. They can still add new stuff to it via downloads, but I’m just not sure how the *.0 system can keep going. Best bet is to stop numbering and just have DI Ultimate, where you can download all previous playsets and they can continue to add new ones as they see fit.

  • bell02alpha

    I hope this could mean Scarlet Witch could get added to the Marvel content in 3.0, as well as I hope they put in Baron Zemo too.

    I also am a bit hopeful that they take their time and release 4.0 in 2017 (Maybe with four-legged characters and water/swimming, as well as update old figures) As much as I love Darkwing Duck, I really just rather wait to get a duck-universe playset (or rather Darkwing Duck and Ducktales mixed together). It would be a lot of fun to be able to fight the darkwing enemies as bosses, or take on real bugle boys in duckburg.

    • Jokerswylde

      Darkwing Duck & Ducktales together makes sense, especially since they share some characters. But I’d like to see the other Disney shows from that time, like Tale Spin, Rescue Rangers, & Gargoyles too. Like a Disney Animated Classics Play Set or somethin.

      (Darkwing Duck & Gargoyles are also on my Kingdom Hearts 3 wishlist)

      • bell02alpha

        Actually, I really want Rescue Rangers as well, I’d also be all for Tale Spin because it would be a ton of fun to have a mostly airplane playset. (But actually, a Toy Box game I’d be okay with too)

  • J S

    Still waiting on word of Ant Man. Was leaked on the Lego Civil War sets that he will be Giant Man in the film too. Hopefully that means the game mechanics will allow for shrink and grow in the game play too.

    Keep thinking about it. “Something BIG is coming to Disney Infinity…” really takes on a new dimension if Giant Man is here too!

    • bell02alpha

      Wait… I’m super confused.. Lego Marvel is going to be in Lego Dimensions? Or Do you mean Antman was leaked in Lego Marvel 2 (Or was that a slip of the finger and you meant the DI Marvel Battlegrounds set).

      Personally, I hope they add Nightcrawler and Miles Morales to Lego Marvel… that will make me buy it (Of course I still want Black Panther and Ant Man), Since there is a Miles Morales lego figure IRL, I imagine he might be in it. It would be interesting to see Giant Man though, the gameplay would be really fun

      • J S

        It is all connected, like playing 6 degrees though. Lego marvel civil war toy brick sets based off the movie, not game related. But it would explain why DI Ant Man isnt out yet, they are holding Giant Man for the movie and releasing the infinity figure may have been an early reveal. At least that is what it is looking like.

        If you search “lego civil war” it should come up in the first few links. Pretty cool, so hopefully they are doing Giant Man for DI.

  • TheEAB

    No Boba in January? SERIOUSLY?! I’ve been waiting since August to get that darn figure!!

  • AWwriter

    I gotta call on some of that…even the most of the cast didn’t read the entire script. I’d buy they read small snippets, but not the entire thing. And since there are only about two cut-scenes that actually even approximate dialogue from the film, and absolutely nothing else in the playsets has anything to do with actual plot or actions in the film, I’d assume they were tiny snippets. Fact is, playing through it, it was extremely clear that they did NOT have access to nearly anything about the film aside from some early visuals (that bear little resemblance to what ended up on screen).